The King's Recruits

Session 58- 64

Session 58 to 64: The Shadowfell and the destruction of the Amulet of Power

23/6/2015 — 2/11/2015

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Elennya, Kriv, Lo-Donk, Lucian and Y’Draet Verano

NPCs of note: King Severa, Arclem, General Fletcher, Simon Willowtrash

Date: 22nd Dimlek– 2nd Fireseek , 1028

Dealing with the Amulet of Power

With Kriv’s trial over, and the war against Meepo officially over, life in Rovnol begins to move on. The Platinum Knights as a whole are relegated to internal investigation and reconnaissance, and disbanded to pre-war numbers and resourcing. As such, Kriv and Lo-dunk find themselves seemingly without a job.

The day after the trial they are summoned to a meeting with Queen Orlais, who congratulates them on Kriv’s acquittal. She invites High-King Severa to the meeting also, who tells Kriv that although he has survived the judicial trial, he must still atone in the eyes of himself and the dragonborn people as a whole— he must return to frozen draconic kingdom of Zoth’Garen in the north and reclaim its fallen capital, Roth’garen, by disrupting the foul necrotic magic that still pervades that region. A dragonborn battalion are assembling in the northern frozen wastes at Nes’valia in 3 weeks’ time. With that, the dragonborn king departs the captial.

The conversation now turns to the issue of Meepo’s Amulet of Power, an ancient artifact that had already been lost to lore and time in the Travelling Temple of Corellon. Rather than have the cycle repeat itself, the party agree that the Amulet must be destroyed. Upon research and mediation, the party find a tome called the ‘Relics of the Shadow plane’, which describes a mythical Blade of Ending, which would be able to destroy the corrupted amulet.

The party manage to thwart a break in at the Platinum Spire’s vaults, where drow had attempted to steal the Amulet. Agreeing that the corrupted artifact is a danger, they make plans to teleport to the shadow fell.

The Shadow fell

Arranging passage from the material plane, the party arrive in the Immortal’s Cage, a desolate wasteland of blackened soil, firestorms, bloodgrass, and crystalline shards. Finding a small settlement amongst the giant bones, they hire a local guide, a shadar kai named Y’Draet Verano.

Over the next nine days (22nd Ansis to the 2nd Fireseek) the party travel across the realm of shadow and pain, at times succumbing to their despairs, while fighting skull lords, wraiths, zombie knights and witches.

Eventually they find a cave nestled high on a mountain ridge, wherein lies the Blade of Ending. Destroying the Amulet, the dispersing power, in its death throws, tries to collapse the cavern. The party escape, and Kriv finds himself the wielder of the Blade of Endings, an ancient and sentient artifact.



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