The King's Recruits

Session 50: THE LAST DAY OF THE WAR: The Behemoth

Session 50: THE LAST DAY OF THE WAR: The Behemoth


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Kriv and Lo-Donk

NPCs of note: Hugh Mann Garde, Teddy Huggz

Date: 18th Dimlek , 1028

Erahlor burns with battle. The final thrust of Meepo’s army has almost overrun the King’s force.

Standing atop the defeated corpse of an undead Peryton, Kriv, Elenya, Lo-Donk and Edran barely have time to recover their breath as the eastern riverside gate shatters and collapses. Striding over the buckled remains of the gate comes Meepo’s siege monster, the giant three-headed undead Mammoth. It screams unnaturally at the party and charges forward.

The Behemoth charges across the large stone dwarven bridge which spans the breadth of the wild surging river below. The Erahlan army had been using the bridge as a chock point until the radiant barrier had collapsed. Lo-Donk races forward with his executioner’s axe to halt the Behemoth’s advance. Although he fails to break its knees, he was successful in keeping the massive creature confined to the bridge. This allowed Edran to cast his fountain of flame, using the fiery phoenix to lash at the Behemoth with fiery flames.
This momentary delay allowed other Erahlan soldiers, led by Hugh Mann Garde and his corporal Teddy Huggz, to harass and pierce the Behemoth’s thick hide with spears and crossbows. However this was only a temporary delay, and the Behemoth was able to charge Kriv and Lo-Donk, crushing them into the bridge supports and fracturing the crossway’s very foundations.

In the charge, the Behemoth instantly kills Teddy Huggz, while simultaneously piercing Kriv’s armour and knocking him unconscious, flinging his lifeless body over its back and into the raging rapids of the river. While Elenya races down the steep riverbank after Kriv’s body, Edran, Lo-Donk and Hugh Mann Garde do their best to draw the Behemoth back onto the bridge, attempting to limit its ability to charge. Using its three corrupted heads to attack multiple times, the Behemoth’s unrelenting attacks cause Edran to seek refuge behind a stone pillar, while another head smashes Lo-Donk, sending the goliath fighter tumbling into the churning waters of the river.

The Behemoth lowers its tusked heads and takes a stride towards Lo-Donk, struggling to free himself from the mud of the river. Suddenly, the Behemoth halts as someone yells behind it ”You call that a fucking punch?”

Climbing up the riverbank, Kriv wipes the blood from his snout and charges the Behemoth, using his greatsword to cleave one of its three heads straight off. The Behemoth recoils and wails in shock, its attention entirely gathered on the dragonborn. Elenya scrambles across the broken bridge and uses her divine powers to heal Lo-Donk, pulling him from the rapid waters. Edran teleports from behind his stone pillar and uses a scorching burst to burn the second head off of the Behemoth. On the far edge of the battlefield, Hugh Mann Garde continues to load his crossbow and provide support to the Platinum Knights.

Eventually the bloodied and weary heroes are able to force the Behemoth back onto the bridge. Elenya steps forward, brandishing her weapon of the Raven Queen and uses Turn Undead, banishing the Behemoth and causing it to swell and explode in radiant energy. The Erahlan forces cheer and are reinvigorated by the success.
An aura of shock and foreboding crawls across the battlefield, as both Erahlan and Meepo’s forces witnessed the vanquishing of Meepo’s siege engine.

Across the battlefield, an unnatural shriek pierces the ears of the Erahlan forces, making some drop their weapons in fear. Flying high above the battlefield, a large undead dragon wheels about in flight before landing on the broken bridge before the Platinum Knights. Riding upon the undead beast, and glaring absolute contempt at the party, sits a goliath male, a warforged, and a small black kobold.




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