Magic Mordenkrad +1

weapon (melee)

The mighty great-hammer Jawbreaker is an ancestral heirloom of the Stoneborn dwarven clan. Possession of this hammer marks the owner as both a bold and fearless warrior and the rightful leader of the clan.

The hammer’s origins date back to Forrin “the furious” Stoneborn who, at the battle of the Iron Halls, slew the Troll warlord Dwarfskinner. This ogre was a renown enemy of the dwarves and it is said that when Forrin landed the killing blow, which removed Dwarfskinner’s jaw from his skull, that the light of Moradin came down and blessed the hammer: imbuing it with a portion of his glory.

From that point onward, Jawbreaker was passed down to the leaders of the Stoneborn clan, the tales of its victories having become the stuff of legend.

This hammer is now in the possession of Fargrim Stoneborn, the leader and sole remaining member of the Stoneborn Clan.


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