The King's Recruits

Session 43: The Travelling Temple of Corellon, Part I

Session 43: The Travelling Temple of Corellon, Part I

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya and Kriv

Date: 11th – 13th Dimlek – , 1028

Following the vicious battle in the ruins of Salemhiss, the Platinum Knights elect to continue marching south through the*Midnight Marshes* to avoid undead reinforcements.
➢ An hour down the road the party detour in to the swamp to stop and recover from the battle. As they do they hear a draconic roar echo across the swamp. Fearing that the roar belongs to the undead dragon of Meepo the party snuff out their fire and

➢ The next day the party continue to march south through the foggy marshlands. As they near the recorded location of the Travelling Temple they hear the distant sounds of battle in the south-west, accompanied by the screaming and wailing of civilians. They party surmise that it could be refuges from the Elven Thornbark tribes or the Hobgoblin clans of the Stalkwood who have been captured by the undead. After a fierce debate the party vote to continue on their primary mission to the Temple

➢ That night the party make camp again. While some members still regret abandoning the civilians, the rest of the party notice that they are becoming desensitised to the war, and to the overwhelming presence of death. Fargrim bitterly remarks that “war is hell” and makes and the demoralised party bunker down for the night.

➢ The morning of the 13th Dimlek the party trudge westwards through the marshes, a journey which tests their endurance and athletic ability. At one point, while knee deep in a muddy bog, a rolling wave of necrotic energy begins to cascade upon the party. Edran tries to create an arcane bubble to envelope and protect the party, while Elenya and Horiam seek the Raven Queen’s divine protection. While not fatal, the energy passes the group, leaving them mentally drained.

➢ As the Platinum Knights approach the Temple, the party notice a trail of light bob and wave through the marsh. Emanating from the crack of light Edran can hear fey creatures talking in elven. Edran realises that the Temple is the source of the cracks and sundering of the planescape that has been ravaging the Midnight Marsh. He warns the party to be careful not to stray into any other “cracks in reality.”

Arrival at the Temple

➢ The party finally come to the lake, wherein lies the Travelling Temple of Corellon. The giant ziggurat crashed and is half-submerged into the middle of lake, which the party begin to swim across. Edran and Elenya arrive at the steps first.
Kriv begins to swim across the swamp but he begins to sink and drown in his heavy armour. As he talons behind to sink into the muddy bottom the paladin begins to panic, running out of breath. Edran feysteps into the deep swamp and tries to help Kriv to swim to the surface. Kriv begins to flail and panic in the water, gripping Edran. Suddenly Kriv recalls that he is wearing wavestrider boots, which he activates and he quickly bobs to the surface like a cork, leaving Edran to swim after him.

Solving the puzzle

➢ The party all get out of the water and begin to search around the Temple for the entrance. They find the front door, covered in thick vines. Edran tries to burn the vines off, but the party are surprised when the vines immediately grow back and clamp around the door.
Averlon swings up the columns onto a higher level to find alternative entrances while Kriv charges the front door. As he tries to ram the doors open he is eclipsed in arcane magic as a magical security system launches him back off the Temple and into the lake. Edran senses the whole Temple shiver with intense arcane magic.
➢ Averlon drops a rope, allowing the rest of the party to join him on a higher level. The Temple walls are covered with arcane sigils and glyphs, which make up the security and defences, allowing the Temple to travel across the planes. A majority of the glyphs bear homage to Corellon. Edran touches the nearest symbol and prays to his god Corellon and Ioun.
➢ Edran feels the grace Corellon and memory shard begins to burn with heat and light, as though an immense amount of data and memories have been magically dumped into the artifact. When Edran accesses the memory shard, his mind is filled with details of the Temple and its security, and how to open the door. He also receives a vision of a large stone archgate imbued with arcane magic.

➢ The party climb back down to the Front doors of the Temple. Edran’s wand begins acting like a dowsing rod, pointing in the direction of a room inside the Temple. He uses his newly gained knowledge to open the sealed doors. Curiously, the vines remain tangled across the threshold and appear to radiate with primal energy, as if they were an added defence mechanism AFTER the Temple crashed into the swamp.

➢ While Averlon and Elenya try to cut the vines and figure how to disarm the magic ritual, Kriv begins to heave slowly against the vines with his shield. As the dragonborn strains against the barrier the vines suddenly open and envelope him. Kriv falls to his knees inside the Temple’s foyer, but the vines seal shut behind him.

Inside the Temple

➢ Averlon and Elenya realise that the vines operate like a sequenced locking ritual. They need to cut the appropriate vines in a sequence, which will allow them to crack the ritual. They hurriedly begin testing and cutting the thick vines.

➢ Kriv hears a menacing growl inside the darkened Temple. He looks towards a large crack in the floor, through which climbs an Owlbear. The large creature regards him with shining glowing eyes and growls.

➢ A nearby statue flares to life, and a magical façade (re: hologram) appears in the shape of an elf. It begins muttering in ancient slyvian. The Owlbear reacts in fury and begins swiping at the illusion. Kriv takes the opportunity to back away from the owlbear. As he rounds a corner of the main stairs Kriv’s escape is blocked when two fire elementals and two water elementals appear from thin air. Kriv tries to back up towards the door again

➢ Elenya and Averlon finally cut the last two vines. The vine trap whithers and falls apart, allowing Kric to back up out of the Temple. One of the water elementals fires a gout of water, which blasts Edran back out into the lake.

➢ The party are offered a respite while the owlbear turns its aggression on the elementals. Kriv wades into the water and plucks Edran out, hauling the Eladrin over his shoulders.

➢ The owlbear forces the fire elementals to vanish into a fire brazier. As the owlbear turns its attention to the party, cuttings Kriv’s armour with its fiery talons. Elenya notices that it is simply trying to protect the crack in the floor, which must be its lair. The dryad cleric throws some of her rations at the owlbear. The creature halts its attack, regards the party. Its eyes blaze in purple arcane light and Elenya hears in her head _”This offering is not enough. You will feed my young.” The owlbear’s claws begin to glow a fiery red.

➢ Edran and Elenya surmise that the owlbear has developed elemental powers from living on the Temple grounds for so long. Unable to kill such a rare, powerful and magnificent creature, Edran and Elenya upend the handy haversack, as an offering of tribute, telling the owlbear that they merely wish to investigate the Temple grounds.
➢ The owlbear regards the party and their offering of salted meats. It picks up the handy haversack with its beak and its eyes glow purple once more. ”You may roam my realm, but do not disturb my lair.”
➢ As the owlbear pads back to the crack and disappears, the party are momentarily confused when an Imp flies out of the Temple doors. The demonic creature looks at the vine trap, the owlbear and then looks at the arty with amusement. He gives the party a mischievous grin and a thumbs up as he flies in the air and disappears before they react.

➢ The party enter the Temple and follow Edran’s wand, which continues to act as a dowsing rod. It appears to be homing in on a massive elemental power source. Climbing the main staircase they come to a large room. They open the doors and find themselves staring at a large stone archgate, swirling in chaotic elemental energy.


-the party have lost their handy haversack and are reduced to rations kept on their personal inventory.



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