Fargrim Stoneborn


“I am Fargrim, son of Feldor, heir of Forrin the Furious, Leader and sole suriving member of the great clan Stoneborn, wielder of the hammer Jawbreaker, bearer of the wrath of the Yorgnole Mountains and Platinum Knight of Erahlor. I am the last Stoneborn.”

Fargrim’s Inventory:

  • Jawbreaker (+1 Magic Mordenkrad)
  • Mordenkrad of the Mountain (+2 Mordenkrad of Cold)
  • Scale Armour
  • Valkyrie (Distance Javelin +1)
  • 2x Handaxes (Diplomacy and Negotiation)
  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • 8x Sunrods
  • Horn
  • Flask (Dwarven brandy)
  • Bottle of Thri Kreen Alcohol
  • Explosive blue liquid
  • Alchemist’s Fire
  • 5x Yetti Pelts
  • 4x Wolf Pelts
  • Maps of the area surrounding Ravenholm
  • Ivory and Pearl elaborately carved beard brush set handed down from Father to Son
  • Silver Flagon (empty)

Currency: 40 gold, 20 silvers, 70 coppers

Rations: 2 days worth

Notes: Fargrim has gained a +2 to Diplomacy and intimidation rolls when training the militia

Fargrim’s Kill count (Starting from session 29)

  • 2x Yettis



(Mordenkrads [Fargrim’s Hammer])
Dwarven Thrower
Crashing Weapon
Avalance Hammer
Cold Iron Weapon


(Scale Armour)
Champion’s Armour
Dwarven Armour
Mithral Armour
Reinforcing Armour
Verve Armour
Veteran’s Armour

Wondrous Items:
Cask of Liquid Gold
Flagon of Ale Procurement
Horn of Summons

Dwarven boots
Dwarven greaves

Dwarven Throwers

Bracers of Defense

Cloak of Survival
Cloak of the Chururgeon
Deep Pocket Cloak

Ring of Heroic Health

Belt of Dwarvenkind
Belt of Giant Strength



The Stoneborn clan are a noble line of Dwarves from the Yorgnol mountains. They are a hardy and resilient people and it is said that the god Moradin carved them from the very mountain rock that they now call home. They are renowned warriors and sailors who often sell their services to other Dwarven clans and even the human nations. The Stoneborn heavy camelry are famed for their battle prowess and the sailors who operate along the great underground rivers are equally skilled. However through conflict and economic hardship, the clan began to decline.

Fargrim is the last surviving member of the Stoneborn Clan.

Fargrim is the only son of Feldor, a blacksmith of astounding talent and skill. During his teens Fargrim originally wanted to be a blacksmith like his father and learn the ancient mysteries of Dwarven smithing. This was until one fateful day in an ancient mine. Fargrim and Feldor were searching this abandoned mine in hopes of discovering untapped veins of adamantium when they came across an artefact of a bygone era: a warforged. Badly damaged from signs of battle, Feldor excitedly bundled up the machine and returned it to his workshop and then scoured the ancient Dwarven archives for any trace on the mysterious creation.

Years passed, during which Feldor worked on repairing the warforged during his every spare moment. During this time, Fargrim was accepted into the clan’s armed forces and rose through the ranks until being elevated to serve in the Thane’s guard – the youngest dwarf to achieve this honour having been in his late twenties at the time. To mark the occasion, Feldor held a grand feast in which he had planned to reveal two great presents to Fargrim. The first was the ancient hammer Jawbreaker which had been in Fargrim’s family line for generations. His ancestor, Forrin the Furious, had been gifted the hammer after he had single handedly charged and broke an ogre battle line. Glowing with pride and honour at this gift, Fargrim was shocked by what came next. His father wheeled in the second present on a gurney. It was the warforged that they had found in the mines so many years ago. His father told him that he had repaired it to care for the family while Fargrim served in the guard.

As soon as Feldor finished the ritual of activation, a cold metal hand gripped his neck, suffocating him. Before he could act, the machine picked up and threw the gurney at Fargrim’s mother with such force that it crushed the life from her body. With a fury the likes of which he had never felt before, Fargrim took up Jawbreaker and charged the warforged. Putting all of his might and anger into a single swing, the hammer landed square in the machine’s torso; smashing it in two. However it was all for nought, his parents were dead.

Bereft of his family, Fargrim was granted indefinite leave from the guard and left to wonder the world. He travelled the country side earning coin as a mercenary for hire. However with a habit of dispensing justice to would-be employers who wished him to commit less than noble deeds, jobs soon became few and far between for the lone dwarf. But he did not mind as he was happy enough merely to travel, helping those who required it and earning gold where he could. However even during this time, he did not return to his mountain home.

When the conflict with Meepo erupted, Fargrim found a new calling. Tired of living as a nomad without a cause and now nearing the twilight of his life, he decided to put his hammer to a noble use once again and joined the King’s Recruits. After several months battling the forces of Meepo, he was finally elevated to the Platinum Knights, the supreme defenders of Erahlor. After several months of intense training, Fargrim’s first assignment had arrived, along with some new recruits for the Knights…

Goals and Dreams:

  • To befriend Kriv and change his opinions of Dwarves
  • To end Meepo’s plight on the world
  • To restore the Stoneborn clan to its former glory through the acquisition of land, wealth and hammers

Fargrim Stoneborn

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