Edran Laraneth

Eladrin noble; apprentice of the Order of the Talon


Lv 6 Wizard (Arcanist)

HP: 43
Current gold: 727.2gp (as of 27th Reapdon, 1028

Age: 68
Worships: Corellon/ Ioun

Short-term Goals:

  1. Investigate the Valley of Many Names— follow the vision experienced at Ravenholm.

Long-terms Goals:

  1. Recover any arcane focusing stones OR magical implements to return to the Order of the Talon.
  2. Find any temporary or stable rifts back to the Feywild.
  3. Find a way to return his House back to its former glory.
  4. Become a master within the echelon of the Order of the Talon.

Personality/ Characteristics.

Edran is a typical Eladrin. He is patient and softly spoken, often considering the long-term effects of any actions.

Edran is Lawful Neutral. As such, he acts as law and tradition of the Order of the Talon directs him. Order and organisation are paramount to him. He is respectful to his leaders and peers, and treats subordinates as is due their station within society. He always puts the well-being of the group ahead of individual gain.

Edran worships the gods of arcane magic/study and beauty and knowledge- Corellon and Ioun respectively.

Because he is a member of the Order of the Talon, all of Edran’s spells take on the form of an eagle or fiery avian-figure. He wears simple dark robes of a novice, bearing only an embroidered Eagle in flight, the insignia of the Order of the Talon.


Beginning in the Feywild

Edran was born to House Laraneth, a minor noble holding that swore fealty to Tiandra, the Summer Queen. He grew up in his parents fief, a small holding that encompassed Lithaerys, a small Eladrin village that was built on the shore whicih overlooked the City of Starlight, Astrazalian.
Being the only son of nobility, Edran came from a well educated background, learning from many privately employed tutors about the arcane arts as well as the histories of both the Feywild and the Mortal Realms.

However, the fortunes of both Edran and his House changed drastically when he was still very young. When Edran was 7 years old, Lithaerys was attacked by a large host of fomorians in a conflict that would be remembered as the Night of the Long March. The brutal siege lasted many moons and Lithaerys was all but ruined.

Following the Night of the Long March, Edran was sent by his parents to the Eladrin captial of Astrazalian, where was taken in by the Order of the Talon, a small but powerful and ancient school of the arcane arts. Typical of Eladrin culture, Edran studied under the wizard Thárestel for the last 60 years, learning the arcane arts and praying to the gods Corellon (the god of the Fey, beauty and arcane magic) and Ioun (goddess of skill, knowledge and arcane study).
As a novice of the Order of the Talon, Edran wears simple robes with a fiery eagle embroidered on his tunic. All of his spell attacks assume the form of an eagle or an avian shape when cast.

Journey to the Mortal World

When Edran turned 68 he was given a task by the Order of the Talon, this would serve as his Arcane Trials. If he could perform this task, he would be elevated to the rank of Adept of the Talon Order, and his studies would be complete.
The Night of the Long March was still a recent event (by Eladrin standards) and the Order of the Talon was tasked to protect the City of Starlight. Ancient rumors and texts spoke of arcane focusing stones that had been stolen from the Order’s vaults and taken to the Mortal Realm millennia ago. If some of these stones, or any arcane Eladrin implements, were to be discovered and returned to the Feywild, the Order would be able to better protect the City of Starlight.

Edran knew that any arcane implements would also be able to help him protect his hometown, Lithaerys.

Edran was sent through a rift into the Mortal Realm with little more than his wand, robes and spellbook. He has spent one year in the Mortal Realm, wandering the kingdom searching old libraries and archives for rumors and whispers of the devices he seeks.

This journey has brought him to the Elvish/Hobgoblin forests near Sparrow Port, a small town in the kingdom. While Edran was meditating, his trance was suddenly altered by psionic intervention and his came standing face-to-face with a band of 7 adventurers, this is where his real adventures begin…

Known Spells

Beguiling Strands candentis pecus
Scorching Burst ardens impetus

Colour Orb candentis spaera
Burning Hands incendi dextra
Colour Spray candentis aestus

Fountain of Flame fontis de ignis
Rolling Thunder bomus detono
Ice Knife gelidus cultellus
Phantasmal Assailant mentis impetus
Wall of Fog caligo

Edran Laraneth

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