The King's Recruits

Session 48 & 49: The Shambling Hordes

Session 48 and 49: SEASON 4 PREMIERE: The Shambling Hordes


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Kriv and Lo-Donk

NPCs of note: Evaras, Harbourd, Hugh Mann Garde, Vin the wererat

Date: 15th – 18th Dimlek , 1028

Vin the Would-be King

➢ Within the Midnight Marshes, the party find themselves trapped by a wererate named Vin, who offers them their lives for the secret to Meepo’s power. Elenya approaches the edge of the barrier and says coldly to Vin ”Your time with the Raven Queen is coming” and she smashes her mace against the barrier.

➢ With a smile and a click of his fingers, Vin lowers the barrier and unleashes his direwolves at the party. The party roll for Initiative!

➢ The battle is vicious. Vin uses his eight zombie thralls as ammunition, sacrificing their life force to power his powerful necrotic spells. Eventually, his cockiness falters when Edran uses his scortching burst to blast away the remaining zombies.

Kriv and Lo-Dunk work together to crush the direwolves, and eventually team up to flank Vin. At this point Vin sacrifices his wererat minions to unleash a powerful spell upon Kriv while entangling Edran in his necrotic chain. After getting dazed from Elenya’s radiant spells, Vin loses all of his arrogant pretense and starts to retreat from the party. Eventually Kriv is able to get out of his chain bonds and Lo-Donk charges Vin, killing him with his executioner’s axe. Vin dies and turns into dust.

➢ Inside Vin’s remains, the party discover some pages torn from a ledger. The pages are from the King’s Recruits Personnel logs, and the pages are the files cataloguing each of the party members… These pages could have only come from within the Platinum Spire in Rovnol. This revelation shocks the party, that Meep may have spies within The Spire and the King’s court.

➢ Edran uses his Read Object ritual to scry into the past experiences of the pages. He observes a humanoid Platinum Knight stealing the ledger from the Platinum Spire archives and giving them to Vin; The ledger travelling across the countryside in a satchel; the ledger being taken out in the swamplands and being handed to a male Goliath, who says ”Meepo thanks you for your service”; the scaly hand of Meepo sifting through the pages of the ledger; and finally Vin hastily tearing the pages from the ledger and using his magical compass to track the party down.

Crossing the River

➢ The party make camp for the night to heal their wounds, departing west on the morning of the 16th Dimlek.
➢ During their march, the party receive another magical message from the Erahlan force: The Line has fallen.

➢ The part muster and race across the swamplands. As they cross back into the eastern frontier of Erahlor, the party begin to hear and see signs of battle in the distance, and the roar of the giant undead mammoth assaulting the King’s forces.

➢ In an effort to navigate around the undead hordes, the party elect to travel south for some miles and cross the dwarven river, west of Til. This takes some time due to the strength of the rapids and also needing to convince Lo-Donk, the goliath from the mountain tribes who had ever before experienced such a large body of moving water. Eventually, through ingenious use of ropes and skill the party, although waterlogged and half-drowned, cross the river and continue on their way.

➢ By late afternoon on the 17th Dimlek, the party finally reach the marshalling point for the King’s forces. Beaten back and demoralised, the army only now holds out due to a large protective radiant barrier that is holding back the zombies. Harbourd meets the party and bitterly informs them that the barrier will be breached within hours. He offers the party a tent to rest and recover, but points out the futility of their situation.

➢ Realising that this may be their last night alive, and recognising the seriousness of the war, the party have one last night shared in the bonds of brotherhood. Edran, in a unique display of reckless regard, even sneaks a wineskin from the kitchen to share with his ‘brothers’ and they all toast to the battle that is to come. One way or another, the war will end tomorrow.

The Last Day of the War

➢ The morning of the 18th of Dimlek breaks with the deafening boom and unnatural roar of Meepo’s undead abominations. The barrier collapses and the King’s army is besieged.
➢ The party find themselves fighting a skeletal necromancer, with obsidian bones and a blue gem necklace, riding atop an undead Peryton.
➢ The battle is intense, as the Peryton flies in and out of combat range, using its brute strength to carry soldiers high into the air, dropping them to their deaths.
➢ At one point, the Peryton grabs Kriv in his clutches and attempts to carry him aloft, but the dragonborn paladin grapples out of its talons and breathes fire on its undefended bellow, stabbing it viciously. Meanwhile, Edran, Elenya and Lo-Donk do battle with waves of undead skeletons.
➢ Eventually the party succeed in whittling away the zombies, and Elenya destroys the skeletal necromancer, recovering its necklace which holds a piece of the Obsidian Box. While the party struggle to defeat the Peryton, a nearby soldier runs out and guts the large undead creature with his halberd. The soldier takes off his dented metal helmet, revealing his identity as Hugh Mann Garde

➢ The party barely have time to recover their breath as the eastern gate, on the far end of the compound shatters and collapses. Striding over the buckled remains of the gate comes Meepo’s siege monster, the giant three-headed undead Mammoth. It screams unnaturally at the party and charges forward…


• Party recover 1,200 gp. (150 each, 650gp to the group kitty)
• Party recover a shard of the Obsidian Box from the skeletal necromage.
• The party discover that there is a spy in the Platinum Spire.



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