The King's Recruits

SESSIONS 52- 57 : Kriv's Trial

Session 52 — 57

Kriv’s Trial pt I,II and III
Old Amulets and New Ventures

24/4/15 — 23/6/2015

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Kriv, Lo-Donk and Lucian

NPCs of note:

Date: 18th Dimlek – 21st Ansis , 1028

Return to Rovnol, in chains

Following the Battle of the Sundered Bridge, the forces of Erahlor spend a week (18th Dimlek – 25th) clearing the ravages of warfare, interring the undead back to their resting places, burying the fallen.

Among those lost in the war, the Platinum Knights prepare the bodies of Hemingway and Edran Laraneth for transport back to the capital, to be given burial befitting their station.

During this time, a retinue from the dragonborn kingdom of Zoth’Garen, led by High King Severa arrive and - with the war now over- demand the arrest of Kriv for his crimes committed against the northern realms years ago.

It is explained that Kriv will be taken under guard back to Rovnol to stand public trial for the necrotic attacks against the northern realm, the regicide of his father and the genocide of the dwarven and dragonborn people that he precipitated.
They are introduced to the head of their security and armed guard, Lucian, a half-elf conscript who has an immense hatred for the Platinum Knights.

Over a week passes (25th Dimlek – 4th Ansis) while the Erahlan forces return to Rovnol, the Platinum City. Over the course of 2 weeks (4th – 18th Ansis), Kriv’s defense is prepared for, witnesses are summoned, and other oddities around the city (like the refugee hold of the Zoth’Garen phoenixes, and the discovery that Lo-dunk “is the handsomest-troll ever and all the pretty ladies wanted to kiss him”) are explored.

They are informed that the trial will be presided over by Queen Orilais, High King Severa and Lord-King Thoth of the Yorgnole Moutains. Furthermore, Kriv’s cousin, Ewan Fireheart, would be leading the prosecution, eager to led Kriv to the gibbet. Kriv and Lo-dunk enlist the help of Vladshtik Darkfire to act as his defense in the upcoming trial.

The political landscape of Rovnol becomes very charged and tense as word gets out that Kriv is being held in the tower. Over the course of these week, Lucian has befriended the party to such an extent that he officially relieves himself of his duty in order to help Kriv prepare his defence.

Finally, the trial is brought to session…

Over the course of three days, witnesses are presented, cross-examined and Kriv is eventually able to prove with reasonable doubt that his actions were the machinations of a necrotic alhoon lich, who seized the opportunity to control Kriv and use it to manipulate the dragonborn prince after Kriv’s father had tried to kill his son to appease the dwarven thanes in the Roth’garen region.

During closing arguments, General Fletcher makes an entrance, dragging the body of an assassin who had just made an attempt on his life. A non-guilty verdict is pronounced by the triumvirate. This enrages Ewan Fireheart, who engages Kriv in single combat. Kriv wins the duel, but refuses to kill his cousin, and turns him to the guards, demonstrating further that he is not the murderer and warlord that the trial has tried to make him out to be.



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