The King's Recruits

Session 25: Negotiations

Session 25: Negotiations

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Edran, Fargrim Stoneborn, Gareth 2.0, Kriv, Nimakath.

Rings of NPCness: Mia, Hemingway

Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher, Timak, Archmage Davos, Arclem

The party spend a night in the barracks of the Platinum Knights, located deep within the Platinum Spire of Rovnol.

Following their conversation with General Fletcher the previous afternoon, the party plan to spend their time drumming up support for their proposed settlement. Our gallant heroes know that they must have the backing of the various religious, mercantile and financial guilds around the capital city if their proposal is to be seriously considered by the King.

Following breakfast, the party split. They break into teams and plan to complete their assigned quests by the end of the day

Horam and Kriv make their way to High Town, the upper class district of the capital city where the religious shrines are located. Within the massive church they discover prominent shrines to dedicated Bahamut, Erathis and Pelor respectively. The other good and neutral gods, specifically the Raven Queen, have smaller shrines and have smaller social standing within the capital. The pair decides to rally the support of the broader faiths as well. Visiting the Temple of Erathis first, Kriv speaks to the wizened old priest, recounting to him the fall of the cleric Terios, a worshiper of Erathis. Kriv recounts the tale of Terios was seduced by the evil god Asmodeus and hands over the Minotaur’s old journal. The old priest thanks them. Horam uses this opportunity to discuss support from the church of civilisation to help build their settlement in the Midnight Marshes. The priest agrees to lend support and backing in the venture.
Horam and Kriv then go and speak to the acolytes of the Raven Queen. They announce that they have saved the Temple of the Raven Queen and reconsecrated the holy ground. The cleric and his assistants are relieved to hear the news and, despite being a smaller religious sect within the walls of Rovnol, pledge their wholehearted support to the cause.
After speaking to the other priests from the various shrines, Horam and Kriv go to the Temple of Bahamut, the dominant religious sect in the city. They are admitted to speak with the Arch-Cleric. Kriv and Horam speak to her about using the proposed settlement as a way to rebuild the damages of the war, using it as an offensive launch point in the war against Meepo. Horam speaks about using the joint venture to build upon the heritage of teamwork and cooperation between the religious faiths of Erahlor. Horam says that proof that they have the backing of his goddess and he takes out his longsword—twice divinely blessed and imbued with magic by the grace of the Raven Queen. The Arch—Cleric takes the sword and watches as the sword glimmers in her presence. As it shines in her face, she asks for a quill so that she may sign the letter of support.

Meanwhile, Gareth 2.0 and Edran remain at the Platinum Spire and isolate themselves in the Platinum Archives. Gareth spends most of the morning researching the history and lineage of the many dwarven households living in Erahlor. He tries to open the mysterious chest compartment, but he is unable to do so. Edran comes back from the cartography section, occupies a whole table and begins spreading out maps of the Midnight Marshes. He spends the morning analysing the geography of the marshes, looking for watering streams, natural resources and ideal sites that could support a new settlement. He makes several notes to help their case.
Around midday, Gareth inspects his chest compartment again, and he manages to open it. Rolling out of the chest is a golden egg, far larger than any chicken. Calling Edran over, the Warforged vaguely remembers this egg being given to him long ago. Edran sees the egg and it shocked—he recognises it as a golden dragon egg. Magically preserved, this egg has been sealed within Gareth for possibly hundreds of years. After a brief discussion—confident the egg is inactive and not at risk of hatching—Gareth puts it back in his compartment and seals it.
Gareth spends some time researching the history of golden dragons in Erahlor. The few references that he finds link their dominant time period to Nerath, the ancient human Empire of Old. He also researches the Travelling Temple of Corellon, but finds no official records of it in the Archives.
Edran takes the time to note some of the known Fey Crossings listed in Erahlor.
After lunch, Gareth and Edran make their way to High Town to locate any mage guilds or Arcane Orders that may be willing to provide support for the proposed settlement. They bump into their old companion Arclem, who introduces them to Arch-Mage Davos, the leader of the Order of the Nine. Edran talks to Davos about his small number, suggesting that they may be able to provide peripheral support (training and resources for an arcane school at the settlement) to the venture. Davos agrees to send a member of The Nine to the Royal Meeting in his stead to voice their support.
Making their way back to the Platinum Spire, Edran and Gareth purchase some more residuum. Edran performs the Read Object ritual on the Dragon Egg. He recounts to Gareth that he saw 2 magic images linked to the egg. The first image was of a human man dying as he handed the egg to Gareth, in the background a marvellous cityscape of human design lay in ruins as it was being attacked by gnolls. The second image was of the golden egg. A metallic dragon was cradling it. The dragon appeared to be nestled deep within a cave and surrounded by treasures and jewels.

Meanwhile, Fargrim Stoneborn left the Platinum Spire and made his way to The Stone Flagon, a dwarven watering hole, hoping to drum up the support of the local stonemasons. Fargrim begins by regaling the patrons of the stories of their conquests, specifically their battles against the undead. He holds up his magical hammer, imbued with ice magic. One young dwarf is unimpressed with Fargrim’s boastings, saying that a real dwarf would prove his mettle in a drinking contest.
Fargrim, being over 100 years old, looks at the young 57-year old dwarf and says:
“Your beard is not so long that you can speak to me like that, laddie” and he punches the young dwarf in the face. As the chair and ale is pitched over, other dwarves rise to their feet. Another punch is thrown by a drunken patron and suddenly a bar fight erupts!
Dwarves, being creatures of endurance and stamina, manage to keep the bar fight going for an hour. Fargrim manages to hold his own against two young dwarves. The bar by this stage has erupted in to an All-in Brawl. A fist comes out of the crowd and smacks Fargrim across the cheek. He spots the young whippersnapper and hooks his fist in return. Despite the brawl, Fargrim—like most dwarf-folk— enjoys the brawl. He takes a lull in the bar fight to laugh and joke with the whipper-snapper, and Fargrim offers to buy all his fellow dwarves a round of ale. The fight ends as suddenly as it began. Fargrim takes the time to give the barkeep 20gp for damages and talks about the Yorgnole Dwarves actions against Meepo. He is told disturbing reports that hobgoblins clans have recently inhabited an ancient and abandoned dwarven stronghold in the Stalkwood Forest (See Session 11 Notes). Troubled, Fargrim returns to the Platinum Spire to train.
After lunch, Fargrim tries to investigate the report regarding the goblins of Stalk wood. However, General Fletcher blocks his investigation, stating that a concordance has been signed with the goblins clans and that the King is discussing the terms of the alliance. He orders Fargrim to look no further into the matter.

Meanwhile, Nimakath spends her time in the capital trying to track down any fellow Shardminds that may be living within the city walls. She begins by speaking to the local historians and stonemasons, but it appears that Shardminds are exceptionally rare in Erahlor. However, one elderly mason recalls a shardmind who came through the city—- 40 years ago. He recalls that the injured shardmind had fled north to the mountains.
Armed with this knowledge, Nimakath tries to locate any mountaineers living in the city, which may have heard of or met the shardmind in the mountains. Some locals direct her to a dwarven tavern called The Stone Flagon. When Nimakath gets to the bar, she finds it in a state of damage and disarray, as though a riot had broken out. She asks the barkeep if a mountaineer had been in the bar. The barkeep pauses sweeping broken glass to point to a dwarf called Timak, sitting in the corner. Nimakath buys Timak a cup of ale and asks him about the shardmind living in the mountains or as she put it, a ”Glowing crystal monster”.
Timak admits he did take one up the mountains some years ago, to the northern cities hidden amongst the mountain peaks. Nimakath asks if she can imprint a telepathic message on Timak, so that he can deliver it when he returns to the Yorgnole Mountains. The mountaineer agrees carry the telepathic message for the price of another ale.

Afternoon sets in and the King’s Recruits reunite at the Platinum Spire. Kriv ransacks the cabins for pineapples. Horam receives a message that the Halfling brigand they escorted to Rovnol has been sentenced and is due to be hanged in the evening. Horam intends to be present. The party all go to Low Town, where the public spectacle is being held. The Halfling manages to slip out of his noose during the event, but Gareth is quick enough to use magic missile to kill the brigand. The party retire to the Platinum Spire for the night.


Edran and Gareth spent 50gp each on residuum
-25gp residuum for using Read Object ritual
Fargrim spent ??gp buying ale and 20gp repairs to The Stone Flagon

Session 24: Secret Base of the Brigands

Session 24: Secret Base of the Brigands

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Edran, Fargrim Stoneborn, Gareth 2.0, Kriv, Nimaketh.

Rings of NPCness: Mia, Hemingway

Noteworthy NPCs: Robert Bobson, General Fletcher


The King’s Recruits march north across rocky plains. They are bound for a secret base used by a group of brigands who had been plundering the King’s Roads. Kriv suggests that they tie their captive, a Halfling bandit, to the wheel spoke of their newly acquired cart. Horam sighs and tells the group to keep moving. During the travel, Kriv asks Gareth 2.0 about the secret smuggling compartment on his chest plate. The Warforged was unaware of this compartment, but he is unable to open it at this point in time.
Edran takes the time to wind whisper a magical message to Robert Bobson, the oarsman from Thedanwald who rowed them upriver, asking him to wait another 24 hours while they detour to investigate the secret base.

The landscape starts to cool as the party trek north, getting closer to the rugged base of Yorgnole Mountains. Patches of snow dot the rocky plains and Fargrim remarks that they are getting closer to dwarven lands.
Eventually coming to a halt, Horam takes the time to interrogate the Halfling captive, intimidating him into revealing any traps that are rigged at the secret base. The Halfling tries to lie to the Shadar-Kai, but he sees through the ruse. Horam gives permission for Kriv to punch the Halfling in the stomach. When he does so, the bandit doubles over, wheezes, and passes out. The Dragonborn paladin heals the Halfling back to consciousness, warning that he doesn’t like being lied to.
At this point, Edran intervenes and takes the part of the “good” interrogator. He suggests to the Halfling that if he cooperates, they will put in a good word for him when he is sentenced for his crimes. The Halfling appears to feel remorse, revealing that an arrow trap is rigged at the cave entrance. He offers to disarm it for them.
Gareth 2.0 unties the Halfling, warning him not to double-cross them or play them false again.

The party enter the cave. The Halfling, true to his word, disarms the trap. Inside the cave they find the belongings of the four bandits who had been killed on the highway. Nimaketh asks about the fifth straw cot. The Halfling states that they had a fifth member who died during an earlier raid.
While investigating the cave, Fargrim notices a war hammer mounted on a plaque. The head is adorned with a blue gem and a magical icy mist appears to billow from it. In his excitement, Fargrim runs towards the mounted plaque.
As he runs over a dusty rug, the dwarf suddenly disappears with a yelp of surprise, falling down a trap chute. Before the party can recover from their shock, the Halfling bandit breaks his bonds and makes a desperate dash for the trap chute. Gareth 2.0 blasts the bandit with a magic missile, knocking him unconscious again.

The party form around the hole and begin calling down to Fargrim. While Gareth ignites a sunrod, Horam draws his sword and advances on the Halfling, intending to kill him for his betrayal. Gareth intervenes, saying that the Halfling must face justice for his crimes. Horam replies coldly “I am justice.” After a brief stand off, Horam relents. He slaps the Halfling awake and swears by his goddess that if another escape attempt or falsehood if played against them, he will kill him outright.


Fargrim falls down the chute. The chute begins to gently curve, like a slippery dip. Suddenly, Fargrim is launched off the lip of the slide. He sails through the air, flying across a dark cave expanse. He hits the ground and tumbles to a stop. When he gets to his feet he discovers he is in a dark underground cavern. Beside him on the ground lies the rotting corpse of the fifth brigand, a victim of his own trap. A sunrod comes clattering down the chute, landing in the soft mud near his feet. When Fargrim looks again, he notices a 50foot wide subterranean stream between himself and the chute. The slide had propelled him over the lake.

100 feet up in the secret cave, Gareth 2.0 uses his spirit animal companion to telepathically commune with Fargrim. The party unload all of their rope from their packs. Fashioning two lengths of 100ft ropes, Kriv lowers Nimaketh down the shaft with one rope tied around her central crystal.
While this occurs, Edran and Horam search the cave belongings. They find some money, gems and a journal that the bandits had used to record their activities. They keep a hold of this as evidence.
Meanwhile, down in the subterranean cavern, Nimaketh safely reaches the bottom of the shaft. She psionically lifts Fargrim in to the air and carries him across the 50 ft wide lake. Fargrim’s nostrils burn when he smells the acrid fumes from the lake. When he floats to the lip of the chute, the pair are shocked to see the water of the lake begin to bubble and writhe. Suddenly a gray oozing tentacle spews forth from the darkened waters, flailing up towards the pair.

Nimaketh passes the second 100 ft rope to Fargrim and order him to tie himself with it, while maintaining her psionic lift on the dwarf. Kriv starts to heave and lift Nimaketh back up the shaft, while she in turn lifts Fargrim along beneath her.
More tentacles try to grasp and flail at the pair. Suddenly an oozing body of tentacles launches from the lake and starts to scurry up the shaft in pursuit.
Kriv tries to lift the pair faster, struggling once in the process.
The blue slime smashes Fargrim and Nimaketh with two oozing tentacles, poisoning and dazing them. Fargrim, who had held his war hammer ready, retaliates with a powerful hammer blow. The slime falls prone, dislodging from the chute walls and tumbles 50 ft to the bottom of the shaft. It oozes away out of sight.

Once Nimaketh and Fargrim are safely back up inside the bandit cave, the party make ready to leave. Fargrim claims the dwarven war hammer of the mountain. Gareth notices that Horam was trying to be alone with the Halfling, in order to exact his own justice on the brigand. He positions the Halfling with him in the marching order, to keep the outlaw alive.

The party walk south towards the highway. Travelling west they reach the Dwarven Bridge at nightfall and find Rob Bobson waiting for them. The offers the party a meal of cooked fish, freshly caught that day. They unpack and rest for the night.


The party awake the next day eager to row downriver and reach Rovnol. They realise that the rowboat will only hold 6 people, and there are 8 present. Gareth 2.0 opens his ritual book and performs Tenser’s Floating Disc. Kriv takes the party’s heavy equipment and the Halfling captive and follows behind the boat while the others cram into the rowboat. Nimaketh tries to aide the journey by using her psionic power to lift the weight of the boat. They promptly set off.

After 6 hours of rowing the temperate river begins to turn rough, suggesting rapids up ahead. Horam asks Bobson’s opinion on the danger of the rapids—the oarsman is confident he can chart their way through it, with enough help. Some of the party man extra oars and they begin to navigate the rapid waters.
While diverting around a jagged rock the boat capsizes, throwing the occupants and their gear into the raging frothy waters. Bobson reacts quickly and rights the boat and they clamber inside. Unfortunately the chest containing the party’s surplus weapons and equipment (being held to help kick-start their proposed settlement) sinks to the riverbed. They manage to navigate the rest of the rapids without incident.

The journey downstream proves faster than the upriver journey days prior. With the help of strong backs and a fast run, the party reach Khazdon Lake at lunchtime. After a break for food, they begin to row up the Rovnol River, going until sunset.

At this stage, the party agree that they will march the rest of the way to the Grey City. Bobson is glad that he can return home to Thedanwald. They camp one last night with Bobson on the riverbanks.


The next day the party awakens, paying Bobson 10gp for his stalwart rowing services and they begin to march towards Rovnol, the capital of Erahlor. By midday they reach the grey walls of the city. Finding the nearest Watch Tower, they hand the Halfling over to the constabulary forces, along with the brigand’s journal and the testimony of 6 Platinum Knights as evidence. The Recruits pay a bounty of 50gp as reward for apprehending the outlaw.

The party make their way to the Platinum Spire to report to General Fletcher. The one-eyed man is surprised to see the party back, and bearing news of great success in their mission to liberate the Temple of the Raven Queen. Fletched discusses the mission details with the party. Edran brings up the topic of the Travelling Temple of Corellon. As an eladrin, a worshipper of Corellon and an apprentice to an ancient arcane order, Edran is interested about the Temple asks what is do be done about it. Fletcher becomes unsettled. He asks (orders) the party to keep quiet about the Temple’s existence until further intelligence can be gathered.

At this point in the meeting, Kriv, having practised with Horam, delivers a prepared proposal about establishing an outpost near the Temple of the Raven Queen in the Midnight Marshes.
Fletcher is surprised and intrigued with the idea, as it would greatly aide the war effort in the east. He concedes it is a good idea and says that he will organise a meeting to convene with the senior Platinum Knights and the Royal Family so that they may put forward their case for financial and material support.


3 rations consumed this session
10gp residium used to cast rituals.
183 gp looted. [36.6gp each—except Fargrim who was given magic hammer]
2 malachite gems looted (to be fenced [250gp each])
50gp bounty. To be shared for group expenses

Session 23: The Parting of Ways

Session 23:

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Edran, Fargrim Stoneborn, Gareth 2.0

Rings of NPCness: Mia, Kriv, Hemingway, Nimaketh

Noteworthy NPCs:


As the night closes in around the temple, Hemingway, Gareth 2.0, Edran, Nimaketh and Fargrim gather around the light of a sunrod begin to discuss their options regarding the health of Horam and Kriv.
Gareth 2.0 begins speaking “Our first priority is to help Horam and Kriv—-“
Suddenly Gareth halts mid-speech, he feels himself powering down and there is little he can do to stop it. The world around him goes black.


The Lonely Sentinel

Gareth 2.0s eyes open again. He looks around himself and his surroundings. He is still standing in the Temple of the Raven Queen, but everything is different. The party are nowhere to be seen or heard. Horam is not in the bed he had been laying in. The night has gotten darker, suggesting that at least two hours have passed since he broke down. Gareth 2.0 walks outside the temple and sees a confusing sight.

The Temple grounds are riddled with evidence of an intense fight—scorch marks in the soil; small craters and divots in the soil caused by hammer blows; footprints and body shapes etched in the dirt. All of this tells a story that Gareth can only guess at.

The Warforged feeds his cat companion while he searches the temple grounds for signs of his companions. He finds two of the party’s horses still alive, ignored by the undead hordes. Gareth 2.0 knows that something significant occurred for the party to have disappeared without him. He decides to wait for their return.
Gareth returns to the Temple and searches for further clues. He incidentally finds a ritual book that belonged to a former priest of the temple. It contains the ritual ‘gentle repose.’ Gareth takes the take to copy the ritual into his own book of spells.

The next two days wax and wane without any sign of the King’s Recruits. Gareth spends this time keeping himself occupied. The Warforged begins reinforcing some of the Temple’s damaged floors and windows. He rearranges the pews and begins to bury the zombie husks that litter the grounds.
On the second day, Gareth spends some time reading some of the dusty old tomes dedicated to the Raven Queen, learning the theology behind the worship of the secret goddess of death and fate. He spends the rest of the day cleaning the temple grounds of zombie husks.

Gareth spends the third night in the Temple feeding his cat and reading more religious paraphernalia. Two hours after midnight, Gareth hears voices echoing across the Temple grounds, coming from the direction of the main gate. The warforged stands at the main doors and sees a small green light bobbing up and down as it travel along the dirt road.
Curious as to who would be travelling through the marshes in the early hours of the morning, Gareth waits on the temple steps and watches. A small group of humanoids come in to view, walking up the track, covered in dirt and mud, between them carrying fishing rods, a sack full of trail rations and a bulls head mounted on a sapling branch.
Gareth 2.0 recognises the figures as being Horam, Edran, and Fargrim, with Kriv and Hemingway behind them (the last two are considered NPCs this session—players absent).
Horam walks up to Gareth and puts his hand on his shoulders and speaks earnestly. “It’s good to see you.”
“And you.” Gareth looks at his companions and inquires as to their recent activities.
Horam drives the sapling branch into the ground, looks at the bull’s severed head and agrees to start retelling the story from the beginning….



Horam, Fargrim and Edran stand in the infernal dungeon of Terios. The Minotaur’s severed head now mounted on a branch, just as Horam promised to do. The weakened and bloody party agree to sleep in the dungeon and make appropriate plans to return to the Temple in the morning.

The next day the party wake up and try to determine the location of Terios’ secret lair. Horam’s condition improves a little during the night. They are unable determine the lair’s location on a map, and so, they turn their attention to the arcane portal inside the dungeon.
Fargrim, feeling uneasy about such an untempered schism in the fabric of space/reality, charges the portal and strikes to close it by smashing the cave wall that it is anchored to. The dwarf is thrown back with a crack of necrotic energy. Edran determines it is possible to temporarily control the portal, and create an exit at the Temple of the Raven Queen. It would be a difficult task for a mere apprentice such as him, but he is willing to try.
However, if he fails and cannot control the portal, and if they still go through, it is possible they could end up on any plane of existence, and any location—lost forever.
Fargrim, unhappy with this prospect, elects to walk all the way back to the Temple. Edran is confident that he can focus the portal, and suggests that they at least try—Horam and Kriv are too weak to survive such a long journey on foot.
With the help of Horam, Edran is able to channel his magic into the portal and focus it on the specific location of the Temple of the Raven Queen, he also filters the chances of them crossing to the Shadowfell and the Feywild.

Fargrim is still uneasy about using the portal. The party argue and bicker about using the portal. Edran again focuses his magic on controlling the portal.
(NOTE AT THIS POINT EDRAN ROLLS A 1 for arcane, for role-play purposes) Suddenly the portal erupts with uncontrollable energy and throws the three heroes to their feet. Edran gets to his feet and peers into the heart of the portal.
(NOTE AT THIS POINT EDRAN ROLLS A 1 for perception, for role-play purposes
The portal has become wild and uncontrollable, but Edran is absolutely convinced that he still has control of the portal.
(NOTE AT THIS POINT HORAM ROLLS A 1 for perception, for role-play purposes
Horam is also convinced and supports Edran, he tells Fargrim to jump through the portal first and they will follow him through.

Fargrim (doing a little better with his perception) does not feel confident about using the portal and reinforces that he wants to walk. He does not trust the magical portal. He tries to reason with Horam and Edran that they should not jump through the portal.
The arcane portal flickers as it begins to break apart. Edran, struggling to maintain the portal, yells that it is now or never. Fargrim sighs, hefts ‘Jawbreaker’ to his hands, and charges into the portal. Horam and Edran jump through after him.

Inside the untempered vortex of the portal, the group are assaulted with uncontrollable magical energy. The party take fire and electric damage as they are ejected from the portal.


The group get to their feet and take in their surroundings. They are still on the mortal plane, but they are in southern Eralhor, not in the Midnight Marshes. The party are standing infront of the ruins of a ziggurat, hidden deep within the Stalkwood Forest. The temple is made out of rusted gold, and strange crystals protrude from the ground around the ziggurat. Edran recalls the legend of the Travelling Temple of Corellion, a phasing Eladrin temple that disappeared 300 years ago. The apprentice eagerly takes out his map case and begins marking locations of the Temple’s resting place.
Fargrim finally fed up with young Edran and his mistakes, demands that they begin marching.

The party begins walking west. Horam believes that if they continue west they will hit the banks of Khazdon Lake, hire a boat and then row north to reach the Midnight Marshes.
They spend the rest of the day walking west. After setting up camp and sleeping through the night, Horam recovers completely from his illness. Kriv is still irritable.

The next day the party continue to walk west, finally coming to the banks of Khazdon Lake. On the far side they spot Thedanwald, the small fishing village that they had saved from the Wererat attacks weeks ago. Fargrim takes out his horn and bellows a greeting call. When a small crowd of villagers gather, Edran uses whispering wind to send a message to the crowd.
“Hello. It’s Edran of the Platinum Knights. Please send a boat across, we need to cross the lake”

A boat rows across the lake. The rafter, Drunk Bob, greets them and rows them back to Thedanwald. While waiting to hire a boat north, the party inspect the town and check on its progress since the Wererat attacks.
Edran and Horam speak to the local King’s Recruits. They prepare a report update on the mission to the Temple of the Raven Queen and task the Recruits to deliver the message to Rovnol at the nearest convenience.
Fargrim inspects the local militia. He gives them the spare chainmail from Terios and donates 2gp to each of the 12 soldiers.
Hiring Drunk Bob to row them up-river, Horam and Fargrim purchase fishing rods and try to catch Bass during the voyage. Fargrim buys 30 trail rations to prepare for the journey. Horam catches a trout and Edran uses prestidigitation to warm the seafood. The journey is uneventful and they make camp on the banks, roughly halfway up the river.

The next day the boat continues to row north. They eventually come to the famous Dwarven Bridge landmark. The party hit dry land and pay Drunk Bob 5 gp for the voyage. Horam suggests that if he were to waits 24 hours, the party will be back and could use a trip south. Fargrim lends him a war hammer.

Heading east now, the party journey through the ruins of Til. Edran notices that there are distinct bootprints in the ashen ground, as if looters have been raiding the village in the days since undead spiders destroyed the town.
As night draws in, the party elect to keep marching through the night, eager to reach Gareth 2.0 and the Temple of the Raven Queen. Edran casts light on his wand to illuminate the path ahead.

At 2am, the party continue to trudge up the muddy road. They finally come to the gates of the Temple of the Raven Queen. Standing stoically on the stone steps is Gareth 2.0, who watches them with curiosity. Horam walks ahead of the group, places his hand on Gareth’s shoulders and said earnestly “It’s good to see you.”


The party is finally reunited at the Temple of the Raven Queen. Horam passes Terios’ staked head to Gareth. 2.0. The Warforged casts gentle respose on the severed head, effectively making it immune to decay.
The party sleep until morning.

Horam wakes the group and pitches his idea to construct an outpost near the Temple of the Raven Queen. Since Meepo operates in the Midnight Marshes, it would benefit the Kingdom of Eralhor to have an outpost here to counter his activities. The party agree to this plan, and prepare to head west to Rovnol to make their case to the Platinum Knights for support in their endeavour.

The party leave Hemingway and Nimaketh to guard the Temple. The other depart west towards Til, planning to meet Drunk Bob at The Dwarven Bridge.
Passing through Til, Edran notices more boot prints in the ashen ground, more than yesterday.
They notice no movement in the surrounding woods. Though they find this troubling, they vote to keep marching west.

Eventually the party come to a bend in the road and discover a cart. It is overflowing with coins, and unattended. The party halt and looks around the area, concerned that brigands have started to waylay innocent travellers.
Edran’s elven senses hear a tree branch snapping, and a muffled giggling emanating from a piece of camouflaged-matting in the grass near the cart. Three similar pieces of grass-and-leaf-matting lay hidden amongst the grassy roadside, and a large tree is nearby. Using Gareth 2.0’s animal spirit to commune telepathically, Edran warns the party of the ambush. They attack first with the element of surprise

Edran launches a scorching burst at the camouflaged-matting. As it catches fire the giggling turns to horrific screaming. Horam leaps forward and stabs at the matting, missing the humanoid shape rolling in agony under it.
Fargrim charges the tree and hacks at the lower branch. He finds nothing hiding on that branch, but he does spot a Halfling male on the adjacent branch. He looks down in shock as he aims a crossbow at the dwarf. Gareth 2.0 runs to a nearby rock.

A half-elf woman leaps from one of the closest grass matts. Furious that they have been discovered and caught off-guard, she charges Horam with a longsword and dagger. She then backs up and runs away. Horam bursts in shadow, chasing after the Half-elf. He swears an Oath of Emnity upon her.
Edran continues to rain fire on Mr. Giggles, the man lying under the grass matting. Fargrim starts to swing ‘Jawbreaker’ at another brigand, while the Halfling takes shots from the safety of the tree branch. Edran runs forward and blasts the halfing out of the tree with his Beguiling Strands. The Halfling sails through the air and rolls into the ground, absorbing the fall. Fargrim and Edran look on shocked, while Gareth 2.0 kills Mr Giggles with his magic missile attacks.
The Half-Elf Captain calls for backup to take on Horam as they trade sword blows back and forth. Fargrim attacks the other human brigand, knocking him prone with a first strike he follows up with a brute strike, smashing Mr Competant’s face in with two powerful blows. The Dwarf then turns and charges the Halfling, a sight of pure rage and fury.
The Captain calls for a retreat as she turns and runs. Gareth 2.0 drops her with 2 magic missile attacks.
The Halfling drops his crossbow and slashes Fargrim with a poisoned shortsword. Being the only survivor, he turns to run away. In his hysteria, the Halfling runs into a pit trap intended for the heroes.

Their quarry now trapped, Gareth 2.0 walks to the edge of the pit. He looks down and asks “Do you surrender to the Plantiunum Knights?”
The Halfling replies “Never!”
Gareth 2.0 magic missiles the brigand in the face until his falls unconscious.

The party search the bodies for loot. They find money, some weapons and a note inside the clothing of Mr Giggles. The note contains a badly drawn map outlining a secret base that the brigands operated out of.
The heroes wake their Halfling prisoner and intimidate him into giving away details about the secret base. The brigand admits that there are no other outlaws in the base.
The party agree that they will not kill the Halfling, and will take him to Rovnol to face justice.
Fargrim stamps on the Halfling’s crossbow hand, breaking the bones in his hands.
After they reset the bones, the party elect to quickly detour north through the woods to check out the brigands’ secret base.


51.5 gp awarded to each member.
256 sp total looted. To be shared for group expenses
311 cp total looted. To be shared for group expenses
Party have used 4 ration packs this session.
Fargrim has donated 2×12gp, a chainmail suit and a war hammer

Session 22: The Fall of Terios


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Fargrim Stoneborn

Rings of NPCness: Mia, Gareth 2.0, Hemingway, Nimaketh
Noteworthy NPCs: Inncubus, Succubus, Terios


Time: Afternoon/Night time.

The Temple of the Raven Queen has been won, but the party feel as though they may still loose everything. Their hold on the Temple is tenuous at best until reinforcement from Erahlor arrives. Horam and Kriv may still die in the next few days due to their illness, long before any healers from the Grey City arrive.

The remaining members of the party do what they can to make the pair comfortable. As the night closes in around the temple, Hemingway, Gareth 2.0, Edran, Nimaketh and Fargrim gather around the light of a sunrod begin to discuss their options.
Gareth 2.0 begins speaking “Our first priority is to help Horam and Kriv—-“
Suddenly Gareth halts mid-speech and he appears to power down completely (Player away this session).

The party are surprised and worried about Gareth and quickly check him over to make sure that the ancient warforged had not suffered any significant damage during the last battle. While inspecting Gareth, Kriv and Edran notice a small smuggling compartment on his chest plate—a compartment that even Gareth himself may not be aware of. They decide not to open it out of respect for Gareth, but agree to ask him about it at a later time.

The party move Horam to the bed located in the Temple’s adjoining bedroom. Edran borrows 5gp of Residium from Gareth to cast an Alarm ritual over the Temple. Kriv is still very weak from his illness and starts to sleep. The party set watch and agree to make plans in the morning—depending on Horam’s condition.

Edran and Hemingway take first watch. At it approaches midnight, Edran spots a reflecting light in the sky outside the Temple. The light appears to be coming from a small dam outside the Temple grounds, no more than a 2-minute walk out the gate. Though suspicious, he feels compelled to go check it out.
Edran and Fargrim make the decision to check out the light. Leaving Hemingway and Kriv to take over watch (and confident that his Alarm Ritual will still work outside the designated area) the pair sneak quietly towards the dam.

As Edran and Fargrim approach the small dam, they spot the source of the reflecting light. It is a small floating lantern, hovering in the middle of the dam. The floating lantern begins to bob and jangle more actively as they approach, responding to their presence. Edran recognises the design of the lantern and tells Fargrim that it originated from the Feywild.
Fargrim Stoneborn says firmly “This is not right. We should fall back and get return to the others.”
Indecisive, Edran calls out to the lantern, saying “hello” in Elvish. In response, they both hear a menacing chuckle…

Kriv and Hemingway’s ears burst as the Alarm Ritual is triggered—Something has breached the Alarm perimeter. Before they can react, a Succubus and an Incubus smash through the Temple windows. And attach themselves to the two heroes.

Kriv and Hemingway have become enamoured with the two evil creatures—they cannot bring themselves to attack the Succubus. The creatures are both in their natural, devilish forms. The male Incubus appears to have a bloody, injured leg (OOC:: This was an injury caused by Fargrim, see Session 20). The female Succubus, grinning evilly, leans over and picks up the unconscious Horam. She speaks “Follow me” to the King’s Recruits as she begins to walk out the Temple doors.
Kriv and Hemingway can do nothing as their feet force them to walk forward.

Down at the small dam, the magical floating lantern laughs menacingly at Edran and Fargrim.
Edran turns to Fargrim and agrees that he made a terrible mistake in coming here. The Eladrin launches a pre-emptive scorching burst at the lantern. They turn and begin to run back towards the Temple.

As they run through the Temple Gates, Edran and Fargrim see a strange and terrifying sight: Two succubus devils was stalking out of the Temple doors. One of the creatures holds Horam in their arms. Kriv and Hemingway are following the succubus, blank hypnotic expressions on their faces.

Fargrims shouts in challenge: “Unhand them, evil creature!”
The male Incubus smirks: “Oh, I intend to, because here’s how this is going to go: The Dragonborn is going to come with us. Willingly. And you’re going to let him.”
Edran responds coldly: “What could compel us to agree to such a deal?”
The Succubus shrieks in laughter: “Well, if he doesn’t, your friend here could take a turn for the worse, courtesy of my brother.”
The Incubus buries his claws into the neck of Horam, just enough to draw a drop of blood.
The situation is incredibly tense. Edran calls out to Kriv and asks if he knows the two devils- Kriv does not know them.
Edran asks why they want the Dragonborn specifically. The Incubus replies “Terios has some little plans involving your friend.”

The party knew this name. Terios was the Minotaur cleric who had turned rogue and betrayed the party weeks ago.
Kriv, though unable to move, shouts that he will never be a prisoner of Terios.
Fargrim takes this as his queue. He grips his warhammer, called ‘Jawbreaker,’ and makes a charge for the Incubus.

The battle begins with the party desperately trying to reclaim Horam’s unconscious body from the clutches of the Succubus. The two devils follow through with their threat and slash at Horam’s neck with their daggers—dealing a coup de grace.
Kriv regains control of his body and heals Horam. Fargrim charges and swings his warhammer at the Succubus, but she redirects the strikes away from her body. The two devils appear to be stronger and quicker than the heroes. Kriv manages to grab a hold of Horam’s body and wrestles him away from the grip of the Inccubus, getting the Avenger away from harm.

The two devils shriek and anger and frustration. They both spread their wings and flank Kriv. They slash and cut the Dragonborn Paladin, knocking him unconscious. The devils pick up the Dragonborn’s fallen body and begin to fly away.
Edran hits the Succubus, but being a creature of the fires of hell, barely feels the licking flames.
Fargrim drops Jawbreaker to the ground and readies a spear. He hefts the spear at the Succubus and pierces the devil’s leg. It screams in pain and frustration.
The wound is not enough to down the creature, however. Edran and Fargrim run to Horam’s unconscious body and can only watch helplessly as the shapeshifting siblings carry Kriv away.


An hour passes while Edran and Fargrim tend to Horam’s injuries.
The situation seems hopeless. The party have one unconscious Shadar-Kai, a broken Warforged, and a Dragonborn party member has just been kidnapped with no way to follow pursuit.
Suddenly, a bursting light emanates from the Temple. Walking out of the light appears a humanoid creature with silver flowing hair and robes.

As the glowing Angel approaches the party, Edran and Fargrims wounds heal, and Horam’s eyes flutter open. The Avenger rises to his feet, and he feels that his illness is being countered by the presence of the divine immortal.
The Angel of Valor speaks to the party in Supernal. “The Raven Queen is not without sympathy. We have observed your sacrifice and service to this Temple and have decided to no longer idly watch.”
Spectral horses step out of the bursting light beside the Angel of Valor. “Now follow,” it commands the party. “The one you call Terios serves a greater evil than you can imagine. He cannot be allowed to use your companion to complete his grand design.”

The party, reinvigorated, mount the celestial horses. Suddenly the horses are galloping above the tree lines, covering miles of travel in mere minutes. The swamps of the Midnight Marshes blur beneath their feet as the party fly south.


Kriv’s eyes open. He looks around and takes in his surroundings. Braziers flicker demonic flames that illuminate the cave around him. It appears to be a cave repurposed into an infernal dungeon and secret lair. It smells of blood and death. Kriv’s hands are manacled over his head, the chains snaking up to the roof above.

Kriv guesses he has been unconscious for atleast an hour. Kriv notices an arcane portal infront of him. The unstable magical portal flickers wildly.
The sound of footsteps causes Kriv to turn his head.
Terios, the rogue Cleric, comes marching down the stairs, flanked by the Succubus and Incubus.
Enraged by his presence, Kriv swears that he will cut off the Minotaur’s head and wear his horns for his treachery. Terios regards him and grunts nonchalantly. The Succubus steps forward and begins whispering in Terios’ ears. Kriv notices that the cleric’s eyes are red, fuelled with demonic evil.

It is at this moment that more footsteps can be heard rushing down the stone steps in to the dungeon. Suddenly Horam, Edran and Fargrim storm into the room, followed by a shining Angel of Valor. The Angel charges forward and raises its shimmering radiant greatsword. It slices through the Incubus.
Terios snorts and charges Kriv, attacking the immobilised paladin. Horam leaps forward and attacks Terios with his sword, bequeathed with energy from the Raven Queen, with a slash his decapitate the Minotaur—just he promised so many weeks ago.
Fargrim pummels the succubus with a brute strike, causing the devilish creature to erupt in flame. Edran uses his magic to unlock the hellfire ritual chains that had bound Kriv to the dungeons ceiling.
As the Succubus erupts in to flame, the Angel of Valor floods the room with radiant light and disappears.
Horam notices that his magical blade flashes with the message “Oaths fulfilled”


The party begin to take notice of their surroundings. It becomes obvious that Terios had turned to worshipping demonic gods. Picking amongst the belongings of the cleric, Horam finds Terios’ leather-bound journal. He reads through the entries, detailing the fall of their former ally.
According to his journal, Terios had begun to hear whispers in his head during his travel with the King’s Recruits. Whispering in a strange language, which had awakened the beast within him. All Minotaur struggle to contain their base, animalistic side—this whispering had slowly turned Terios to demon worship. Other entries detailed Terios’ plan—he was trying to use the arcane portal to open a gateway to the Nine Hells, the home of the evil god Asmodeus. Such a portal could only be opened through a demonic ritual that required the sacrifice of a trusted friend—in this case, Kriv.

Edran finds Terios’ Ritual Book. Some of the rituals were from Terios’ cleric days, but the more recent entries detail horrible demonic sorcery. The Eladrin holds on to the ritual book, because he believes that he knows a safe place to store/destroy the book, lest it fall in to the wrong hands.
Fargrim loots the dungeon for Terios’ armour and weapons. He finds a warhammer and a suit of chainmail.
Horam, following his promise to Terios at the time of his betrayal, mounts the Minotaur’s head on a sapling branch.


Kriv and Horam are still suffering the effects of the illness
Party awarded 60gp each. (loot from dungeon)
Gareth 2.0 remains at the Temple of the Raven Queen.
Edran borrowed 5gp residium borrowed from Gareth 2.0

Session 21: Hordes of the Undead

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Hemingway, Gareth 2.0, Nimaketh
Guest starring: Fargrim Stoneborn
Rings of NPCness: Mia
Noteworthy NPCs:


Horam looks out the window and sees an abominable sight. The holy grounds of his goddess, the Raven Queen, are swarming with undead creatures. Zombies, animals, rotted corpses and even the carcasses of giant mammoths encircle the Temple within which our gallant heroes prepare to make their final stand.

Three zombies are currently inside the walls of the Temples, engaging the heroes in combat. Hemingway uses his greatsword to swiftly take two of the zombies down while the last is cut to pieces.

The heroes look out some of the broken stained glass windows towards the gates at the eastern entrance to the Temple. The zombies continue to rise from the tombs and graves of the temple grounds.
In amongst the chaos of battle, a figure comes riding in from the eastern gate. The figure rides atop a camel, dressed in metal armour with desert garbs and is flanked by undead drakes.
As the figure approaches the temple, flanked by undead thralls, it removes is helmet to reveal the face of a warforged.
The zombie hordes suddenly halt their advance as the Warforged strides forward. In a magically projected voice the Warforged speaks to the heroes:
“You have trespassed upon Mepo’s turf. You shall all suffer for this transgression.”

Kriv shouts out through the shattered window frame that the Warforged “sucks” and is a coward.
The warforged counters this remark. “What warrior would choose to lower themselves to trading petty barbs?”
While Kriv smoulders at this, Fargrim shouts out in bravado “Warforged! Your dwarven commander orders you to shut down.”
Gareth 2.0 gives Fargrim a dirty look ever more convinced that Fargrim Stoneborn is unlike any other dwarf he has encountered.
The Warforged dressed in desert regalia replies icily. “I do not listen to you, dwarf.”

The construct withdraws his camel from the front line. His six undead drakes snap their jaws and race forward towards the Temple.

The heroes ready their weapons as the undead drakes suddenly split into two distinct groups. One group peels off and makes for the Temple’s front doors, while the other three continue to run at the eastern windows. One drake splits from the forward advance and scurries down a nearby well along the eastern grounds. Edran and Gareth 2.0 begin opening fire with their ranged arcane spells, and the drakes retain enough intelligence to scatter outside the range effective burst attacks. Nimaketh pokes her head up from behind the altar and telekinetically attacks one drake as it bursts through the side door.
Two drakes crash through the windows and engage the heroes at melee range. These two undead drakes charge Kriv and Edran, but their snapping jaws miss. Fargrim hears some scratching at the Temple’s front doors but it does not open—this is because Edran and Gareth 2.0 locked the door as the party entered the Temple (see Session #20 notes).

As Kriv smashes the first drake it’s undead jaw clamps down upon his leg. The muscles seized upon death and Kriv discovers that the dead beast has weighed him down. He strikes again with his sword and shatters the jawbone with a coup de grace. The second drake that had jumped down the well roars as it begins to climb up through the shattered stone floor of the Temple. Fargim smashes it instantly (crit) with his giant warhammer as he had been standing guard over the pit.

The drakes outside the front door give trying to manipulate the door handles and proceed instead to jump through the large stained glass windows. The third drake is attacked by Gareth’s pinioning vortex (crit) and smashes it up into the ceiling. Hemingway cleaves through the forth drake as he moves up the stairs towards the altar.
Fargrim swings a brute strike at the fifth drake. He initially becomes overbalanced, but finds the physical resolve to complete his attack (action point). Edran steadies the dwarf and fires a coloured orb at the drake and destroys it with radiant energy.
Nimaketh fails one of her psionic attacks and looses her footing, toppling off the altar onto the floor below. Kriv slices the last standing drake.

As this last drake falls, the dark necrotic clouds begin to lift off of the temple grounds. The hordes begin to fade from existence—it appears that most of them had been visual illusions created by the necrotic magic. Just when it seems that the party is out of danger, the necrotic cloud gathers above the cemetery and begin to swirl and form a storm vortex. This creates a funnel of incredible energy, which reaches down and strikes the ground like a hurricane. In a burst of magic, similar orbs of energy fall from the vortex and hit the ground.

The burst creates a cratered ruin in the soil. Two large glowing hands emerge as a giant undead brute pulls itself from the crater. Thirty smaller undead zombies emerge from the crater as well—all glowing with the same necrotic energy—and begin to surround the Temple.

It slowly begins to dawn on each of the gallant heroes that escape is impossible against such numbers. Horam refuses to leave the Temple, swearing that he will fight to his dying breath. Kriv and the other party members also make the stand to fight. Some want to go out fighting; others want to see their orders from the Platinum Knights completed; others wish to stand by Horam as a comrade and fight to the bitter end.

The heroes’ estimate that they have about three minutes until the zombies attack again—not enough time to rest. Kriv and Horam spend the time praying to the Raven Queen, trying to remove the necrotic desecration that has been unleashed on the Temple. Hemingway pulls a church pew and shoves it down the cracked stone floor. Fargrim, Gareth 2.0 and Edran begin to move pews to block up the broken windows, in an attempt to funnel any undead minions through the doors—to stem the flow of the hordes.
While praying to the Raven Queen, Kriv and Horam sense a divine intervention, and a ritual circle appears on the floor of the raised dais. Horam realises that this is a ritualised channelling circle that will focus the divine powers of any who stand within. It could effectively amplify the divine and radiant powers to turn away undead creatures, but at extreme cost to the ritual caster. Horam recalls that many acolytes and priests have died using such focusing circles.

Horam makes the decision to stand in the circle. The avenger had initially crossed into the mortal realm in order to die a senseless death, but know he has a reason to give his life to protect the world, and to protect and serve his goddess. Kriv joins him in the channelling circle and begin to chant a ritual to turn away the undead. .

The rest of the party mobilise on the floor, hearing undead hordes swarming against the walls outside. They perceive a divine glow outside the broken windows. Horam and Kriv also glow with divine energy as they complete the ritual, seemingly unaffected. They turn to each other and bump fists, believing they succeeded. As their fists make contact, they both erupt in divine energy. The triggered shockwave explodes outward, washing over the other party members, while the zombies are obliterated. Kriv drops to the floor, his vitality sucked from his body as it was used to channel the ritual. Horam drops to his knees his head swirling and on the brink of unconsciousness as he feels incredibly weakened and slowed by the taxing ritual.

The entire eastern wall of the Temple suddenly cracks and breaks down. On the other side of the rubble, a large undead dire bear snarls at the party, glowing in necrotic energy. It had survived the power of the focused ritual, as had another undead dire bear, which begins clawing at the broken windows frames on the opposite western side of the temple.
Hemingway inspires Kriv to rise to his feet. The dragonborn also feel incredibly taxed from the ritual, feeling weakened and slowed.
Hemingway and Edran fight off the second bear while Fargrim rushes the bear on the eastern side of the Temple. Nimaketh uses her psionic powers to lift a pew into the air, using it as a bat to smash against the bear, blasting it into splinters with immense force. She then changes into shards and flies around Fargrim, protecting him from the splinters of wood.
Kriv rises to his feet and uses his divine powers to heal Horam. The two limp in to join the fight.

Edran attacks the second bear with his beguiling strands, pushing it away from the window. This gives Hemingway the opportunity to jump out the window and charges the bear. He unleashes two might attacks and kills it.
Meanwhile, the first bear swipes at Fargrim with its paws and bloodies the dwarf. While Nimaketh and Kriv attack the bear Horam shifts in close and slices the bear through the head.

As the last undead dire bear drops to the floor, the altar of the Raven Queen glows. On the altar, this message that appeared to the party (see session #20) earlier fades in to view again:
“Swear your oaths or leave now. This, the Raven Queen commands of you.”

The text fades again, but the word “oath” persists for a few seconds longer. It eclipses with divine light as Horam’s sword is moulded into a magic sword. It appears that the Raven Queen has been made aware of the heroes, and of Horam in particular.

As the divine light fades away, Horam falls to the ground unconscious. Kriv is still standing but he barely seems to be clinging to life. Hemingway examines the Shadar-kai Avenger and the Dragonborn Paladin and realises that both of them have been scarred from the ritual. They are fighting off symptoms that could kill them within days if they do not recover or are treated by powerful magic.

The Temple of the Raven Queen has been won, but the party feel as though they may still loose everything. Their hold on the Temple is tenuous at best until reinforcement from Erahlor arrives. Horam and Kriv may still die in the next few days, long before any healers from the Grey City arrive.
The remaining members of the party do what they can to make the pair comfortable. As the night closes in around the temple, Hemingway, Gareth 2.0, Edran, Nimaketh and Fargrim gather around the light of a sunrod begin to discuss their options.


  1. Kriv and Horam are suffering from a disease and must make endurance checks after each extended rest.
Session 20- The Temple of the Raven Queen

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Hemmingway and Gareth 2.0
Guest starring: Fargrim Stoneborn
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Nimaketh,
Noteworthy NPCs: Karena


The night is quiet and dark as party continue to head east towards the Midnight Marshes. Smoke rises behind them ominously, as a grim reminder that they were not able to save the village of Til. (See session #19 for the events at Til).

After several hours of travel, the party set up camp. Edran and Horam take the opportunity to check on their new passenger- an unconscious human female sorceress who, along with her Rage Drake pet, the party had managed to save from Til. Horam checks her spider bite wounds and discovers that she is in a very precarious state—the next few hours will be vital to her recovery. The sorceress could flush out the poisons out of her system or, she could go into seizures and die a horrible death.
Night watches begin as the party settle in for the night. Edran, wary of the nearby dangers, performs the alarm ritual to ensure their security and safety. Horam sees through his watch without incident. Edran observes rolling fogs of necrotic energies—a residual by-product of the twisted magical energies that Mepo has unleashed upon the Marshes. Hemmingway sees the last watch without troubles…

However, the sorceress takes a turn for the first. Horam looks over her wounds but he realises that he has no idea how to aid her. Kriv steps forward to pray over the female and restore her vitality—enough to rouse her to a state of consciousness.
The Sorceress awakens and blurts out to Kriv that she needs a cauliflower to save her.
Fortunately Edran is nearby and correctly perceives that the human sorceress said. She needed the Bonfi Flower to concoct a remedy to purify the poison coursing through her body. Edran remembers that the Bonfi flower usually grows in wet cave entrance localities.
Horam takes a moment to pray for guidance from his goddess, the Raven Queen, regarding the fate of dying Sorceress. He feels that the young woman is fated to live out the morning, and that she is not destined to meet with the goddess of death this day. He takes this as a positive sign. Horam, Edran and Kriv scavenge the local wilderness for the bonfi flower, while Hemmingway watches over the unconscious woman. Returning with wreaths of the flora, Horam prepares a tea. However, Hemmingway knows that in order to flush out the poison completely, they need a few drops of the Fey Spider toxin that poisoned her.
The party ready their horses and load the unconscious Sorceress and Rage Drake onto their newly acquired wagon. Turning back west, they race back towards the smouldering ruins of Til.
The party reach the remnants of Til by midmorning. The windmill pyre has reduced to embers, but Edran chocks on the thick airborne ash. Kriv, Horam and Hemmingway search the burnt spider corpses for the Fey Spider that they had slew the previous night. Pulling the charred spider, Horam begins dissecting the venom sack and excretes a few drops of poison. He completes brewing the medicinal tea and feeds it to the Sorceress.
Her eyes flutter and she awakens as the toxins are purged from her body. As the toxin haze leaves her body, the woman’s eyes narrow in suspicion and fear as she realises she is surrounded by strangers—and located in a burnt out husk of a village.

She jumps off the wagon, shifts away from the party and raises her hands as they begin to crackle and glow with arcane energy.


Back in the Rovnol, the Grey City and capital of Erelhor, Gareth 2.0 and F*argrim Stoneborn* had been delayed following the party by a day due to Platinum Knight business.
While waiting for horses and provisions to be prepared, Fargrim visits the local blacksmith and outfits his weaponry. Gareth 2.0 continues to pour over the historical archives, researching the histories of significant dwarven families.

Two days after the rest of the party, Gareth 2.0 and Fargrim set out on horseback, following the same route to the Midnight Marshes. They make light conversation on the first day. Fargrim is especially curious and blunt when asking questions about Gareth as a constructed warforged. It does not exactly make a pleasant first impression.

On the second day of travel, the duo encounters a strange and carefree couple, a man and woman on the roads. While the roads are populated with such strange hillfolk during peacetime, it is strange given the recent attacks by Mepo’s wererat armies. As the hippie couple offer the Platinum Knights a pair of good luck beads, Gareth perceives that something is not right, and becomes concerned. He telepathically communes with Fargrim and warns him that the situation is not as it seems.
Gareth 2.0, suddenly very suspicious, rounds his horse to cut off the hippie couple and demands that they state their purpose on the King’s Roads. The man and woman snarl at him, their homely visage broken for but a moment. Suddenly, Gareth 2.0 feels a sense of calm flow over him, and he feels a desire to continue on his travels. Fargrim however, due to his dwarven resistance to magic, realises that his mind and will is being magically assaulted. He immediately draws his battleaxe and makes towards the hippie couple.
Fargrim is bewildered when Gareth 2.0 moves between him and the couple, cutting off his advance. The man and woman snarl like devils as they protrude wings and fly away. Fargrim throws an iron javelin at the man, and manages to strike him through the leg. Unfortunately it is not enough to ground the devil fiend and they still manage to fly away.
Once the creatures fly away, Gareth 2.0 immediately recovers himself, aware of but confused about his actions. His will had been overcome by devilish magic. Fargrim expresses his disappointment with Gareth’s ability to be dominated, expecting more from Dwarven constructs. This offhanded remark generates a rift between the two, remarkable considering Gareth’s high opinion of the dwarven folk.

The duo continues to travel east along side the Yorgnol Mountains, disturbed by the events of the day. They encounter no other problems on the road and finally make camp. As darkness settles in, the pair spots an orange-red light to the east. Gareth 2.0 suspects only a large fire could be the source of such light.


Fargrim and Gareth break camp and continue to head towards the Midnight Marshes, planning to travel through the small village of Til. Still unhappy with Fargrim, Gareth uses ghost sound to create the sound of mosquitoes around Fargrim’s head. By sunrise the fire from the previous night has reduced to an ominous smoke column. Gareth realises that the smoke is rising from the location of Til and they immediate break into a gallop. As the duo ride over the last hill to Til, they are greeted with a devastating and curious sight—the village of Til has been reduced to smouldering ruins. Standing in the middle of the ruined town is Horam, Kriv, Hemmingway and Edran. All of the party are staring at a woman who is holding her hands out in defiance as she chants a magical spell.

As the Sorceress begins channelling arcane magic, Edran steps forward. He explains that they are Platinum Knights who are on a mission to the Midnight Marshes who have no quarrel with the wildling wizard. Realising that she is not in any immediate danger from the Knights, she lowers her hands, albeit still suspicious.
As Gareth 2.0 and Fargrim come running down the hill side and rejoin the party, Hemmingway diplomatically diffuses the situation The Sorceress explains that she was passing through Til at the time of the undead attacks. While the woman is grateful for her rescue, the party observe that she is visibly nervous about being with the Platinum Knights. Edran and Horam offer the Sorceress some of the remaining Bonfi Flower to concoct a tea to heal the woman’s Rage Drake mount.
Edran introduces the party and asks for her name. The Sorceress introduces herself as Karena. She gives Edran a wooden tree knot, and instructs him to crush it in a time of need and she will come to their aid.

As the party assembles and get ready to move out, Gareth relays their encounter with the hippie/succubus couple. Horam and Edran become extremely concerned, given their previous encounters with Imps who have been dogging the party every night since leaving Rovnol (See session #19 notes). This reminds the party of their ex-party member Terios, the rogue Cleric who betrayed the party back in Sparrowsport.

Horam offers to write some official Platinum Knight papers for Karena, to allow her safe travel on the King’s Roads. They part at Til and continue to head east towards the Temple o the Raven Queen.

The terrain changes to marsh as the party continues to ride east towards the Temple. To the north they suddenly observe a flare of light, accompanied by booming sound and an assault on their minds. Within their minds, each party member experiences a variety of emotions, words and images that all convey the concept of “fire.” Edran recalls some studies from his youth and he realises that the message was transmitted in Supernal, the language of the gods. The booming message is accompanied by a speck of light located far away in the Yorgnol Mountains, burning like a beacon. The party feel uneasy, even fearful of the message, and they vote to continue to their pressing objective, the Temple of the Raven Queen.

The party finally reach the gates of the Temple at twilight. Quietly entering the front doors of the Temple, Horam spots two zombies shambling around the aisles. Enraged at the desecration of his goddesses’ temple, Horam runs forward and abjures the undead creature and it violently explodes in radiant energy. It the same time Fargrim charges from the right and smashes the second zombie. While Gareth 2.0 and Edran shut and lock the front door of the Temple, Hemmingway and Kriv dance in celebration of their successful surprise attack.

However, no sooner has their jovial dance finished than a dark ominous cloud covers the whole temple ground in shadow. The earth begins to rumble under their feet and the party assemble to form a defensive line on the altar of the Temple.
As they do so, all of the party hear a divine voice echo within the walls of the holy shrine:
‘Swear your oaths or leave now. This, the Raven Queen commands of you.”
Horam and Kriv immediately announce their continued loyalty to the goddess of death and fate. They feel invigorated and comforted as the ground trembles. Fargrim offers his dwarven services to help cleave the undead, but kindly reaffirms his devotion to Moradin.

Suddenly zombie hoards begin to erupt through the ground outside the temple walls. Horam destroys two with his radiant attacks while Gareth and Edran shoot arcane magic through the broken window frames. Fargrim threw several throwing axes with great effect while Hemmingway and Kriv brutally struck down any zombie thralls through rushed the eastern doors. The party managed to hold off several waves of zombies, even as they began to break through the stone floor of the temple.
Outside, the ominous clouds gather closer and envelope the temple. While the zombies press against the party, Horam spots several larger undead creatures surrounding the temple. At one point he even sights an undead mammoth amongst the strange and abominable creatures that have been raised by Mepo’s twisted magic.

The zombies continue to rise from the tombs and graves of the temple grounds.
In amongst the chaos of battle, a figure comes riding in from the eastern gate. The figure rides atop a camel, dressed in metal armour with desert garbs and is flanked by undead drakes.
As the figure approaches the temple, flanked by undead thralls, it removes is helmet to reveal the face of a warforged.

Session 19- The Remnants of Til

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Hemmingway
Guest starring: Mok
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Nimaketh, and Gareth 2.0
Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher

General Fletcher meets with the party and discusses their next course of action. With the wererats effectively beaten out of the fight, the Platinum Knights need to use their momentum to find ways to rout Mepo’s forces in Erelhor. According to Intel the leader of the undead, when not personally overseeing his various forces typically resides and operates within the Midnight Marshes, located in the east of the realm.

Recent reports have suggested that a Temple of the Raven Queen, located on the edges of the marsh realms, has been overrun and sequestered by the undead forces.
This report disturbs Horam and Kriv, both worshippers of the goddess of death and natural order. Horam in particular cannot abide the fact that the temple is being defiled, and the dead are being raised to bolster Mepo’s forces. The party accept orders to investigate and reclaim the divine temple. Fletcher provides the party with horses owned by the Platinum Knights. Even on the horseback, the journey will take 5 days to reach the temple.

Planning to leave at first light the next day, the party make their own plans for the rest of the day. Horam takes the time to tend to the dying refugees, victims of the wererat attacks. He administers last rites and help to ease the transition for those who are bound to meet the Raven Queen. Hemmingway makes his way to the city council and assists with the relief efforts to provide food to the new refugee sectors that are being established in the city. The war general also makes suggestions to the city council to erect quarantine zones within the refugee sectors, to separate the sick and injured. The council agree wholeheartedly to implement these ideas
Kriv takes the time to visit the capital and listen in on the local politics. During a session with the King and Privy Council, Kriv overhears that the local police forces are concerned with growing reports of kidnappings and murders. This underbelly of Rovnol have been murdering random civilians and refugees, often removing ears and leaving unique mutilations as calling cards.

Edran remains at the Platinum Spire to speak to General Fletcher about their destination. The Midnight Marshes, located to the east, are a dangerous and untamed wilderness. It represents the eastern frontier of the kingdom of Erelhor. Humans and kingdom races sparsely populate the marsh, as the geography is more suited to lizard folk. The Lizard folk inhabit the marshes, and they regularly trade with the nearby kingdom settlements.
Being close to the Temple of the Raven Queen, large sections of the Marsh borderlands are devoted to cemeteries and tombs. Latest reports suggest that the area is now thick with necrotic energies, a result of Mepo’s actions.

The party buy extra rations for the journey. General Fletcher presents the party with their new capes, symbols of their status as a Platinum Knight.
The party are to be accompanied by a fellow Knight, a half-orc barbarian called Mok. The half-orc is impressed with the party’s actions at Thedanwald and wishes to help them in their quest.

Departing at first light, the party travel north through sparse farmlands. Many of the fields had been abandoned during the wererat attacks, and are now being reclaimed by the farmers, the area now safe again.
The day is uneventful and the group set camp at the northern crossroads at evening.

Kriv takes first watch. While on second watch, Edran, feeling uneasy, uses his arcane to detect a small life force very close to the camp. He rouses the others awake immediately. No one spots anything, but the figure is still close, apparently invisible. Kriv breathes fires into the air, creating a smoke screen. Edran again spots a shape flying through the smog, but it quickly departs out of range.
As the party settle down, Horam observes with insight that Edran appears unhappy with Kriv. The avenger takes the dragonborn aside and inquires whether he has done anything to anger Edran. Kriv responds that he is unsure, and remarks that he can only differentiate two emotions on the quiet eladrin—happy and neutral.
Horam decides to keep this quiet and continues to observe Edran.
As the camp settles down, Edran performs the alarm ritual over the campsite, to alert them if the creature returns.

The rest of the watch is uneventful and the party break camp at first light. Heading east now the group travel beside the towering Yorgnole Mountains, home to the dwarves of Erelhor. Kriv begins to try and educate Mok on his worldviews pertaining to the hillfolk.
The weather becomes very cold this far north and some of the party members cannot endure the cold temperatures.
The day is uneventful and the company set up camp again. Edran casts the alarm ritual again.

The alarm is triggered during Mok’s watch. The camp rouses and begins to search for the creature. Edran’s elven eyes spot the creature in flight. Kriv identifies the creatures as an Imp. The older members of the party like Horam, Kriv and Hemmingway, suggest that the Imp may be a servant of Terios, a rogue cleric who has betrayed the party some weeks ago in Sparrowsport. It appears that Terios is tailing the movements of the party, this being his second infiltration .

The company continues east. At midday they begin to cross the famous dwarven bridge. On the far side they spot an overturned wagon. Horam sneaks ahead and smells corpses. It appears that these farmers had been trying to flee the wererat hordes days ago, and had not been successful. Horam wishes to bury the dead, assisted by Edran and Hemmingway. They administer the last rites to the dead, scavenge the wagon and continue to head east.

As the party journey on, they begin to spot road signs covered in thick spider webs. Mok thinks that this is unusual, spiders being this far west of the marshes.
They spot smoke rising in the direction of Til.

By evening the party are riding over the mountain pass adjacent to Til. They observe that the small trading town has been overrun. The deathly quiet village was covered in spider webs and ash. Presumably the town had been attacked during the wererat attack. Believing the town to be lost, its population having fled or been slaughtered, the party consider launching artillery magic to kill the spiders and undead that roam the streets.
Mok is against the idea, and they decide to approach the town to make sure that there are no survivors.
Horam sneaks ahead of the party. The entire town has become a feeding ground for the undead and spiders. Corpses live on the ground, either eaten by the undead or cocooned by the spiders. The ground is covered in thick spiderweb, making the terrain difficult to cross.
Peering from underneath a windmill, Horam spots two undead lizard ghouls mutilating a corpse in the street.

The ghouls spot Horam (with a critical roll!) and the battle begins.

The two ghouls rush Horam, overpowering his defences, managing to stun and immobilise him with their necrotic poisons. Mok, Hemmingway and Kriv join the battle. As they do, several spider swarms descend from the adjacent roof and surround the party. The spiders begin attacking from all sides. One large albino spider shoots a web and immobilises Mok to the side of a nearby barn. Edran recognises the albino spider as a Fey Spider, a deadly arachnid from the fey wild, unique for it’s teleporting abilities. While Hemmingway and Kriv attack the ghouls, Horam continues to be stunned and immobilised by their poisons. Kriv makes a daring move to shift the avenger out of danger, breathing fire down the alleyway. Edran, from behind the fighters blazes the spider swarms with scorching bursts. As he does so, the windmill begins to catch on fire, the old wood acting as fire to arcane flames.
While one spider retreats, the Fey Spider teleports behind Mok, and covers him in thick webs. The large albino begins to draw the half-orc closer to its gnashing mandibles.

Mok, still covered in thick web, spins around and unleashes his full bloodseeker’s rage upon the Fey Spider, smashing its head in with his stone hammer. He kills it outright in one massive hit.
Edran tries to immolate a ghoul and the spider swarms simultaneously in fire, but he also manages to scorch Kriv with fire damage.
Meanwhile, as Hemmingway kills one ghoul, Horam, finally free of the necrotic venom that had stunned and immobilised him, obliterates the last ghoul by abjuring the undead creature.
Edran concludes the combat by using his beguiling strands to launch the last spider off the burning windmill, causing it to fall 60ft to the ground.

The creatures have been destroyed, but it is obvious that Til has been destroyed. The party search the remaining houses in town. They recover a suit of armour, and accumulate 50gp. In one house, the party cut open some cocoons to find a rage drake and a female human. Both are unconscious, poisoned by the spiders, but still alive.
Edran spots a dragon mark or tattoo on the woman’s cheek. He recognises this as a common mark amongst sorcerers, wildling folk who have been self trained in the ways of magic.

After the unconscious wildling and drake are loaded onto the wagon, Horam leads the others in the task of recovering the dead. The last rites are given to the bodies. The bodies are then placed on the smouldering windmill of Til, turning it into a ceremonial pyre. The innocent people who died defending their homes were honoured and prayed for, and the pyre was set on fire.

As the pyre began to burn, sending smoke and ash into the night sky, the party mounted up and continued to head east. They did not dare look back at the remnants of Til….

1. 50 gp to be divided amongst party
2. -3 day rations from personal kits
3. -10 gp residium from Edran’s personal stores.

Session 18- The Hand of Shadows

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Gareth 2.0, Hemmingway
Guest starring: Fargrim Stoneborn, Vered
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Nimaketh,
Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher, Dongala, Laeroi

The morning sun continues to blaze above Rovnol, the capital of Erelhor. Deep within the bowels of the Platinum Spire, our intrepid party continue the latest round of their training that will formalise their induction into the ranks of the Platinum Knights.

The next to duel in the Platinum ring involves Hemmingway, Gareth 2.0 and a fellow knight called Vered.

Meanwhile, whilst Horam and Kriv are being welcomed into the Platinum Knights, a figure brushes against Horam and deftly places a note inside his pocket. The man disappears into the crowd, disappearing as quickly as he appeared.
Horam surreptitiously reads the note to himself.

NOTE: At this point of play only Horam knows the contents of the letter.

Following the conclusion of the morning’s training sessions, Horam approaches Fargrim Stoneborn and specifically asks for directions to a tavern called ‘The Busty Wench.’
Being posted in Rovnol, Fargrim is aware of the renowned gentlemens’ club and agrees to provide directions and escort.

On the premise of going out to have some social drinks, Horam convinces Gareth 2.0 and Hemmingway to join him on the trip into the city districts. Kriv, still suffering the ill effects of eating too much fruit, remains in his cabin.

Taking his friends to a tavern down the street from ‘The Busty Wench,” Horam informs Gareth that he received a secret message that summoned him to the gentlemens’ club, promising information regarding their fight against Mepo.
The note warned Horam to come alone, but the Avenger wanted his friends nearby in case the situation became dire. Gareth summons his magical familiar to tail Horam to “The Busty Wench”- this would allow Gareth and Horam to maintain a psychic connection for a distance of 100 meters.

With the familiar in tow, Horam leaves the tavern and enters “The Busty Wench” alone (inadvertently going beyond the 100 meter distance that the familiar can be separated from Gareth).
Horam enters the establishment and is greeted by a halfling doorman who promptly leads him to a secret chamber. Inside the darkened room a deep voice speaks from the shadows “It’s good to see you, brother.”
The voice belongs to a fellow creature of the Shadow Fell, a Shadar-Kai male called Dongala. The two, although not related, obviously have a shared history and it is a cold reunion.
Dongala appears slightly concerned that Horam has joined the ranks of the Platinum Knights. He states that he is willing to offer information to the Knights regarding Mepo—or more specifically, his colleagues are willing to offer.

Out the darkness and shadows a creature takes form. It is another creature of the Shadow fell and it introduces himself as Laeroi.
The creature of shadow reiterates that he is prepared to offer vital information regarding the secret to Mepo’s power, but despite Dongala’s vouching, he does not yet trust Horam, given his new alliance to the Platinum Knights of the mortal realm. Laeroi begins to question Horam’s motives for remaining in this plane of existence.

Laeroi informs Horam that he will be keeping an eye of him in the days to come, and makes a deal that if Horam promises to aid him and his shadow constituents—at an undisclosed time—then he will gladly offer the information as payment. Uncomfortable with the blind promise, and recognising the importance of the information, Horam agrees.

While Leroy had been monologuing, Horam perceives that Laeroi’s robes have an insignia, a distinct symbol of a hand wreathed in shadow and smoke.

Leaving “The Busty Wench” and returning to the others unharmed, Horam discloses the events to Gareth 2.0. Describing the unique insignia, the warforges remarks that it is strikingly similar to the symbol of the Hand of Vecna, the God of Secrets.
The warforged then expresses his desire to leave the tavern, just as Fargrim looses an arm wrestling challenge to a Halfling.

Returning to the Platinum Spire at the end of the night, Horam seeks out Edran in the Platinum Archives. The eladrin had had no desire to mingle amongst the crowded inns and taverns and instead had continued to read up on the mission reports relating the Frost Fall incident.
Horam recollects to Edran the description of the insignia Laeroi wore. Edram recalls that the symbol was attributed to a sect called the Hand of Shadows. According to legand- or superstition- the secret enclave called the Hand of Shadows operated in the fey hundreds of years ago and were involved with a long lost magical fey artifact of repute, that has since fallen out of common and academic knowledge. This concerns Edran, since any artifact of fey origin would be extremely powerful. While he is convinced that the mortal realm archives will have not further information, the eladrin agrees to spend the rest of the night scouring for any other related information.

When Horam retires to his cabin to meditate, Laeroi appears of the shadows. The shadow creature is impressed with Horam’s resourcefulness and initiative to identify the Hand of Shadows. As a sign of mutual trust, he fills in the gaps that the eladrin had missed. He explains that the Hand of Shadows were a secret enclave who had operated for hundreds of years to protect and hide potent and dangerous artifacts from the powers of evil. One such item included the fragmented soul and essence of a powerful necromancer, defeated long ago. In recent years, Mepo had stolen this fragment and it was the duty of the Hand of Shadows to retrieve the secret to his power.

As part of their final training session, the party form up into teams and are provided with fellow human guards to work with. This leads to a reunion between Edran and Hugh Mann Garde, a human guard who had accompanied him a year ago on an unrelated mission.
The team royale duel inevitably goes to Horam, Gareth 2.0 and Kriv and their human guards, who soundly beat Hemmingway, Edra, Fargrim and Vered.

GAME NOTES: All characters awarded 300gp each- salary from Platinum Knights

Fargrims's Journal

Fargrim’s Journal

Fresh meat for the Knights arrived today. A big group, or so I hear, I only met three of them myself. A human, a dragonborn and… elf. Of the three it is the human who seems to be the only useful one, despite being a drunk. He would only fight an enemy he intended to kill; clearly there is some dwarf in him! In these dire times, I wish his sentiment was shared by more of us. DEATH TO MEEPO! The dragonborn seemed to enjoy spitting vile lies about us dwarves (most likely told to him by the elf), although after encountering the business end of my hammer he’ll probably be spitting teeth for a while. Heh heh heh. I do love our initiation rites. He also has a fondness for pineapples and spherical fruits, this information could come in handy. The elf did not say much at all, probably intimidated by my presence. He did skulk away to the library for an undisclosed reason. Like a shadow I followed him and observed his every move. I allowed him to realise that I was following him, so he would be aware that I was aware of whatever nefarious elf scheme he was plotting. The times to come will indeed be interesting and I will have to be ever vigilant should my suspicions around this elf be well founded. I know Grand-pappy Fargos always said that some elves, especially the women, could be ok; but there is just something about them that unsettles me. For the mean time I will keep my suspicions to myself and, while unable to offer a hand of friendship just yet, I will endeavour to offer this elf the hand of indifference.



Session 17- The Halls of Platinum
Session 17- The Halls of Platinum

Session 17
Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran
Guest starring: Fargrim Stoneborn
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Hemmingway, Nimaketh, Gareth 2.0
Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher, Rochelle

Rovnol. Capital of the kingdom of Erelhor. All roads in the Grey City lead to the large tower located in the urban centre. The Platinum Spire has been the home of the royal family for at least 600 hundreds years. The Platinum Knights central base of operations is located deep within the bowels of the Spire. Since the Spire has been built they have always served the king of Erelhor and policed the realm.

It is 4:30pm as the King’s Recruits bring their wagon to rest inside the inner grounds of the Spire. Baron Greyack Sparrowsong has been safely escorted, ending 5 days of brutal riding, constantly under attack by evil lycanthropes and unrelenting hordes of the undead.

There can be no doubt now that the war against Mepo and his undead forces has begun in earnest.

As the wagon is emptied a man approaches the party. He is a tall human with an eye patch over one side of his face and he is adorned in the armour and arms of the Platinum Knights. He instructs them to follow him into the depths of the Spire.

Deep beneath the Platinum Spire the Knights operate and train within an old cave system. The man, who introduces himself as General Fletcher, explains that he is very grateful to the party for completing their mission as well as their part played in the liberation of Thedanwald. Fletcher welcomes them to the Spire and tells the party to report to the training grotto in the morning. Spare beds and rooms have been set up for the party, as they are fellow Platinum Knights. Fargrim Stoneborn, a Dwarf Platinum Knight, is assigned as personal guide and escort to the party during their stay.

This immediately puts the party on edge, as Kriv has a personal dislike for dwarves, and is constantly and vocally spouting anti-dwarven rhetoric. Horam warns Kriv to be aware of their surroundings and to watch his draconic tongue during their stay in the Spire.

The party are escorted to their cabins. Horam helps himself to the supplied liquor in each room. He nominates a room and wishes to spend the night in solitude, meditating to the Raven Queen. During his meditation, the Shadar-Kai is blessed with a vision from his goddess- He views spectral images of a Halfling, a kobold and goliath. He perceives a temple collapsing and then a dark figure addressing a conclave of dark shadows. Horam spends the rest of the night in meditation.

Kriv notices that each cabin has been supplied with a fruit hamper. This causes Kriv’s love of pineapples to resurface and he immediately ransacks the hampers in all of the cabins assigned to the party. Kriv eats an absurd amount of fruit, except bananas, which he dislikes. Consequently, the dragonborn is struck down with a stomachache and spends the rest of the night in pain.

Edran does not wish to spend the night in his cabin. After dark he leaves his room and makes his way towards the library archives of the Platinum Knights. Fargrim Stoneborn begins to tail the eladrin, suspecting that the high elf is up to no good. Inside the archives, Edran speaks to the librarian, Rochelle. He asks if there are any recorded histories in the realm that detail any ancient magical relics—similar to the piece of the ancient dwarven artifact recovered by the hobgoblin clans of Stalkwood Forest.
Edran believes that it is important to ensure that the hobgoblins do not recover all of the weapon segments.
Rochelle does not know of any such recorded events, but she does tell Edran to speak with General Fletcher regarding an arcanic artifact that was recovered recently by Platinum Knights stationed north in Frostfall Village (see Heroes of Frostfall Adventure).
Edran leaves the archives and descends into the training grotto. At this point Fargrim is extremely suspscious of the eladrin’s activities and continues to follow him. Edran enters the training ground and speaks to General Fletcher about the recovered device. He is denied access, as Fletcher needs to “see them in action” first thing in the morning.
Deciding that he can wait until morning, Edran retires to his room. There is a brisk exchanging of words in the stairwell between Edran and Fargrim. Fargrim views the wizard with suspicion and distaste. Edran looks at Fargrim in mild disinterest (as he does with most mortal folk!)

The next morning the party enter the training grotto. General Fletcher explains that while Harbourd may have promoted them to the rank of Platinum Knights, it is he who will have the final say in officiating their position in the Knights’ guild.
To test their ability, Fletcher explains that each of them must duel with training swords in the grotto ring. The duel will last until one opponent is knocked out or yields. Kriv and Horam are allocated as opponents.
However, Horam refuses to fight. The Shadar-Kai Avenger explains that he will not take part in a “play fight.” Due to his covenant with the Raven Queen, Horam will not draw any blade unless it is to the death. He says that he will not draw his blade against Kriv.

Kriv and Fargrim duel in the ring. The two are quite evenly matched as they exchange sword and hammer strikes. Fargrim unleashes a powerful attack with his hammer that knocks Kriv out. Fortunately the duel is called, and only Kriv’s immense pride and hurt—this only helps to fuel his dislike of dwarves.

Edran duels against a fellow Platinum Knight called Skamos.

To satisfy Horam’s pact with his goddess, General Fletcher summons a ghostly illusion for him to fight. This is acceptable to Horam’s covenant and he agrees to fight—to the death.
During the duel the apparition knocks out Horam. It fades away from existence and Kriv heals Horam with an inspiring word.

General Fletcher announces that he was pleased with how the party members fought and he declares that they are now brothers of the Platinum Knights. During the celebration, Fletcher takes Edran aside and says that he is ready to see the arcane artifact recovered in the Frostfall.

Edran looks over the magical device. Although Edran cannot perceive anything about the purpose or magical properties of the artifact, Fletcher explains that it is a bomb, and could be dangerous if used by Mepo.
Edran admits that he knows nothing about the powerful magic used to fuel these devices, but perhaps the Order of the Talon- the arcane order that he serves in the Fey Wild- will know more.

Back in the training grotto, while Horam and Kriv are being welcomed into the Platinum Knights, a figure brushes against Horam and deftly places a note inside his pocket. The man disappears into the crowd.
Horam surreptitiously reads the note to himself.


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