The King's Recruits

Sessions 47: The Shamblers March

Session 47: SEASON FINALE: The Shamblers March

9/12/14 ;

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Kriv and INTRODUCING Lo-dunk

NPCs of note: Evaras, Vin the wererat

Date: 13th – 15th Dimlek , 1028

The Goliath Scout

➢ Deep within the Midnight Marshes, the Platinum Knights trudge through the mudflats, putting the Travelling Temple of Corellon far behind them. Now armed with the knowledge and power to defeat the necrotic energies of Meepo, they race back to aid the Erahlan army in the West.
➢ After several hours march they make camp for the night and set watches.

➢ The party awaken the next day (14th Dimlek) and continue their way north through the marshes.

➢ At midday the whole marsh seems to shudder, and a green necrotic energy wave cascades across the sky above. Elenya and Fargrim (due to his druidic connection to the swamp) both feel a necrotic taint growing throughout the landscape. Their instantly notice large, unnatural corrupted growth sprouting across the marshes. Large, vicious vines strangling anything it touches.

➢ Nearby, not too far away, the party hear a pained roar, a person yelling in the distance.

➢ Making their way forward, the party notice a goliath fighter struggling to free himself from the vines. Kriv charges first into the corrupted vine growth while Edran uses his beguiling strands to force the weeds back. After some struggling and scratches, Kriv pulls the Goliath out to safety.
Lo-Dunk, a goliath from the northern mountains, reveals that he was part of a scouting party sent to investigate the movements of the undead hordes. His men were set upon by the corrupted growth and were killed. The Platinum Knights offer him the opportunity to join the fight against Meepo. The party continue their march through the swamps, towards the Front Line.

The Trap is Sprung

➢ The party awaken the next day (15th Dimlek) and continue their way towards the Front Line, passing through terrain that grows exceedingly corrupted and fuelled by necrotic energies.
➢ During their march, all of the party receive a arcane message, declaring: The Line is falling. All Platinum Knights marshal back to the Base Camp. This prompts the party to double their speed and trudge through the swamp as best they could.
➢ By evening, the dirtied and tired party do their best to trudge forward, finding their way continually blocked or harassed by the necrotic corruption of the swamp.
➢ They party begin to feel like they are being watched. Edran discusses this with Elenya, but they cannot see anything.
➢ Edran pulls from his magical robes a hooded lantern, which he shines into the darkness behind them. Suddenly he spies some form tunnelling through the mud behind them. Slithering towards them at high speed! Trying in vain to unleash beguiling strands at the form, the party are caught off guard as a long, giant magically infused chain encircles the party and suddenly erects magical barrier around them—trapping the Platinum Knights.

➢ Out of the swamp behind them, a pair of direwolves approach, growling and snapping at the party, while eight shambling zombies trudge along behind.

➢ Leading the two direwoves on a set of chains struts a very cocky and confident wererat. He appears to have magically bound the zombies to him, and he holds a magical compass in his hand, which seems to be twirling and pointing directly at the party.

Vin the wererat seems very self-assured and certain in his victory, gloating that he was able to intercept the party before they reached the Front Line. He also seems to know everyting about the party, their names, their recent activities and their mission to investigate the depths of the swamp. He makes an offer to the party: Give to him the knowledge that they uncovered in the Midnight Marshes and he would let them live and depart unaccosted.

➢ Elenya sees right through his blatant lie—it appears that Vin, a lowly lieutenant of Meepo’s army, intends to steal the knowledge of Meepo’s power and take it for his own nefarious purposes. Elenya approaches the edge of the barrier and says coldly to Vin ”Your time with the Raven Queen is coming” and she smashes her mace against the barrier.

➢ With a smile and a click of his fingers, Vin lowers the barrier and unleashes his direwolves at the party. The party roll for Initiative!



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