The King's Recruits

Session 41: The True Cost of War

Session 41: The True Cost of War


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Horiam, and Kriv

NPCs of note: Legate Iriehana Bronzeheart, Harbourd, War Marshall Fletcher
Date: 3rd – 11th Dimlek – , 1028

➢ With the battle against Meepo’s undead horde over the party march back to the dwarven camp, led by Legate Iriehana Bronzeheart. The party rest and recover for the remainder of that day. Fargrim bitterly remarks that “war is hell.”

➢ The next day the dwarven flank continues to push south, intending to attack the undead hordes from the north and meet the Eralhan army at Til. The party take part in small skirmishes.
➢ During this time Averlon creates a small card gambling group for the dwarven soldiers. He also manages to fix the decks to give himself a pity profit. Fargrim tries to help out with the burial of the dwarven troops while Horiam administers the rites to the deceased. Kriv continues to keep a low profile to keep his identity hidden.

➢ The next day, 5th of Dimlek, Legate Bronzeheart assembles the troops. She announces her intention to make a forward assault to smash the undead ranks and take the pressure off of the Eralhan army. She assigns the Platinum Knights to take command of their own individual squads to command in the upcoming battle.
➢ Arvelon, Horiam and Edran assemble their own squad of archers, sharpshooters and mages, respectively. Kriv quietly enlists the help of some of the toughest dwarven fighters to lead the charge. Fargrim goes to the dwarven prisons and tries to recruit a band of cut-throat inmates on death row, giving them the chance to fight on the front lines. As he assembles his ‘dirty dozen’, Edran warns Fargrim to be careful of the outlaws.

The Final Push

➢ Legate Bronzeheart leads the dwarven army into battle. The Platinum Knights take charge of their respective squads and deal devastating damage to the undead minions.
➢ After the intense fighting, the dwarven flank is successful in smashing the ranks of the undead. Legate Bronzeheart and Harbourd meet in the middle of the battle and rally their troops to push back the undead invaders. The day ends in victory for the kingdom of Erahlor.

➢ The next day Fargrim discovers that he has had 120 gp stolen from his money pouch. He confronts the members of his ‘dirty dozen’ and inquires about the missing wealth. After the conversation and hugs Fargrim is shocked to discover that he has had a further 40gp missing. He bitterly remarks that this is the ‘true cost of war’.
➢ Averlon offers his services to his team of sharpshooters, promising that he will be available for clandestine operations after the conclusion of the war.
➢ Edran takes the time to talk with Fargrim about his money being stolen.

The Mystery of the Temple of Corellon

➢ The party are called to Legate Bronzeheart’s pavilion. When they arrive they discover that a war meeting is being held between Bronzeheart, Harbour and War Marshall Fletcher.
➢ Fletcher announces that with the undead thrust defeated, a window of opportunity has opened up to allow a small team to travel through the Midnight Marshes and strike out at the Travelling Temple of Corellon.
➢ All intelligence points to the Temple being linked to Meepo’s rise in power, and could hold the key to his defeat.
➢ The party reprovision and depart on horseback as soon as possible, heading east into the marshes.

➢ On the 6th Dimlek the cross by the borders of the Yorgnole Mountains, near the foothold of Tor’s Reach. They continue to travel east.

➢ On the 7th the party come across a giant river that winds through the marshes. They travel south until they find a fjord to cross with their horses. As they make camp they feel the necrotic energies of the marshes affects all of their moods, making them feel anxious and melancholy. Fargrim tries to feed a crow some of his trail rations. The carrion picks up his pet snake and flies off with it. Edran consoles Fargrim and tries to make him feel better about loosing the animal.

The Ruins of Salemhiss

➢ After travelling through the marshes and avoiding the large undead hordes, the party finally come to the ruins of the lizard township called Salemhiss. According to Glavira this town was one of the first victims of Meepo’s rise to power.
➢ The town has been destroyed and reclaimed by the marshes. The local hotel is a charred ruin and the whole township is thick with necrotic energy and corruption.
➢ Edran takes the first step into the town. As he does so, frost magic suddenly erupts from the ground and snakes up his legs. Simultaneously wererats and undead minions rise from the ground and brandish weapons at the heroes, all led by a cackling wererat necromancer.


• -160 gp to Fargrim’s personal wealth
• Averlon earned money on his card gambling circles.
• - 9 days’ rations from group stores. (41 days remaining in handy haversack)

• Undisclosed group magic item recovered by Party on the battlefield. TBA at next session.



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