The King's Recruits

Session 44 & 45: The Travelling Temple of Corellon Part II & III

Session 44 & 45: The Travelling Temple of Corellon, Part II and III

8/8/14 ; 29/8/14

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya and Kriv

Date: 13th Dimlek – , 1028

The Girl in the Mirror

➢ Deep within the Midnight Marshes the Platinum Knights climb to the top of the Travelling Temple of Corellon. They open the large stone doors and find themselves staring at a large stone archgate, swirling in chaotic elemental energy

➢ The room appears to be a shrine entirely dedicated to the archgate, which has inlaid elven runes, which Edran translates as ’The Door to all doors’.

Elenya and Kriv explore the magical runes and braziers surrounding the archgate, which they surmise must be the power source for the archgate. The braziers magical flames flicker pathetically, symbolising how little arcane power the zigguraut has remaining.

➢ Edran approaches the archgate, and feeling compelled, takes out his wand of Wonder and pushes it through the empty threshold of the archgate. Suddenly he opens a portal into a small room, filled with a desk, books, and a young Eladrin girl dressed in filthy rags, crying. Edran recognises her has the Eladrin his magically communed with during the Battle for Ravenholm, the girl who saved them from death. Shocked and elated, the girl runs through the archgate threshold and nearly passes out in Kriv’s arms.

➢ Kriv comforts the eldarin and passes her his waterskin. The young girl, Evara, reveals that she had been placed in the pocket dimension within the archgate by her father to protect her during the Temple’s crash over 127 years ago. She is shocked and nearly catatonic when the party reveal that the Temple had been pillaged by Meepo, and the amulet of necrotic power stolen. Kriv picks the tiny Eladrin and shakes her, ”Woman, you don’t get to be catatonic when necromancy has been unleashed upon the world!” In retaliation, Evara uses her magic to knock Kriv unconscious.

➢ Edran and Elenya manage to calm Evara down and convice her that they are all working on the same side—to defeat the source of Meepo’s power. Evara reveals that the amulet was housed in the bowels of the Temple. She walks off, leading the way and relinquished her magical stasis on Kriv.

➢ The party follow Evara down the steps into the bowels of the Temple. They are shocked and disheartened when they discover that the lower levels of the Temple, over the centuries, had crumbled and were now deeply submerged in the murky waters of the swamp. Evaras uses her arcane magic to create magical air bubbles around the party members to allow them to explore the watery depths.

➢ The party prepare to dive down into the dark murky depths of the Temple, in search of the stronghold, which had once long harboured the secret to Meepo’s power, and hopefully the solution to his ultimate defeat.



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