The King's Recruits

Session 46: The Beast Below

Session 46: The Beast Below


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya and Kriv

NPCs of note: Evaras

Date: 13th Dimlek , 1028

The Beast Below

➢ The party follow Evara down the steps into the bowels of the Temple, searching for the ritual room which once held The Amulet, the source of Meepo’s necrotic power.

➢ The Platinum Knights are shocked and disheartened when they discover that the lower levels of the Temple, over the centuries, had crumbled and were now deeply submerged in the murky waters of the swamp. Evaras uses her arcane magic to create magical air bubbles around the party members to allow them to explore the watery depths.

➢ As soon as the party disturb the murky waters, a large black snake explodes out of the water, while a giant electric eel rises from the cracks below. The creatures both appear to have been mutated by the untempered necrotic energies that inhabit the Temple- another sign of Meepo’s corruption.

➢ The party engage in watery combat with the creatures, Kriv eventually impaling the giant eel upon his blade. This allows the party to continue their underwater expedition into the depths of the Temple.

➢ At the down of the murky waters, the party notice a faint, twinkling blue light been within the bowels of the Temple. They swim towards it and find another ritual room, sealed with the Temple’s security vines and also with another necrotic barrier—left by Meepo during his visit to the Temple.

➢ After breaking the security and entering the ritual room, the party gaze upon large painted murals, which capture Eladrin mages practising some sort of ritual. Evaras reveals that the Head Mage was her father.

Edran’s Wand of Wonder reacts to the sigils, indicating that the ritual holds the key to disrupting the power of Meepo’s amulet—it is the same ritual that was used millennia ago to originally seal the Amulet from its creator—The Necromancer of Old. Although the ritual is far beyond Edran’s meagre skills, he records it in his notes.

➢ Meanwhile, Elenya discovers a small kobold scale floating around in the muck. The party return to the surface with the scale and Edran uses his Read Object ritual to gaze into the past of the scale. Through the experiences of the scale Edran is able to observe Meepo’s early life; his journey into the Temple years before with a metallic warforged and a goliath; the sound of snarling and wails of pain; the feeling of being wet, underwater perhaps; the last image observed captures the intense feeling of being subjected to lots of primal and necrotic energy moments before the scale was dislodged from its host—Meepo.

➢ Edran recounts the experiences through the scale, which is evidence that Meepo came to the Temple and stole the Amulet of Power. Now, together with the ritual and the powers taught to Horiam by Laeroi, they now have the keys to disrupting his power, and putting an end to the undead threat.


• Party recover giant electric eel glands, which could be fenced for 400gp.
• Cost of residiuum to Read Object to be taken from Edran’s personal stores.



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