The King's Recruits

Session 41: The True Cost of War

Session 41: The True Cost of War


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Horiam, and Kriv

NPCs of note: Legate Iriehana Bronzeheart, Harbourd, War Marshall Fletcher
Date: 3rd – 11th Dimlek – , 1028

➢ With the battle against Meepo’s undead horde over the party march back to the dwarven camp, led by Legate Iriehana Bronzeheart. The party rest and recover for the remainder of that day. Fargrim bitterly remarks that “war is hell.”

➢ The next day the dwarven flank continues to push south, intending to attack the undead hordes from the north and meet the Eralhan army at Til. The party take part in small skirmishes.
➢ During this time Averlon creates a small card gambling group for the dwarven soldiers. He also manages to fix the decks to give himself a pity profit. Fargrim tries to help out with the burial of the dwarven troops while Horiam administers the rites to the deceased. Kriv continues to keep a low profile to keep his identity hidden.

➢ The next day, 5th of Dimlek, Legate Bronzeheart assembles the troops. She announces her intention to make a forward assault to smash the undead ranks and take the pressure off of the Eralhan army. She assigns the Platinum Knights to take command of their own individual squads to command in the upcoming battle.
➢ Arvelon, Horiam and Edran assemble their own squad of archers, sharpshooters and mages, respectively. Kriv quietly enlists the help of some of the toughest dwarven fighters to lead the charge. Fargrim goes to the dwarven prisons and tries to recruit a band of cut-throat inmates on death row, giving them the chance to fight on the front lines. As he assembles his ‘dirty dozen’, Edran warns Fargrim to be careful of the outlaws.

The Final Push

➢ Legate Bronzeheart leads the dwarven army into battle. The Platinum Knights take charge of their respective squads and deal devastating damage to the undead minions.
➢ After the intense fighting, the dwarven flank is successful in smashing the ranks of the undead. Legate Bronzeheart and Harbourd meet in the middle of the battle and rally their troops to push back the undead invaders. The day ends in victory for the kingdom of Erahlor.

➢ The next day Fargrim discovers that he has had 120 gp stolen from his money pouch. He confronts the members of his ‘dirty dozen’ and inquires about the missing wealth. After the conversation and hugs Fargrim is shocked to discover that he has had a further 40gp missing. He bitterly remarks that this is the ‘true cost of war’.
➢ Averlon offers his services to his team of sharpshooters, promising that he will be available for clandestine operations after the conclusion of the war.
➢ Edran takes the time to talk with Fargrim about his money being stolen.

The Mystery of the Temple of Corellon

➢ The party are called to Legate Bronzeheart’s pavilion. When they arrive they discover that a war meeting is being held between Bronzeheart, Harbour and War Marshall Fletcher.
➢ Fletcher announces that with the undead thrust defeated, a window of opportunity has opened up to allow a small team to travel through the Midnight Marshes and strike out at the Travelling Temple of Corellon.
➢ All intelligence points to the Temple being linked to Meepo’s rise in power, and could hold the key to his defeat.
➢ The party reprovision and depart on horseback as soon as possible, heading east into the marshes.

➢ On the 6th Dimlek the cross by the borders of the Yorgnole Mountains, near the foothold of Tor’s Reach. They continue to travel east.

➢ On the 7th the party come across a giant river that winds through the marshes. They travel south until they find a fjord to cross with their horses. As they make camp they feel the necrotic energies of the marshes affects all of their moods, making them feel anxious and melancholy. Fargrim tries to feed a crow some of his trail rations. The carrion picks up his pet snake and flies off with it. Edran consoles Fargrim and tries to make him feel better about loosing the animal.

The Ruins of Salemhiss

➢ After travelling through the marshes and avoiding the large undead hordes, the party finally come to the ruins of the lizard township called Salemhiss. According to Glavira this town was one of the first victims of Meepo’s rise to power.
➢ The town has been destroyed and reclaimed by the marshes. The local hotel is a charred ruin and the whole township is thick with necrotic energy and corruption.
➢ Edran takes the first step into the town. As he does so, frost magic suddenly erupts from the ground and snakes up his legs. Simultaneously wererats and undead minions rise from the ground and brandish weapons at the heroes, all led by a cackling wererat necromancer.


• -160 gp to Fargrim’s personal wealth
• Averlon earned money on his card gambling circles.
• - 9 days’ rations from group stores. (41 days remaining in handy haversack)

• Undisclosed group magic item recovered by Party on the battlefield. TBA at next session.

Session 40: Of Dwarves and Camels

Session 39: Of Dwarves and Camels


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Horiam, Kriv and Nimaketh
Rings of NPCness: Elenya
Date: 9th -10th Readifest, 1028

• The party stand inside the ruins of Fort Smoothstone, speaking to Harlem the dwarf and his archaeological comrades. Fargrim quietly rages when he recognises one of the dwarves as being an Ironblood.

• The party try to bunk down for the night. Edran speaks to Fargrim about his feelings, concerned that a fight will break out with the Ironblood clansman.

Averlon sneakily unlocks one of the archeologists chests, inside which he finds a collection of smell vials containing glowing blue liquid which emanates a faint aura of energy. The archeologists become very hostile when they discover Averlon and the vials.

• Fargrim demands to know what the vials are, and shakes one vigorously. Harlem yells at the Last of the Stoneborn to stop. The other archaeologists begin to load crossbows at the party. The situation deescalates when Fargrim returns the vials to the chest. Horiam gives both Averlon and Fargrim an eyebrow of contempt and goes back to sleep.

• Edran recognises the blue vials as being a part of the arcane bomb that was recovered from wererats attack in Frostfall Village. He approaches Harlem and, speaking quietly in dwarven, apologises to Harlem for the parties’ actions and inquiries about the magical vials.

Hostility and Infamy

• Kriv tries to strike up casual conversation with one of the dwarves. The situation escalates when the dwarf recognises him as Kriv, the slayer of dwarves and destroyer of Rothgaren. Crossbows are immediately brandished at the party once more. Harlem suggests that they leave and not come back.

• Horiam leads the party back out into the Underdark tunnels. As Fargrim leaves he proudly proclaims “Fuck the Ironbloods!”

• As they leave Fargrim talks to Averlon about sneaking back and stealing from the archaeologists. Edran and Horiam immediately refute the idea, reminding them that they are platinum knights, not brigands.

• The party set camp a small way down the tunnels from Fort Smoothstone. Edran casts Alarm and they bunk down for the night.

• At one point a bright blue glow emanates from the ruined Fort. Concerned for the well being of the archaeologists, Horiam quietly sneaks up to the Fort. He hears excited chatter and conversation and, convinced that they are okay, returns to the party.

Meeting the Dwarven Flank

• The party awaken on the last day of the Readifest festival (10th) and continue their march towards the dwarven army. Some party struggle to climb through the darkened tunnels.

• They cross beneath the waterfall sewers of Tor’s Reach and, after checking their map, begin their ascent towards the surface.

• Eventually they emerge from the Underdark to the sound of intense fighting. They spot the dwarven army engaged with a small horde of undead,

• Horiam instructs Kriv to keep the visor of his helmet lowered to hide his face. They also create the fiction that Kriv is a dragonborn who lost his tongue fighting undead and therefore cannot speak.

• The party are led to a large and lavish purple tent, which stands as the forward operating base for Legate Iriehana Bronzeheart, a formidable dwarf female with a large war axe who commands the dwarven flank.

• The party meet discuss the theatre of battle with Legate Bronzeheart and how best to punch through and assist the Erahlan army to the south.

• While the rest of the party meet the local blacksmith to resupply, Horiam and Averlon sneak through the front lines and stalk the nearby undead hordes. They spot a necromancer general and Averlon snipes him through the head with his hand crossbow. They melt back into the forest.

• When the pair return to camp reports are coming in that a section of the horde has broken off and moved to intercept the dwarven camp. One archer sarcastically thanks Averlon. Horiam quips that ”he who dares, wins,” pointing out that now there are less undead currently marching west towards Erahlor.

Fighting the Horde

• The dwarven camp begins to make preparations to fend off and defeat the approaching host of undead. Fargrim consoles a young dwarven lad called Barford Ironfoot, all of 20-years old and fearful of being in the front lines. Fargrim sees to it that the young lad is reassigned to catapult defence duty.

• Each of the party are allocated a pair of dwarven soliders by Legate Bronzeheart, to aid them as retainers and assist in the upcoming battle.

• Before the frontline begins their charge, the army make last minute prayers to Moradin, the Raven Queen and Kriv give an inspiring and rousing roar as they charge into battle.

• The battle begins, during which—
o The party fight off against several zombies and two large undead swarms, which ravage anyone standing close by.
o The dwarven soldiers unload a successful volley of slings during their surprise attack, causing several undead to crumble.
o Nimaketh lifts a giant rock with her telekinetic powers and drops it on one of the swarms.
o The nearby dwarven camp launches large rocks into the battlefield.
o The undead swarms manage to kill most of the dwarven soldiers, including Krog, Kator, Khazdan and Gibli.
o As Kriv runs forward to kill the last undead swarm, a large boulder suddenly falls from the sky and crushes it. The catapult under the command of Barford Ironfoot had shot the boulder.


• -2 days’ rations
• Edran minus cost of residuum for alarm ritual
• Kriv now has infamy with the general dwarven populace due to his actions in Rothgaren.

Session 39: The First Line of Defence
After defending the troops at Til, the party head through the Underdark

Session 39: The First Line of Defence

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Horiam and Kriv
Rings of NPCness — Fargrim Stoneborn
Date: 9th Readifest, 1028


Horiam asks Kriv and Elenya to accompany him to the shack, requesting that they wait outside but to be prepared. When Horiam enters he sees Laeroi of the Hand of Shadows.
The creature of shadow begins without preamble, saying ”We need to teach you, and fast.”
When Horiam enquires, Laeroi describes the powerful arcane amulet that Meepo had been wearing when he attacked Ravenholm, stressing that that necklace will cause havoc and destruction and will warp Horiam’s mind unless he is properly prepared before their next encounter.
The creature of silence and secrets draws in the shadows of the night and through the darkness regards Horiam with serious and intimidating eyes. ”So sit down. Shut up. And Listen….”
Horiam raises an eyebrow, but acqueses and takes a seat. Dongala brings forth a stack of dusty old tome, picking one off the top, easily 1,000 years old, and hands it to Laeroi.
Laeroi flicks through the old text until he comes to a picture of a dark, cloaked figure standing beneath a triangle, with a circle on each tip of the shape. Within each symbol is the relief of an amulet, a blade and a wand, respectively. Laeroi explains that the three artefacts once belonged to necromancer who roamed the world over 1,500 years ago. A man of unimaginable strength and talent he derived his powers from the three divine necrotic artefacts. Eventually the artefacts were lost to time, until the Hand of Shadows reclaimed and hid the artefacts from those who would wield it for evil. Eventually, under Laeroi’s guardianship, the relics were lost to time and legend, eventually being last recorded with the magi of the Travelling Temple of Corellon, nearly three hundred years ago.
Laeroi believes that Meepo has come into possession of the amulet, which would allow him to cast the eternal link, a divine necrotic ritual which would allow him to bind his life force to any creature, allowing him to live beyond death. Laeroi says that he and Dongala will spend the night training Horiam a divine religious chant which would be able to disrupt the ritual.
He says that Horiam may be their only hope to stop Meepo forever, and reclaim the relic.

The rest of the night is spent in training, Dongala working Horiam through the ancient speech, uttered in a tongue long forgotten to the ages. When they finish, Laeroi gives Horiam a magical amulet, with instructions to give it Kriv on the day of his Trial, suggesting that it will help the truth of his actions come to the light.

The battle for the eastern front continues as the Platinum Knights attack the undead forces, led by two undead dire bears and a slithering undead serpent. Horiam, Fargrim and Kriv lead the charge while Averlon and Edran launch long range attacks. Elenya moves swiftly between the groups, offering the healing powers of the Raven Queen to the party and nearby Erehlan troops. At one point some zombie minions try to dislodge a huge stone boulder down at the group, but they are quickly dispatched. The battle ends when Horiam’s divine magic causes an undead bear to burst in radiant energy while Averlon’s shoots the undead serpent between the eyes with his hand crossbows. The tide of the battle turns and the undead are pushed back, allowing the party to return to Harbourd and report their success.

The Hammer and the Anvil

Harbourd is pleased with the outcome of the battle, and the party take an hour to rest and recover their injuries. Eventually they are brought to his tent to outline their next mission—reaching the nearby dwarven forces to allow them to attack the undead flank. While surveying a map, the party agree that their best and most expeditious way of reaching the dwarves would be take the underground tunnels through the Underdark. Horiam and Kriv point out some nearby caves on the map, which would serve as an entrance to the Underdark. Harbourd sends a runner to notify the cavalry to mount up—the party will charge the caves, using the cavalry to punch through and establish a beachhead which would allow them access to the caves.

Outside in the courtyard, Fargrim gathers the nearby troops together and starts to make an impassioned speech, but he then falters and his speech goes onto a tangent that ends up talking about the strategic benefit of dwarven war camels. The Erehlan cavalry is quickly mustered and mounted. The party join the ranks. Kriv rides up front next to Hugh Mann Garde, who was drafted into the war.
At the apex of the Calvary charge, War Marshall Fletcher blows her trumpet and the charge begins.
As the cavalry charges through the battlefield, they break through several lines of undead forces, trying to make a beeline for the cave systems. While riding Kriv is suddenly and unexpectedly gorged with spear. In the split second the party see a dragonborn foot soldier in Erehlan plate mail curse Kriv, but he quickly disappears into the crowd of the troops as they charge by.

The cavalry charge punches through to the cave system. The party quickly dismount and fall into the caves, while the cavalry wheel around to meet the pursuing undead. Edran takes out his holy symbol of Corellon and blasts out a radiant zone of divine energy, creating a radiant bubble, holding back the zombies. He pulls out some makeshift explosive alchemical supplies from his magical cloak. Being the last one into the cave, Edran launches a scorching burst on the explosives, which cause the cave mouth to collapse, preventing the undead from chasing them through the Underdark.
While Averlon pierces into the darkness with his dark vision, Edran pulls a lantern from his cloak and lights it. The party arrange themselves into a marching order, and begin to sneak through the eerily quiet and foreboding tunnels of the Underdark.

Through the Underdark

The party move in silence for an hour, following their map through the winding tunnels towards the dwarven cities to the north. Horiam and Averlon scout ahead, quietly aware of skittering noises retreating from their advance. Horiam points out a large tunnel branching off that appears to have been made from a rust monster. Cautiously, they continue to move forward. The party trek on in silence for another 2 hours, during which Edran and Elenya fall down 20ft due to a collapsed section of path.
Eventually the party walk out into a large cavern, the ceiling filled with small glowing gemstones. The rest of the party walk through, unwilling to disturb the cavern or its treasure. Fargrim belts one loose with his war hammer. The sound echoes and reverberates into the utter darkness of the caverns and adjoining tunnels. Fargrim pockets the small gem, pleased with his acquisition. The party look at him incredulously, and continue to march on.

After another hour of undisturbed sneaking through the Underdark, the tunnel that the party are walking through begins to grow smaller, eventually shrinking to waist height. Ahead, the rest of the tunnel is crawling with insects, which Kriv and Horiam recognise as Kruthiks. The insectoids appear to have established a nest of sorts in the confines of the tunnel, a small colony easily numbering at least 40 or 50 kruthiks. Unable to lose an hour back tracking, and unwilling to senselessly kill the kruthicks, the party devise a plan to sneak past them. Edran casts ghost sound at the far end of the tunnel, imitating the sound of a giant Umberhulk roaring, accompanied by bright pulsing lights. The kruthicks skitter and retreat to protect their hatchlings, at which point the party rush forward through the tunnels, jumping aside from the soldier drones which try to defend their hive. The party manage to make it through unscathed and continue on their way.

Strangers in the Dark

Continuing to follow Harbourd’s map, the party sneak along through the Underdark, eventually coming to a large, 30ft high cliff face. Kriv lifts Edran up on his shoulders, allowing the eladrin to fey step up to the cliff top. Once there the wizard unspools a 50ft rope from his magical cloak, allowing the rest of the party to scale up the cliff face. While waiting, Edran spots a small tote bag near some Underdark mushroom roots, containing 43gp and 22sp. He adds it to his ledger and the party move on.

As the party’s body clocks suggest that it is almost sundown up on the surface, the platinum knights begin to keep an eye out for a safe refuge for the night. Eventually they come to another small cavern, through which they can see a small beam of sunlight—the warm glow of afternoon sunlight. The ray of natural light appears to be coming from a nearby ancient dwarven ruin, clearly marked on Edran’s map. Averlon and Horiam sneak ahead of the party to scout out the possibility of using the ruins as a place to rest. As they approach, they begin to hear the quiet mutterings and whisperings of dwarves.
Averlon peers inside the ruined temple and spots three dwarves inspecting some runes, one of which is wearing a leather fedora, the latest fashion in Rovnol. A fourth dwarf sits in the shadows near a fire, his shadowed face smoking a pipe.
While the party catch up, Horiam and Averlon enter the ruined temple and announce their presence to the dwarves. Though shocked and concerned at the intrusion, the dwarves calm down when they see the badge of the Platinum Knights. Edran and Fargrim speak to the dwarves in their native tongue, confirming that they are friends of Tor’s Reach. The archaeologists relax and begin to talk to party.
Although reluctant to talk about the specifics of their mission, the historians say that they are under instructions to scour the ancient ruins for weapons to use against Meepo. Kriv asks if they are referring to the Obsidian Box, and the dwarves appear uncomfortable to talk further about the issue.

The rest of the party settle down near the fire while Horiam suggests that the two groups rest together for the night, for protection against any Underdark attacks during the night.
The fourth dwarf, quiet until now, agrees. He lights his pipe again, saying ”Of course. Friends should stick together. You’ve got to sleep with one eye open down here in the Underdark,” He gets to his feet and steps into the light. ”You never know what’s just waiting to stick a blade in your back.”

Fargrim recognises the dwarf’s family sigil that is engraved on his pipe piece—the sigil of the Ironblood clan.


+ 1 gem to Fargrim
+ 1 43gp, 22sp to kitty
-1 days rations

Session 38: The First Days of the War

*Session 38: The First Days of the War


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn and Kriv

Guest starring— Elenya

Rings of NPCness— Horiam and Nimaketh

NPCs of note— King Kevran Urathdae, General Fletcher, Marshall Fletcher

Date: 7h – 9th Readifest, 1028

General Fletcher awakens the party at 6am. The general does not appear to be himself, he is sombre and wearing his Platinum Knights dress uniform. He orders the group to rise and dress for an audience in the Platinum Spire—all of the other available Knights will be in attendance.

Fletcher takes the party up the magical lift into the Platinum Spire, to the council chambers. Inside the room are approximately 80 of the available Platinum Knights of Eralhor.

Kriv notices a fellow dragonborn knight with necrotic scars whispering and glaring in his direction. Averlon speaks to some knights who originate from the shadowfell about the increase in necrotic activity in the shadowfell. Meanwhile Edran is shocked to see an envoy from the Order of the Talon at the assembly. He remarks that it is very strange—and a grave omen—if the Order has taken interest in the goings on in the Mortal Realm.

The large ornate doors open and King Kevran Urathdae enters with his entourage. He begins meeting by announcing that the war against Meepo has officially begun. On a nearby geographically accurate map table, Advisor
draws the battlelines across Eralhor, intersecting through Til and snaking south along the Midnight Marshes.
The King announces that the Platinum Knights are to depart immediately for the eastern front, to bolster failing supply lines and to assist the dwarven forces that has routed Meepo’s advance thus far.

A gravelly voice echoes from the back of the hall. ”My King, I have come here to fight Meepo and drink ale…and my cup runneth dry!”

All eyes turn in shock towards Fargrim Stoneborn, speechless at the impertinent outburst, although a few dwarves from the Yorgnole Mountains giggle and agree with the Last of the Stoneborn. Luckily the dwarf is able to avoid being thrown in the stockades due to the war effort.

It is decided by the King that the overall coordination between the Platinum Knights and the Eralhan army would be conducted between General Fletcher and his ex-wife, Marshall Fletcher. The two look in shock and distaste at one another.

After the King withdraws with his retinue, Marshall Fletcher takes to the podium to outline the strategy for the war. She begins by saying ”Me and the General—-“

Fargrim shouts out, ”The General and I!”
From across the room, Marshall Fletcher is able to give Fargrim a piercing look of contempt and disapproval with such force that the dwarf manages to piss himself a little.
After Fargrim apologises, Marshall Fletcher orders the entirety of the Platinum Knights to ride east to Til, to report to Harbourd and reinforce the struggling battlelines. She orders the party specifically to then travel south to Investigate the Travelling Temple of Corellon, as there appears to be a causal link between its existence and the undead living in the Midnight Marshes.

The Knights Roll Out

By midmorning the entire host of Platinum Knights mount up and depart Rovnol, headed for the eastern front of the war. Travelling in the direction of Til, Edran and Averlon are able to feel the increase of necrotic energy into the mortal realm. Fargrim takes the time to talk to Elenya about her origins as a dryad, and why a dryad would worship the Raven Queen.

Elenya tells them that she worships the Raven Queen because she was born of the Raven Queen. She reveals that when the party liberated the Temple of the Raven Queen and consecrated the holy grounds of the Temple, that the energies of the ritual were directly responsible for bringing her to life.

The army of Platinum Knights travel for two days along the base of the Yorgnole Mountains, making their way towards Til. They arrive on the 9th day of the Readifest festival and meet with Harbourd, who has started using the burnt out remains of Til as his forward operation post.
The Platinum Knights begin to break up into their operation groups and head out on their assigned duties.

Harbourd speaks with the party about heading south to bolster a failing flank. He warns that scattered reports tell of undead bears and serpents tearing the erahlan troops to shreds. The party run south towards the main area of battle.

As reported, the party arrive at a site of vicious fighting, where the erahlan forces are being torn through by two large undead hulkbears. As the party begin to fight they have to carefully wade through the fighting to avoid being hit by zombie minions. The constant shifting of the battlefield leads to Edran and Averlon being separated from the rest of the party. To makes matters worse some undead cobras also quickly slither around the battlefield, spitting necrotic blinding poison at the party.

Session 37: The Fall of Ravenholm

Session 37: The Fall of Ravenholm


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Horiam, Kriv and Nimaketh

Guest starring— Elenya

NPCs of note— Arclem, General Fletcher, Kareena, Laeroi

Date: 6th Readifest, 1028

Inside the Temple of the Raven Queen, the undead bat swarms ravage the unconscious body of Gareth 2.0, killing the warforged.

Nimaketh gives a scroll containing a ritual of Teleportation to Glavira and orders her to begin incanting the ritual. The shardmind moves to intercept the undead bat swarms.
Outside in the Temple courtyard, Horiam feels an uneasy sense of dread, as if shadow energy were attempting to pierce his soul. The shadar-kai avenger destroys the undead hulk with his divine abilities. Fargrim Stoneborn continues to hold the wave of undead zombies back with his trusty war hammer, sending bones flying. Averlon Blackwood loads his hand crossbows and begins picking off the remaining floating skeletal heads. The shade also feels the shadow energy attacking his will but manages to withstand it.

Kriv feels the shadow energy assault as well, but he also hears a whisper in his mind, asking ”Where’s the sword, Kriv?”
The dragonborn continues to run towards Gareth’s last known position and breathes a gout of flame, burning through the barricaded windows and flash-burning the undead bat swarms.
Edran follows behind Kriv, leaping along rows of tombstones to avoid the close-quarters battle taking place. The Eladrin launches a scorching burst through the burning window and immolates the bat swarms. Inside the Temple wall, Nimaketh mentally assaults the bats whilst seeking shelter behind the fractured altar.

Horiam orders the Ravenholm militia to fall back from the wall and regroup with him, beginning preparations for a retreat. The Erahlan troops do not follow suit and continue to hold the line, despite Fargrim giving them a direct and intimidating order. Horiam quirks his eyebrows in surprise at the response.

As Fargrim moves back from the main gates, two large hulking undead burst through the zombie ranks and begin clobbering the dwarf. Fargrim falls down unconscious infront of the militia, their resolve beginning to falter.

As Edran burns one of the bat swarms he turns and sees Kareena, the human female sorceress, climbing over the reliquary on her Fire rage drake mount, flanking the zombies. Edran calls out in elven. Leaping into the courtyard, Kareena blows the zombie hordes back with an arcane thunder wave while her drake grasps Fargrim’s body in its jaws.

Threading the Eye

The Platinum Knights order a full retreat into the Temple. Nimaketh draws the last bat swarm to her and obliterates it with her mental powers. While Kriv revives Fargrim the rest of the party quickly begin barricading the Temple in an attempt to stave off the attack long enough for the Teleportation Ritual to be completed. All of the party assist with either resisting the outside horde or magically aiding the ritual process. Edran takes the lead and begins boarding up the windows and is soon joined by Fargrim and Kriv. Averlon climbs up to the rafters and continues to pick off the horde rushing the Temple doors.

Edran notices that Kareena is terrified of stepping through the portal to Rovnol. He calms her down and promises that he will see her safely out of the city. The sorceress is appeased. After wiping her tears she aids Edran and Nimaketh in speeding up the ritual. Kriv straps the body of Gareth 2.0 onto his back.

Edran takes out his copy of Volo’s Guide to Using Portals and uses the information within to help complete the ritual. When he does so, his wand begins to glow brightly and he hears a female Eladrin voice ask in a terrified voice, ”Who are you?”.
Edran replies, ”I am Edran Laraneth of Lithaeys and the Order of the Talon.”
”What are you doing?” the frightened voice queries.
Edran responds that he is desperately trying to open a portal to Rovnol to escape the oncoming horde.

Horiam hears the screams of the Erahlan troops being slaughtered outside in the courtyard, having decided independently to make a final stand against the undead.

Back inside Edran’s head the conversation continues.
The disembodied voice states quickly, ”I can help you, but only if you help me! I need help!”
Edran cautiously replies, ”If I am in some capacity to render aid, I would attempt to do so.” He then asks. ”Who are you? Where are you?”

In response, the Teleportation portal blasts open, revealing a direct link to Rovnol. Simultaneously the party notice that Edran is flickering and phasing between planes. Edran perceives a female Eladrin, a figure whom he recognises as being an acolyte of the long lost Travelling Temple of Corellon.

With the portal stable, the party begin to withdraw from Ravenholm. Horiam swears that they ”will be back”. As if in response, both Horiam and Kriv feel a warm within their hearts, a sign that perhaps the Raven Queen has not lost hope in their endeavours.
The two are the last to step through the portal as the doors are breached and the undead surge through in a veritable horde of necrotic filth.

Tending to the Wounds

The portal deposits the Platinum Knights and the Ravenholm militia and engineering crews into the Training Hall of the Platinum Spire.

General Fletcher emerges from his office, shocked and relieved that the party was able to survive. The party make their official reports, while Kareena quietly makes herself inconspicuous. Fletcher is saddened to hear that Ravenholm fell. Horiam and Edran provide details about the composition of the enemy forces, using the red memory shard to show the image of the giant undead mammoth and the horde of 50,000 zombies.
The general appears exhausted and disheartened but, at the behest of Fargrim, promises to provide the Wolves some soldiers’ barracks until they can be mustered. The party try to lift Fletcher’s spirits, revealing that the Raven Queen has not given up hope on their mission.

General Fletcher tells the party that they have the rest of the day to recover and they will be given new orders in the morning. The party nominate Averlon and Nimaketh for King’s Recruits status. Fletcher agrees and, due to the attrition of the war, immediately elevates them to the rank of Platinum Knights to help combat Meepo’s army.
Fletcher also introduces the party to a dryad worshipper of the Raven Queen, Elenya. She greets her brothers of faith, Horiam and Kriv, telling them that she was compelled by her goddess to meet them.

Following the meeting the rest of the party separate and make their own plans.
Kriv personally visits the widows of the 7 Wolves who died in battle at Ravenholm. He gives each of the widows some money from his personal wealth as an act of atonement and insurance to cover their loss. Fargrim meets with one of his Wolves: Eric, a young lad who bequeaths him with his family’s heirloom, a mighty helm adorned with boar tusks. The young man thanks Fargrim for giving him the strength to stand up and fight. Fargrim gifts the young lad with his own family heirloom, Jawbreaker, and the weapon of his household. They both agree to return the respective heirlooms.

Meanwhile, Horiam takes his sword, Twice Blessed, into the slums of Rovnol. The spirit of Tim “Mr Giggles” Whitewater still resides within the blade, so Horiam tracks down the bandit’s mother, Abigail Whitewater. Horiam notifies Abigail of her son’s death, saying that he was a nice boy who just been lead astray. He gifts Abigail with 100gp to help her battle her illness. He also gives her a writ, authorising and entitling her to the protection of the King’s Recruits in the city. As Horiam leaves the shack, he feels the spirit of Timothy Whitewater depart for the afterlife, magically crafting the handle of Twice Blessed, making it more ornate and beautiful to behold.

Fargrim takes some tankards of ale to Arclem’s workshop. He congratulates the gnome on his amazing blue vial of explosive liquid and make inquiries about purchasing more. All Arclem has left is some alchemists fire, which he gives to Fargrim. The two look over the broken body of Gareth 2.0. Fargrim informs the gnome that Kriv has offered to feed and look after Gareth’s cat until he can be resurrected. The dwarf laments that Gareth, despite a rocky start, had become a true and dear friend. He takes off a pendant carved in the shape of the Stoneborn sigil and drapes it over Gareth’s neck. As Fargrim goes to leave, he becomes curious when he spots Arclem’s latest personal project, a small gnome-sized set of leather magical wings.

Edran spends the rest of the day with Kareena, escorting her through the city. He sends a raven to Tor’s Reach, putting an immediate hold on their ration deliveries to Ravenholm and he takes the opportunity to stock up on his stores of residuum. Kareena thanks Edran for not being ”like the others”. She reveals that she came from a troubled past, an outcast of her hometown Frostfall, unpopular due to her magical talents and the dragonmark on her face. As she grew up she found the egg of her ragedrake and, in an effort to feed and care for the creature, turned to sheep poaching and other crimes to support her self. While conflicted about her crimes, Edran realises that the sorceress had not been giving an easy or fair life by the gods, estranged from her kin because of her gifts and banished from a society that did not value or help the under-privileged. Edran escorted Kareena to the city gates, warning her to keep away from the war-torn north. He takes off his badge that identifies him an apprentice of the Order of the Talon. Imbuing with a little of his arcane life-force, he gives it to Kareena, an arcane twin to the tree knot that she had once given him in Til, promising that he would come to her aid if she had need of him. After this, Kareena and her ragedrake depart into the evening light.

Back in the Platinum Spire, Fargrim walks into Kriv private quarters. The last of the Stoneborn regards the dragonborn. ”The last few days I thought you a necromancer, a murderer, a traitor, a tyrant, a scoundrel and a liar…” Fargrim steps forwards and throws his arms around Kriv. ”Never have I been so wrong.”
The two reconcile their differences, symbolised by Fargrim cracking the stone that he had carved and left in Kriv’s bunk three days earlier.

Meanwhile, Averlon takes the leather from the sabre-toothed undead monster to a local tannery and pays to have it moulded into a set of magical leather armour. He also stops by a street urchin in the slums and asks if he has heard of any men working for Orventas Mar who had been asking for a shade.
The urchins reply no.
Averlon appears nonplussed and then quietly vanishes into the crowded streets.

The Hand of Shadows

As nighttime settles in Rovnol Horiam, Kriv and Elenya begin to make their way to the local Temple of the Raven Queen for evening prayers.
Horiam suddenly notices that a note has somehow been slipped into his pocket. He takes it out and reads the note. It simple says ”Meet Me” followed by a location and a time.
Horiam asks Kriv and Elenya to accompany him to the shack, requesting that they wait outside but to be prepared. When Horiam enters he sees Laeroi of the Hand of Shadows.
The creature of shadow begins without preamble, saying ”We need to teach you, and fast.”
When Horiam enquires, Laeroi describes the powerful arcane amulet that Meepo had been wearing when he attacked Ravenholm, stressing that that necklace will cause havoc and destruction and will warp Horiam’s mind unless he is properly prepared before their next encounter.

The creature of silence and secrets draws in the shadows of the night and through the darkness regards Horiam with serious and intimidating eyes. ”So sit down. Shut up. And Listen….”


Death of Gareth 2.0

+340gp each for personal wealth

(+340gp to the Raise-Gareth-Foundation)

5 vials of Alchemists Fire Level 6 to Fargrim (Free)
The Hammer Jawbreaker is now in the possession of Eric Dain
2 leather armour to Averlon (cost 100gp personal stores)
Edran +100gp residuum (debit from personal wealth)
Kriv has 300gp remaining in personal wealth (insurance payout to widows of militia)

-1 days ration

-100gp Horiam’s personal wealth (gifted to Abigail Whitewater)

Session 36: The Resistance of Ravenholm

Session 36: The Resistance of Ravenholm


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Gareth 2.0, Horiam and Kriv

Rings of NPCness: Averlon Blackwood and Nimaketh

Date: 4th – 6th Readifest, 1028


The Last of the Stoneborn

After overhearing Kriv’s confession to Horiam in the Temple of the Raven Queen, Fargrim Stoneborn marches off into the swamp. He stomps through the Midnight Marshes, kicking stones and tree stumps in his frustration and anger.

After spending a day in solitude, the last of the Stoneborn is alone, sober and ragged. Night falls and Fargrim sits down to catch his breath. He begins staring into his Druidic Orb, hoping for guidance and clarity. It is at this point that he notices a nearby lake. It is teeming with animal life. As Fargrim listens to the croaking of frogs, he becomes aware that something is mentally compelling him to approach the lake. ”Oh well,” he says. ”The lake can’t hurt me as much as my friends have…”

Fargrim approaches the lakeside. The Orb begins to glimmer in his hand. ”Are you okay, orb?” he asks out loud. The light is suddenly extinguished. Fargrim calms his thoughts and the orb begins to glow again.
Looking into the orb, Fargrim sees the swirling image of Kriv, albeit much a younger version of Kriv.
Suddenly Fargrim is entranced as he begins to witness Kriv’s story being replayed— his betrayal and fall to necromancy, the destruction of the dragonborn and dwarven kingdoms, and eventual salvation by the Raven Queen herself.

Watching the images Fargrim becomes immersed in rage, he begins to harness the barbarian fury deep within his blood.
Fargrim suddenly notices that he is surrounded by water—- he is standing at the bottom of the lake, a primal aura of energy surrounding him and protecting him from the water.
He looks around the murky waters and notices 4 skeletal lizardfolk, rotted and tangled in thick weeds in what appears to be another strange ritualised ceremony of sacrifice.

Fargrim attention is drawn upwards to the surface of the lake. He hears and feels a rhythmic thumping accompanied by an oily shadow that slowly rolls across the water. He recognises the shadow as being a wave of necrotic energy, which immediately begins to taint and destroy the once healthy lake.

Fargrim jumps out of the lake and makes a decision to head back to Ravenholm to warn the Platinum Knights. Suddenly skeletal hands burst from the murky lake waters and wrap themselves around Fargrim’s boots. The 4 skeletal lizard folk had been animated by the necrotic corruption.
Fargrim draws out his battleaxe and cleaves through the four skeletal minions. He dives down to try and loot the corpses, but has to stop when the thick weeds begin to aggressively wrap around his throat and ankles.
Climbing out of the corrupted lake, Fargrim takes his bearings and begins to run back towards Ravenholm as the necrotic energy engulfs the swamp. He quickly uses his druidic powers to commune to the nearby animals, telling them to flee the corruption. With a snake dangling around his neck and a frog on each shoulder, Fargrim Stoneborn runs deeper into the Marshes…


The Sword of the Raven Queen

On the 4th day of Readifest, Horiam leaves the settlement early in order to search the nearby swamplands for Fargrim, who has still not returned.
The Shadar-Kai begins hot on the dwarf’s tail, thanks to the trail of destruction caused by Fargrim anger—stones kicked over and tree stumps and branches scored with aggressive axe strikes.

Unfortunately, Fargrim had a day’s head start, so Horiam spends most of the first day following the dwarf’s muddy foot tracks.
On the 5th day of Readifest Horiam begins to hear a dull rhythmic thumping, accompanied by the groans and gurgles of the undead. Realising that he is heading towards a large horde of zombies, the avenger decides to skirt around the approaching army.
Horiam feels a sense of dread when he notices that Fargrim’s footprints continue to walk straight ahead, oblivious to the oncoming horde. Horiam sneaks ahead into the ranks of the horde, attempting to single out any necromantic commanders, hoping that if he assassinates them it might reduce the numbers of undead. He silently sneaks along the tree foliage, scoping out the size and strength of the zombie army, but is unable to identify any necromancers amongst the horde.

Horiam presses on, silently stalking through the enemy lines. He comes to a halt when he spots- at the back of the massive horde- a gigantic skeletal mammoth, seemingly infused with multiple corpses, covered in gnashing mouths. Overhead, observing the entirety of the horde, flies an undead skeletal dragon.

Horiam makes a quick estimated count of the undead army—over 50,000 zombies. All marching towards Eralhor—- First stop: Ravenholm.

The Shadar-Kai quietly withdraws and tries to race back to Ravenholm, realising that he won’t be quick enough to reach the settlement before the first wave attacks.

The Last of the Stoneborn

Still trying to outrun the necrotic corruption, Fargrim almost blindly runs into the undead horde. He is forced to divert and hide in a nearby swamp. In the dead of night he begins to hear the sounds of battle echoing from the direction of Ravenholm.

The Aftermath of the Battle

After several hours, Horiam and Fargrim both eventually return to a horrific sight—Ravenholm’s defences crumpled and shattered by the first wave of the attack.
A tired and ragged Edran, Gareth 2.0 and Kriv welcome the two back.

The battle appears to be won, but Leopold tells the Platinum Knights that this horde was but a splinter of the true army that approaches them still. Nimaketh confirms this, as she can detect the whole eastern marsh is crawling with necrotic energies. Horiam quietly confirms this, citing the army of 50,000 zombies that he witnessed approaching. He uses Gareth’s familial psychic link to show the party the image of undead mammoth and dragon that he saw on the field.

While the injured are tended to and the settlements defences are rebuilt, Edran takes out the wooden root given to him by Carena in Til. He crushes the arcane implement and speaks to the sorcerer, asking for her aide. Elemental energy swirls around the root and fades.
Next, Edran uses his ritual of Sending to report to General Fletcher in Rovnol, outlining the new situation. The General replies, ordering the Knights to try and hold off the army while Eralhan forces try to mobilise and flank the army. He reminds the party that they are to use the Scroll of Teleportation to evacuate the settlement should the defences fail.

The Party sombrely realise that Ravenholm will fall tonight.

The Resistance at Ravenholm

As the sun begins to rise on the 6th day of Readifest the forces of Ravenholm await the oncoming horde. Kriv makes an impassioned speech to Wolves in an attempt to lift morale. Nimaketh waits safely inside the Temple, ready to begin casting the Scroll of Teleportation. Kriv and Fargrim ready themselves at the eastern gate, while Edran and Horiam mount the defensive walls. Gareth waits quietly behind with the militia in the settlement courtyard.

The constant thumping of the undead horde suddenly ceases. It is quiet.

Looking out at the ranks of skeletons, Fargrim pulls out his war horn to blares a challenge at the undead.
In reply there is a loud, bone-jarring roar that echoes across the marsh. The giant undead dragon swoops over the army and flies towards Ravenholm. Fargrim throws his magical javelin but it fails to pierce the dragon’s undead flesh. Edran spots three figures riding the dragon— Meepo glares down at them in contempt, surrounded by a necrotic aura.

As the dragon flies overhead, *Meepo launches a ball of necrotic energy that shatters the Temple, physically rending the building in two while simultaneously destroying the altar and corrupting the consecrated ground of the divine temple.
At the same moment, the skeleton horde charges the front gate.

As Fargrim and Kriv hold off the first wave, the fountain in the temple courtyard explodes upwards and a giant undead Hulk climbs out of the ground, cutting of Gareth and the militia from the rest of the Platinum Knights.
As the Hulk clambers to its feet, swarms of undead bats erupt from the well and flock Gareth.

Horiam climbs off the wall and charges the undead Hulk. Kriv orders more militia to reinforce Fargrim at the eastern gate while he too charges the large Hulk.
Edran begins launching balls of fire at the oncoming hordes from his vantage point.

The Undead Hulk knocks Horiam prone while 6 floating skulls begin flying around the battlefield. Gareth teleports inside the Temple walls and orders Nimaketh to begin the Portal ritual. The warforged casts an arcane cloud into the courtyard, which destroys some of the floating skulls. The bat swarms follow the warforged and attack him furiously. Gareth 2.0 falls unconscious, causing the party’s psychic link to be abruptly cut off.

Horiam jumps to his feet and attacks the undead Hulk with his divine energy. Fargrim continues to hold the skeletal horde at bay by cleaving two undead rats with his warhammer. Kriv tries to circle around the undead Hulk towards Gareth’s last location, desperate to rescue the unconscious warforged.

Edran, also concerned about Gareth, quits the defensive walls. The eladrin fey steps to the courtyard and begins hopping along the line of tombstones. He simultaneously launches another burst of fire at the remaining floating skulls and Undead Hulk.

At the exact same moment, inside the Temple, the undead bat swarms ravage Gareth’s body once more, killing the warforged…


Treasure reclaimed from Fargrim—
+3 gems (Tiger Eye crafted) 400gp each fenced added to kitty (TO BE FENCED and DISTRIBUTED)
+500 gp (Devil Vizier) added to kitty (TO BE DISTRIBUTED)

Edran – 25gp residuum cost for Sending Ritual

Death of Gareth 2.0

Session 35: The Death Hunt
Season Three Premiere

Session 35: SEASON THREE PREMIERE— The Death Hunt


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Kriv and Nimaketh

Rings of NPCness: Averlon Blackwood, Fargrim Stoneborn, Gareth 2.0, and Horiam

Date: 3nd – 5th Readifest, 1028

The Platinum Knights awaken in Ravenholm on the third day of the Winter festival. The thick swamp mist hangs heavy over the settlement, embodying the feelings of mistrust that have created a schism within the party.
Kriv, having confessed his crimes to Horiam the previous night, gathers the party to reveal his past actions in Rothgaren, that led to the destruction of both dargonborn and dwarven kingdoms (Read Session 34 for full recount).
Edran listens to Kriv’s story and afterwards states that Kriv must face justice for his actions, but that since Kriv already has a court date for his trial, he will ensure that Kriv appears at the trial. Nimaketh listens to the confession as well but does not react as emotionally.

At this point, the party realise that Fargrim Stoneborn has not appeared to the summons. When they visit his sleeping bunk they discover that the dwarf had left the settlement during the night. A further search leads the party to find a small rock with a message engraved in dwarven runes.


Unfortunately, the party are unable to read the runes. They go to Edran’s small library and manage to find a small Common-to-Dwarven translation guide. They are only able to translate the first few words, which roughly translates to * “Brother, I know what you did”.
It appears that Fargrim overhead Kriv’s confession the previous night and has disappeared for some purpose.

In order to lift the spirits of the local militia, the Platinum Knights allow the engineers and militia to celebrate the winter festival. The rest of the day is spent celebrating in high spirits, while the Platinum Knights quietly discuss the disappearance of Fargrim, and the reports from Harbourd that an undead offensive was about to move west into Erahlor.

Portents of Death

On the morning of 4th of Readifest spirits are still high amongst the engineers and militia of Ravenholm, despite hangovers and headaches. Another small contingent of soldiers arrive from Rovnol, extra reinforcements intended to help defend against the impending offensive. While the new troops integrate, their serious demeanour and frankness begin to make the Wolves feel discouraged and melancholy—The War against Meepo is truly about to begin.

Horiam leaves the settlement early in order to search the nearby swamplands for Fargrim, who has still not returned.

Kriv and Edran spend the morning overseeing the settlement and getting the new troops settled and they notice a human man with a tattooed face incessantly tapping his foot in a rhythmic pattern. Given the mood and previous actions of some of the militia (Jenkins’ reaction to Averlon and occurrence of strange dreams and nightmares) they take the young man aside and speak to him about his nervous foot tapping. The young man, Fenick, says that he has been feeling uneasy due to some strange dreams that he had experienced last night.

Edran recognises Fenick’s tattoo as the symbol of Sehanne, goddess of autumn, trickery and illusions. Kriv also recognises that Fenick was one of the militia who had quietly and nonchalantly witnessed the possessive dreams that had captured Kriv, Edran, Fargrim and Nimaketh some weeks ago *(See Session 28—Phase One at Ravenholm).
Fenick says quietly ”I had hoped it wouldn’t happen again”.

Fenick tells the party that he and his family line have worshipped Sehanne for generations, and that this devotion sometimes bestows him with prophetic dreams. In his youth he had a vision of his mother being killed by goblins, an event which eventually came to pass one day while travelling the King’s Road. Fenick takes a breath and describes a vivid dream that he experienced last night, in which he beheld Ravenholm’s walls being crushed by a veritable horde of undead, led by a giant monster of unimaginable size and power.

Nimaketh and Edran take Fenick through some mediation and ask him a series of questions to try and glean more information about the impending attack in his visions. Afterwards, Nimaketh uses her Sending Ritual to telepathically notify General Fletcher in Rovnol of the information. In the reply they are promised that additional troops will be dispatched and are ordered to hold the settlement.

The Calm Before the Storm

Edran crosses the encampment and orders two Wolves to mount up and act as outriders, to east 12 miles and reconnoitre the surrounding swamplands for any mobilised undead forces.
Kriv and Nimaketh organise the engineers to develop and reinforce the existing defences. Nimaketh suggests a large whole be dug just inside the main eastern gates, which would rout the zombies’ advance if they managed to breach the gates.

By late afternoon the two outriders return. Edran speaks to one of the scouts, Leopold, who reports that although there was no large mobilised force of undead, the Midnight Marshes were full of them. He heard the gurgling undead all around him, about half a day’s travel from the settlement.
As night falls, Edran takes the first watch. As Nimaketh takes over, they both are able to detect minor vibrations and the sound of thumping echoing across the marshes, in the rhythmic pattern of large foot strides. Nimaketh is also able to detect a large necrotic energy force approaching.

On the fifth day of the winter festival, the settlement continues to make preparations to the defences of Ravenholm. Leopold and Bobak are sent out again to scout 10 miles east. Twenty more soldiers from Erahlor arrive, lead by a Captain Phillips. Kriv tasks him to begin running the militia through intensive army training, to help them to better integrate and assist the Erahlan soldiers during the upcoming battle.

Edran takes a group of dwarven engineers out beyond the settlement walls to develop the existing defensive trenches and to place wooden stakes within them. While patrolling, Edran is able to detect that the natural necrotic energies of the Midnight Marshes have begun to slowly spread towards the settlement of Ravenholm, overcoming the radiant consecrated that Horiam had overseen when they first liberated the Temple. Such a thing would only be possible through the magic of a necromancer—Meepo. Such a ritual would only be used if the undead army were about to attack.

At the same time, Leopold returns alone, covered in blood and mortified. While Kriv checks his injuries, the young wolf reports that they had been attacked by ghouls- Bobak was killed instantly. They were only an hour away, and closing fast

The Night the War Began

The Wolves and Erehlan troops are mustered and prepared for battle, the dwarven engineers are ordered to take refuge in the temple. Night closes in as last minute preparations are made. Edran and Kriv mount the eastern defensive walls and look out at a horde of undead, nearly 300 strong, as it slowly shambles out of the swamp towards the Temple grounds. Leading the horde is a large undead sabre-toothed feline monster, covered in bone armour. It glares at the settlement with intelligent eyes as it prowls towards the settlement.

The War against Meepo begins.

The undead begin to shamble towards the eastern gates. As they come into range, a handful of the militia open fire with their crossbows, while Edran rains down immolating blasts of fire. As the hordes burn and fall into the trenches, Kriv shouts encouragements to the militia to keep their morale high.
In the first salvo, 20 undead fall and the night rings out with defiant cheers from the wolves.

The Sabre-toothed Monster howls and begins to charge the settlement walls, barging through the hordes with reckless, angry abandon. Suddenly, Nimaketh grabs the giant creature in a telekinetic hold, and slams it sideways, crushing many zombies and stabbing it into a row of defensive spikes. Another rounds of cheers cry out from the wolves.

The undead begin to press against the main gate, but are unable to knock it down while the wolves pepper them with crossbow bolts and Edran blasts them with his beguiling strands. Eventually the horde breaks through the gate and swarm through, only to fall immediately into Nimaketh’s trap pit. The psion shardmind lifts a stone tomb lid and drops it into the pit, crushing another dozen undead. Kriv breathes a giant gout of flame through the open gates and immolates another wave of zombies. Kriv stands tall infront of the Wolves and Erahlan troops inside the walls. He draws his giantsword and meets the first wave as they begin to pour into the settlement compound.

Out on the field, the giant sabre-toothed monster picks itself up off the ground, roars, and leaps over the walls of Ravenholm and lands infront of Kriv. Suddenly, its bone armour shivers and drops to the dirt. The bones magically realign and reconstitute themselves to form 6 skeletal warriors, eyeholes blazing with necrotic energy.

Suddenly the battle devolves from a siege into a close-quarters slogging match. Kriv leads the wolves and Erahlan troops as they clash blades against the undead. Nimaketh and Edran continue to blast away at the swarm as they funnel through the breached gates.
Despite the high moral and training, Ravenholm suffers some fatalities. 6 Wolves and 4 Erahlan soldiers die during the fighting.

As the undead forces are whittled down, Kriv, Edran and Nimaketh attack the sabre-toothed monster, using cat-and-mouse tactics to keep it off guard. This works well until the monster knocks Kriv to the ground and him with its mouth, crushing him with its giant teeth. The troops pick off the last of the undead zombies and begin to turn their collective attention on the Sabre-toothed monster. On its last legs of health, Nimaketh charges the monster and attacks it pscionicly while Edran burns the creature with his magic. The monster drops Kriv, erupts with a burst of energy and leaps at a nearby Wolf. The monster eats the militant in one mouthful, regaining some resolve by absorbing his life energy. The sabre-toothed monster turns and charges Edran, grabbing him in its powerful jaws. Kriv gets to his feet and slashes at the monster’s back. The monster growls in fury, its whole body covered in blood and lacerations. Suddenly its mouth erupts in a blast of radiant energy, eclipsing the battlefield. The monster is flung 15ft across the dirt, where it lies dead while Edran plops to the ground, covered in blood and saliva.

The battle appears to be won, but Leopold tells the Platinum Knights that this horde was but a splinter of the true army that approaches them still. Nimaketh confirms this, as she can detect the whole eastern marsh is crawling with necrotic energies.


-3 day rations

Nimaketh – residuum cost for Sending Ritual

-8 fatalities to Wolves’ roster

-4 fatalities to troops from Erahlor

-Sabre-toothed monster pelt useful for crafting leather armour.

The Dwarf of Redifest

While anyone who knows the dwarf Fargrim Stoneborn are well accustomed to his two handed hammer Jawbreaker, very few know the story of the two paired throwing axes which hang from his belt. This is the story of how he acquired them.

Our story takes place a month before his 74th birthday and a day before Redifest. Fargrim was passing through the small Halfling town of Evermead while on his way to the capital of Rovnol. Evermead was, funnily enough, renown across Erahlor for its fine pineapple mead and as such, provided Fargrim with a very comfortable rest point. It was late at night and Fargrim was resting in his room at the inn, when all of a sudden the stout dwarf was awoken by a clamour from below. Hobbling down the stairs with many an unkind word for whomever had disturbed his slumber, Fargrim soon found the source of the noise: an elderly man huddled under a blanket besides the innkeeper who was in a state of hysterics.

“Are you not aware of the time? You old coot!” the dwarf growled gruffly.

“Bandits!! Bandits!! On the road from Rovnol. They stole my wagon filled with my finest toys. The children will be so terribly disappointed, and on Redifest of all days!” exclaimed the old man.

“The people of this village worked overtime for months just to afford these presents. You, dwarf, you’re a sellsword aren’t you? Could you help us in any way?” pleaded the Halfling innkeeper.

“Do I look like I carry a sword?” replied Fargrim sternly and on this he turned and marched back up to his room.

However our gruff protagonist did not return to sleep. Instead, he fashioned a rope from his bed sheets and repelled down the side of the inn with a great deal of stealth and finesse. He then set off along the road to Rovnol in the direction of the bandits, determined to save Redifest!.

It did not take long until Fargrim found the spot where the wagon had been hijacked and the tracks which showed where the bandits had taken their bounty. It was not long until Fargrim had found a campsite and five human bandits.

“Ohhhh! All the wealthy merchants along this road and we had to steal a wagon of fucking toys!” exclaimed a bandit with a crooked nose and no ears.

“Shut it you! Pass me one o’ them toy horses for kindling” said another bandit whose coveralls did not quite cover all.

Concealed in a nearby bush, Fargrim began to formulate a plan. To distract the bandits, the dwarf attempted to lure some away with the cry of an owlbear.

“HO, HO, HO” growled the dwarf.

Sadly, it had been decades since Fargrim had actually encountered an owlbear, and his attempt mimicking the creature was less than successful.

“There’s a fuckin dwarf in that bush! Stab him!” cried the apparent leader of the group.
With the element of surprise lost Fargrim bellowed a challenge.

“I AM FARGRIM OF THE CLAN STONEBORN AND I HAVE COME TO SAVE REDIFEST!” screamed the dwarf as he hefted the great hammer Jawbreaker and launched himself towards the oncoming bandits.

With every great swing, the ancient magics of Jawbreaker cleaved through the bandits; removing limgs and crushing skulls. In what was barely a minute, Fargrim had dispatched the bandits with brutal efficiency; leaving himself drenched in their blood. This crimson coating contrasted significantly with the stone grey colour of his beard.

As the faintest hints of sunlight began to break over the horizon Fargrim took control of the stolen wagon full of presents and began to drive at full speed back to Evermead. As he arrived in the town he parked the wagon in the town centre, climbed back up the bed sheets to his room and returned to sleep.

The following morning was filled with the sounds of delight as all of the Halfling boys and girls awoke to find their presents in the town centre. Redifest had been saved. Fargrim awoke around midday to the sounds of joyous festivity. As he collected his gear and left to go pay his tab at the bar, he found a small package outside his door with a note on it.

The note read: “No good deed goes unpunished and no dwarf is as stealthy as he thinks. These battleaxes belonged to my grandfather; may they serve you well”. The gift had come from the innkeeper and inside were two Halfling sized battleaxes, although for a dwarf they were nought more than throwing axes. Nonetheless Fargrim appreciated the gift and while everyone else was at their Redifest feasts, the noble dwarf slipped away quietly.

Now despite the many decades that have passed since that fateful Redifest eve, folklore in Evermead still tells of a fat man wearing red clothes with a great grey beared who brings toys for all of the boys and girls in his wagon, and every year each household hangs an axe above their fireplace. As for Fargrim, those two axes still hang faithfully at his side.

Session 34: SEASON FINALE-- The Fires of Chaos

Session 34: SEASON FINALE— The Fires of Chaos


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Horiam and Kriv

Rings of NPCness: Averlon Blackwood, Gareth 2.0, Mia and Nimaketh

Date: 2nd Readifest, 1028


As the Platinum Knights approach a system of caves within the Midnight Marsh, they spot unusual footprints in the mud. Footprints that have burnt the grass and cooked the mud—Something else appears to have crossed over into the mortal realm…
It appears that portals have begun opening up all over the Midnight Marsh, connecting the mortal realm to various planes of existence.

The party notice that the strange footprints seem to be coming from the direction of the very caves that they were going to investigate. They discuss which direction to take. Edran and Horiam express concerns that there may be further creatures from the Elemental Chaos that are now running loose on the mortal realm. Fargrim, in a show of gusto and bravado, says that he wishes to explore the caves for loot, saying that he fears ”neither fire nor stone”.

To test this, Kriv belches a small amount of fire on the dwarf, scorching some of his bear hair and clothing. Horiam gives both them both a disapproving quirk of his eyebrow.

The party eventually agree to track down the creature that made the fiery footprints, and begin travelling north. By midday the meandering directionless footprints lead the party towards the centre of the Midnight Marsh, where the damp and boggy ground begins to make it difficult to continue tracking the footprints.
Fargrim uses his newly found connection to nature to help the party find the tracks again. The party spot a second pair of footprints trailing the fiery tracks—the boot shape of some finely crafted boots. Fargrim also notes that the fiery tracks appear to have been caused by molten magma, confirming Horiam’s suspicions that the creatures have escaped from the elemental chaos.
They begin to hustle in a desperate bid to overtake the creatures.

An hour later, the party notice that the footprints are also accompanied by physical marks of destruction to the natural world—leaves and foliage ripped off trees, branches bent brazenly out of shape to clear a path—clearly the creatures are not trying to clear their path.
Dangling from a tree branch, the party spot a bangle. Although crafted to follow a common human pattern, Fargrim notes that the metals and several motifs used in the construction of the bangle suggests that it was created by devils. Edran uses the bangle as a focus to Read the Object.

He tries to scry for several images—1 Who was last wearing the bangle; 2 Where the bracelet was made; 3 How it came to be dangling from the tree; 4 How the bangle came to the mortal plane of existence; 5 When/Where the wearer came into possession of the bangle.

In a kaleidoscope of images, Edran perceives the image of a Tiefling—or at least, something that looks similar to a tiefling with a purple-pronged tail—wearing the bracelet whilst standing in a landscape of lava and belching fumaroles and plumes of smoke. In other images, Edran sees the tiefling marching along the fiery landscape with 4 bulking humanoids of molten fire and tar, when the tiefling suddenly sees a fiery portal nexus open in front of him. Laughing, the creatures step into the portal. The next collision of images reveals to Edran that the bracelet was made in the fiery molten rocks of the elemental chaos, being poured into a demonic forge and tempered into shape, finally being given to the Tiefling by a close friend. Finally, Edran sees the devil tiefling walking through the Midnight Marsh with the four molten creatures, laughing and swinging his arms vigorously. With a click, the bangle goes flying off the Tiefling’s wrist and becomes stuck in a wayward branch as the group trudge through the mud…

The Devil in the Swamp

Armed with this new knowledge, the party quicken their pace in an effort to intercept the Vizier Devil and his Tar Devil Harrier thralls.
By the afternoon the party spot the smoke trail of a small campfire ahead. Horiam sneaks forward and spots the Vizier Devil stoking a small fire, with 4 suspicious piles of bubbling tar around him.

The party hatch a plan to distract the devil in conversation while Horiam sneaks around and approaches from the north.
Kriv, Fargrim and Edran suavely emerge from the marsh and make ridiculous poses infront of the devil. The Vizier Devil laughs and applauds, congratulating the party on their parade. The devil claims to be a simple merchant and so the party engage him in banal conversation, trying to give Horiam time to sneak around.

When it becomes obvious that the devil is lying and is not going to reveal his true nature, Fargrim makes a show of going to scratch his back. With a loud shout to Horiam, the dwarf draws out his warhammer and charges the devil. The Vizier Devil stands up, hisses, and instantly the four tar pits erupt in fire and smog as the tar devils rise up ready to defend the devil.

The battle is met.

While Edran feysteps into the foliage of a nearby tree, the tar devil guards launch molten nets at Fargrim and Kriv, trying to ensnare them. Fargrim is drawn into their fiery aura. As the Vizier Devil makes good his escape, Horiam appears, charging out of the marsh and deals two powerful attacks with Twice Blessed, bloodying the devil creature. Fargrim struggles out of his molten netting and deals two powerful strikes, blasting apart one of the tar monsters.

Edran, from his vantage point in the tree, physically assaults the Vizier Devil. While the devil writhes in pain, his wand of wonder causes tree leaves to being painfully sprouting from the devil’s body. He falls unconscious.

While Kriv engages with three tar devils simultaneously, Horiam slaps the Vizier Devil awake and gets his attention. The Avenger pulls out a three-minute sandglass and points to it. He says in no uncertain terms that in 3-minutes he will kill the Devil, and that his death can either be quick and painless or it could be the most excruciatingly painful 3-minutes of his life unless the Vizier calls off the tar devils.
The Vizier laughs and spits in the shadar-kai’s face. Horiam punches the devil unconscious. Edran pulls out a set of manacles from his magical robe pockets and throws them to Horiam. Horiam ties up the Vizier, sets the running sandglass on the ground, and rejoins the fight.

The party dispatch the three remaining Tar Devil Guards with 156 seconds remaining in the sandglass.

Horiam opens his pack and makes preparations to begin exorcising the devil, intending to make the rest of the devil’s existence. The Vizier becomes uncomfortable with the exorcism and distressed, until Fargrim walks up and says ”enough wasting time” as he smashes Jawbreaker into the face of the Vizier (crit) killing him outright. The Vizier erupts into a plume of flames and dissolves into ashes.
Horiam violently turns on the dwarf and points a finger at his face. He sternly tells the dwarf never to interfere with his Oath of Enmity again. Horiam shadow jaunts awake to get some distance from Fargrim, lest his emotions get in the way.

Confessions and Cliff-hangers

The party return to Ravenholm, noting that the extra militia from Harbourd’s entourage have arrived and begun setting up their own tents in the Temple grounds.

Later that evening, while praying inside the Temple, Kriv approaches Horiam and says that he deserves to know the truth about his upcoming Trial.
Horiam raises an eyebrow and invites Kriv to sit down and speak and confess.

_Kriv recounts that years ago, when living as prince of Rothgaren, he accidently slew the son of a dwarven king. In actuality his kinsmen had betrayed Kriv, and the ambush had been cleverly orchestrated to lead to his downfall. Believing the ambush to be a sign of an impending dwarven offensive, Kriv had sought out the powerful artefact Petrifaction_, a sword of immense power. But, in a cruel twist, the artefact led to the uprising of an undead army that caused the destruction of both kingdoms.
As both dragonborn and dwarven kingdom’s crumbled around him, and believing himself to be on death’s door, Kriv had prepared to loose his life, but the Raven Queen had intervened and spared his life.

Horiam listens quietly to the confession. He says that he is worried and conflicted. On one hand, despite Kriv being his friend and fellow servant of the Raven Queen, Horiam cannot help but think that Kriv has become tainted by necromancy and, according to the edicts of his Divine Code, must be killed. But on the other hand, the Raven Queen has obviously chosen to spare and forgive Kriv for his transgressions, perhaps for some design or higher purpose. Horiam smashes his fist on the table and he angrily orders Kriv to leave his presence so that he may meditate.

Meanwhile, as Kriv exits the rectory, he notices that Fargrim has disappeared from the settlement, with the 500gp and jewels acquired during the last two day’s adventures.

Meanwhile, alone in the Ravenholm library, illuminated by a single candle, Edran, sits at a desk, scribbling frantically on a piece of paper. On the desk next to him, the red memory shard whispers ominously, _”Find Me”, whispering to Edran as he finishes one sketch and begins another. The walls and tables are covered with sketches of a tall, foreboding stone spire, above which encircle flocks of birds in numbers large enough to blot out the sun…


-1 day rations
-25gp residuum from Edran’s personal store

+500gp recovered from Tiefling (later stolen by Fargrim)

Session 33: The Threats of the Midnight Marsh

Session 32: The Threats of the Midnight Marshes


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Hemingway, Horiam and Kriv

Rings of NPCness: Averlon Blackwood, Gareth 2.0, Mia and Nimaketh

NPCs of note: Glavira, Tim “Mr. Giggles” Whitewater

Date: 1st – 2nd Readifest, 1028

Deep within the Midnight Marshes, a fierce battle rages on.

Horiam falls to his knees as his blood begins to flow, intermingling with the swamp water.

As the party struggle to get across the battlefield to save Horiam, the chillborn zombies continue to ferociously attack with their cold magical aura, while the undead skeleton husks prepare to launch another volley of arrows.
Meanwhile, the murky waters of the swamps begin to writhe and bubble, suggesting more undead forms are awakening from their slumber…

Averlon Blackwood scaled up a rotted tree and begins to shoot at skeleton thralls as they try to emerge from the murky waters, effectively pinning them to the soil beneath. Kriv disengages from the chillborn zombies and runs towards Horiam, shouting a healing word at the avenger, dealing him of his near fatal wounds.
As the dragonborn tries to reach Horiam, four spectral hyenas, creations of Meepo’s necrotic primal magic, emerge from a tree stump and surround Kriv, barking and gnashing at his plate armour.
Edran and Fargrim keep the chillborn zombies engaged, attacking them with flame and hammer. The skeleton archers unleash a barrage of arrows at Fargrim and then slowly shamble away to get some distance from the Platinum Knights.

Meanwhile, Hemingway manages to fight his way through a group of skeletal minions, he spots the skeleton archers in retreat and his charges the nearest one, swinging his greatsword with vigour and determination. The Accipitridae tries to rake at Horiam with its talons and beak but the avenger dodges aside nimbly. Seeing that he has recovered from his near-fatal wounds, the carrion spreads its wings and starts to fly into the air. Kriv unleashes a radiant aura around himself, dissolving the spectral hyenas. As Hemingway and Horiam charge the retreating skeletons, Fargrim strides forward and unsheathes Valkyrie and throws the magic javelin at the Accipitridae. He misses and the weapon lodges in to the stump of an old willow tree, before magically returning to his hand. Hemingway cleaves the last skeleton with two swings of his greatsword, cutting the undead in half as the Accipitridae flies out of combat range.

Taking a breath to recover from the battle, the party recover the talons from one of the Accipitridae, valuable as a alchemical reagent when ground to a powder, as two elemental cold crystals from the chests of the chillborn zombies, the source of their magical aura.

The Sleeper in the Marsh

The party discuss the next move in their patrol. After a vote they agree to begin searching the swamps within an hour’s radius of Ravenholm, clearing out any roving undead packs. Fargrim is a little disappointed with the vote, as he had expressed a desire to investigate some nearby caves.

With the vote tallied the Platinum Knights begin clearing out the swamps of small packs of undead zombies (This is done through a series of skill challenges).
After destroying a group of gurgling zombies near an outcropping, the party notice a glittering light emanating from the deep waters of a small marsh lake. Gareth 2.0 walks into the waters and emerges holding someone human-sized. Cradling in his arms is a female lizardfolk, surrounded in a magical glowing aura. As the warforged gently lowers the female to the ground, Edran and Fargrim assess her.

It appears that the female was encapsulated in a magical stasis, a preservation ritual of primal magic. And it appears that the magical aura and has been triggered, she is awakening.
Slowly, the female lizard awakens. Her eyes open and she takes in her surroundings, fixing her gaze on the seven armed and armoured individuals standing before her.
The female jumps to her feet, horrified as she draws out her hands in an offensive spell-casting pose, readying her powers.
Kriv holds up his hands and speaks to the lizard in draconic, attempting to calm and convince her that she is in no danger.

Through conversation, the female lizard named Glavira reveals that she lived in the lizard community called Salemhiss, five days travel east, deep within the Midnight Marsh.
Glavira recounts that she escaped on the day that Salemhiss fell to Meepo’s Wild Hunt, an event that was recent to Glavira’s memory but in actuality had occurred two years ago. In an effort to escape the undead hordes, Glavira had submerged herself in the lake and cast a primal preservation ritual upon her self to await rescue. She is shocked to discover that two years have passed for her.

Seeing the she is still recovering from the shock of her stasis, Fargrim takes out some drinking water, rations and grinds some of the willow bark into a powder and offers it all to Glavira. She looks to Kriv, who vouches for the dwarf (a huge step for Kriv).

The Origins of Meepo

As she drinks and nibbles away at the food, Glavira, now speaking in common, tells the party the events that occurred in Salemhiss in the days leading up to the fall of the village, and the rise of Meepo.

Two years ago, Meepo was a primal warden of noble kobold stock who had travelled to Salemhiss as an adventurer. Like all before, he had come with a party to plunder and explore the untamed wilds of the Midnight Marshes. Under the contract of a Tiefling, Meepo journeyed with a halfing named Mr Sideways, a changeling, an 8-foot tall female Goliath, a warforged and a gnoll who had been very nice and courteous.
One month after significant events that had concluded in the burning down of a tavern, Meepo and his entourage had returned—somehow different. They carried an aura of sinister magic of dread and malice.
Soon after, the undead began to stir and the bodies of the deceased attacked. Glavira had run as Salemhiss burned, eventually hiding herself within the lake.

The Altar of Midnight

The party decide to split up, with half of the Knights (the NPCs) escorting Glavira to the safety of Ravenholm while the others continue their sweep of the Marshes.

The party come across a stone construction consisting of three stone pillars arrayed around a central platform, to which a humanoid skeleton remained chained and covered in swamp vines. Kriv and Fargrim examine the old lizardfolk shrine. While Kriv tries to decipher the old dragonic dialect, Fargrim perceives a pattern of instructions and solves the riddle by offering a plant, a talon of the Accipitridae and his own handprint to the stone pillars.
When he does so, Fargrim is bathed in a magical aura that makes him feel light headed and euphoric. He realises that he has become attuned to the primal energies of the Midnight Marsh, similar to the lizardfolk druids who once lived in the Marshes. At the same time, small hatches open on the stone pillars, each revealing a gem crafted like a tiger’s eye, as well as a magical crystal ball.

Fargrim holds on to the boons, and the party continue their patrol, attacking more zombie minions and animals made feral by the twisted magics of Meepo.

Upon returning to Ravenholm, Fargrim speaks to Glavira about the stone altar, which she identifies as the Altar of Midnight, a ceremonial monument used to imbue the seers of the lizardfolk with their primal powers. She is impressed that the marsh chose the dwarf as worthy of the boons. Fargrim asks of the “social” benefits” of being a Seer of the lizardfolk, a suggestion that Glavira rebukes, doubting that he has been given the power of future-sight. Fargrim tries to use his “gift” to no avail, insulting Glavira in the process.

The Sundering

During the night, the party hear a giant roar echoing across the Midnight Marsh, an inhuman and unknown sound that makes all feel unease. It appears that Harbourd’s reports were true—the undead are marshalling for war.

Fargrim experiences strange and vivid dreams. During the dream he feels spiritually connected to the spirit of the Midnight Marsh, which is in distress as a cascade of energies from multiple planes of existence (like the Shadowfell, the Feywild, the Elemental Chaos) are pouring out into the world from portals and tears like a hundred open wounds—the Marsh is in pain.

When he wakes up from the disturbing dreams, Fargrim seeks Edran’s council, trying to explain his dreams. Edran is able to piece together that these arcane tears are contaminating the natural world and have to be stemmed.

The next morning, 2nd of Readifest, the party prepare to head out in search of some of the arcane tears. They make plans to investigate a series of caves 5 hours east of Ravenholm. Hemingway and Horiam discover that they were bitten by mosquitoes during yesterday’s patrol and have contracted the early stages of Swamp Fever.

After several hours of trudging through the marsh, Fargrim’s druidic senses perceive that they are close of a cascade of energy. Edran is also able to sense that the localised energy has somehow been fundamentally shifted—like the very rules and laws of existence have been warped and mutated. The Eladrin becomes very concerned.
As they rush ahead towards the source of the cascade, the Platinum Knights halt when they hear an unsettling and familiar giggle.

The Spectre of Mr. Giggles

The party are shocked when they recognise the sight of Mr Giggles, the highway bandit that they had killed almost a month ago on the 5th Reapdon. [[Session 23: The Parting of Ways | (Session 23).]]

Fargrim uses his newly acquired crystal ball to sight ahead. Sure enough a foggy image of a ghostly Mr Giggles appears in the ball, standing next to a portal of swirling fire and flame. He appears to be giggling while watching some levitating rocks.
Horiam takes off his sword and hands it to Fargrim, determined that he can help guide the lost soul back to the embrace of his goddess, the Raven Queen.

The shadar-kai approaches Mr Giggles and speaks softly to him. The ghost reveals that his true name is Tim Whitewater, and he slowly remembers that he is dead. Tim reveals that he and his brother had turned to banditry in an attempt to get money to help his mother in Rovnol, but he bears no malice towards the party. He warns that his brother also escaped the Shadowfell and was extremely angry and may be seeking revenge. Horiam realises that the spirit cannot move on until it is sure that his mother, Abigail Whitewater, has been taken care of. Horiam promises to help Tim’s mother, and asks him how he was able to cross over from the Shadowfell.

Tim explains that he did not mean to cross over, but that ”There are more cracks and ways of crossing over now… Something’s changed”. He demonstrates by pointing to the swirling portal of fire, and he points to a rock and changes it into a gold coin.
Edran recognises the vortex as a portal to the Elemental Chaos, and begins reading in his spell books for a ritual to close the unstable vortex.

Horiam convinces the ghost of Tim to travel with them until his purpose has been fulfilled. Edran sends a whisper on the wind to Ravenholm, ordering two Wolves to mount up and ride for the capital to seek out Abigail Whitewater. At this, Tim dissolves into a ghostly cloud and inhabits Horiam’s sword, Twice Blessed.
After Edran successfully shuts the portal, the party continue on the cave system. As they approach, they spot unusual footprints in the mud. Footprints that have burnt the grass and cooked the mud—Something else appears to have cross over into the mortal realm…


-1 day rations

+3 gems (Tiger Eye crafted) 400gp each fenced
+ 1 crystal ball to Fargrim

+ 1 Accipitridae talon (alchemical reagent or 50gp fenced)
+2 blue elemental cold crystals (weapon effect or 50gp each when fenced)

Fargrim’s Druidic abilities (unknown duration)

+2 to Nature checks whilst in Midnight Marsh
+2 to attacking creatures that are not native to Midnight Marsh
-2 to attacking creatures that are native to Midnight Marsh
Once per daily Fargrim may befriend an animal that is native to the Midnight Marsh for five minutes


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