The King's Recruits

Season 2, Episode 7
Behind Stone Doors

As the party moved on through the remains of the Dwarven city, Fargrim briefly ducked behind the ruined corner of what must had been a Dwarven town house. Leaning heavily on his mighty hammer, Jawbreaker, Fargrim panted heavily; struggling to catch his breath. A veteran of over two centuries of battle, Fargrim had never felt like this before. It was like he could feel all of his 250 years catching up on him. He didn’t know how, but that undead spectre did something to him. He felt like he was living on a half life.

Suddenly, Kriv called out, “Furhgless? What are you doing? Did you fall down a hole?”.

Fargrim stood up straight and regained his composure. Hefting Jawbreaker onto his back, he produced a handful of coppers from his belt pouch.

“Ahah! Treasure!” he yelled, holding up the copper coins in his hand.

Kriv’s palm cupped his forehead and turned back to the rest of the group. Fargrim began to jog to catch up with the party again, already feeling like it was taking more out of him than it should. Walking at the back of the party, Fargrim began to think about what the shade of his aunt had said. He had been charged with a holy quest, to find the ancient mountain from which all Dwarves descended and save it. Him. The last Stoneborn. According to her, the Stoneborns had been the first Dwarves, but Fargrim has never known them to be more than his Father and Mother and their small abode in Tor’s Reach. But they were gone now, and he was alone: an aged Dwarf approaching the end of his life. Why had he been chosen by the mountain now? Why not 50, 80 or 100 years ago? What could he do now? How could he possibly hope to be successful? Who would take up his quest when he died? He had no heirs, that he was aware of (although 250 years of tavern wenches and brothels could have produced something unexpected). Perhaps his new found powers, gifted by the mountain, could sustain his life? As he felt his heart beating so strongly, simply from trying to keep up with the party, he did not find this possible.

Fargrim stopped once more, and looked at Jawbreaker. This weapon had been passed down the Stoneborn line for generations. From father to son, to their son and so on. Would he be the last to bear this weapon? The last to feel it shatter bone and crush skull? Even if there were no more Stoneborn, there were other worthy and noble clans: Hammerhand, Copperskull, Anvilfist, Thunderaxe, Alespear. They had all been friends to the Stoneborn and most had offered Fargrim shelter and a place at their table when they could. Surely a champion from one of these houses could bear the hammer after Fargrim had passed on. That would be far nobler than to allow a proud and venerable hammer, and the tradition that accompanied it, to fall into obscurity and lost to the annals of history. Smiling, Fargrim hefted his hammer onto his back. Yes, the Stoneborn would live on through this hammer, even if he fell. But he was not dead yet and he would not die here, in the wasted mountains far from the nearest bastion of Dwarven civilization. He would live, dammit. But until he could have his vigor restored, he would have to be wary, for in his current state he would not be able to take the hits that he once brushed off without a second thought. Fargrim, however, was not some beardling charging into his very first battle. He was a grand warrior; a master of war. Tempered in the fires of two centuries of combat.

He recalled the Battle of Sparrowsport, on the eve of his 97th birthday. Bands of Goblins had bribed several local trolls into attacking the town. The autumn rains had turned the field into a muddy bog, meaning that heavily armoured troops would be left exposed. While the lighter armoured militia and Kings Recruits members held the Goblins at bay in the melee, Fargrim relocated to a nearby hill with his bow and two quivers of sharpened arrows. From 50 yards away, Fargrim’s aim held true as he launched volley after volley into the oncoming horde. Goblins were pinned to the ground while Dwarven bodkins pierced the eyes of the charging Trolls. The battle was won and the town of Sparrowsport was defended. The drinking that ensued lasted for a good week.

Good times, Fargrim thought as he smirked to himself. Hefting Jawbreaker onto his back, Fargrim drew the very same bow that aided him some 150 years ago. Fargrim was not some one-trick pony, he was a master of all forms of warfare. He would survive this blasted tomb, and these troll infested mountains. He would be healed, his enemies would fall, and the pages of history would remember the name: Stoneborn.

Session 58- 64

Session 58 to 64: The Shadowfell and the destruction of the Amulet of Power

23/6/2015 — 2/11/2015

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Elennya, Kriv, Lo-Donk, Lucian and Y’Draet Verano

NPCs of note: King Severa, Arclem, General Fletcher, Simon Willowtrash

Date: 22nd Dimlek– 2nd Fireseek , 1028

Dealing with the Amulet of Power

With Kriv’s trial over, and the war against Meepo officially over, life in Rovnol begins to move on. The Platinum Knights as a whole are relegated to internal investigation and reconnaissance, and disbanded to pre-war numbers and resourcing. As such, Kriv and Lo-dunk find themselves seemingly without a job.

The day after the trial they are summoned to a meeting with Queen Orlais, who congratulates them on Kriv’s acquittal. She invites High-King Severa to the meeting also, who tells Kriv that although he has survived the judicial trial, he must still atone in the eyes of himself and the dragonborn people as a whole— he must return to frozen draconic kingdom of Zoth’Garen in the north and reclaim its fallen capital, Roth’garen, by disrupting the foul necrotic magic that still pervades that region. A dragonborn battalion are assembling in the northern frozen wastes at Nes’valia in 3 weeks’ time. With that, the dragonborn king departs the captial.

The conversation now turns to the issue of Meepo’s Amulet of Power, an ancient artifact that had already been lost to lore and time in the Travelling Temple of Corellon. Rather than have the cycle repeat itself, the party agree that the Amulet must be destroyed. Upon research and mediation, the party find a tome called the ‘Relics of the Shadow plane’, which describes a mythical Blade of Ending, which would be able to destroy the corrupted amulet.

The party manage to thwart a break in at the Platinum Spire’s vaults, where drow had attempted to steal the Amulet. Agreeing that the corrupted artifact is a danger, they make plans to teleport to the shadow fell.

The Shadow fell

Arranging passage from the material plane, the party arrive in the Immortal’s Cage, a desolate wasteland of blackened soil, firestorms, bloodgrass, and crystalline shards. Finding a small settlement amongst the giant bones, they hire a local guide, a shadar kai named Y’Draet Verano.

Over the next nine days (22nd Ansis to the 2nd Fireseek) the party travel across the realm of shadow and pain, at times succumbing to their despairs, while fighting skull lords, wraiths, zombie knights and witches.

Eventually they find a cave nestled high on a mountain ridge, wherein lies the Blade of Ending. Destroying the Amulet, the dispersing power, in its death throws, tries to collapse the cavern. The party escape, and Kriv finds himself the wielder of the Blade of Endings, an ancient and sentient artifact.

SESSIONS 52- 57 : Kriv's Trial

Session 52 — 57

Kriv’s Trial pt I,II and III
Old Amulets and New Ventures

24/4/15 — 23/6/2015

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Kriv, Lo-Donk and Lucian

NPCs of note:

Date: 18th Dimlek – 21st Ansis , 1028

Return to Rovnol, in chains

Following the Battle of the Sundered Bridge, the forces of Erahlor spend a week (18th Dimlek – 25th) clearing the ravages of warfare, interring the undead back to their resting places, burying the fallen.

Among those lost in the war, the Platinum Knights prepare the bodies of Hemingway and Edran Laraneth for transport back to the capital, to be given burial befitting their station.

During this time, a retinue from the dragonborn kingdom of Zoth’Garen, led by High King Severa arrive and - with the war now over- demand the arrest of Kriv for his crimes committed against the northern realms years ago.

It is explained that Kriv will be taken under guard back to Rovnol to stand public trial for the necrotic attacks against the northern realm, the regicide of his father and the genocide of the dwarven and dragonborn people that he precipitated.
They are introduced to the head of their security and armed guard, Lucian, a half-elf conscript who has an immense hatred for the Platinum Knights.

Over a week passes (25th Dimlek – 4th Ansis) while the Erahlan forces return to Rovnol, the Platinum City. Over the course of 2 weeks (4th – 18th Ansis), Kriv’s defense is prepared for, witnesses are summoned, and other oddities around the city (like the refugee hold of the Zoth’Garen phoenixes, and the discovery that Lo-dunk “is the handsomest-troll ever and all the pretty ladies wanted to kiss him”) are explored.

They are informed that the trial will be presided over by Queen Orilais, High King Severa and Lord-King Thoth of the Yorgnole Moutains. Furthermore, Kriv’s cousin, Ewan Fireheart, would be leading the prosecution, eager to led Kriv to the gibbet. Kriv and Lo-dunk enlist the help of Vladshtik Darkfire to act as his defense in the upcoming trial.

The political landscape of Rovnol becomes very charged and tense as word gets out that Kriv is being held in the tower. Over the course of these week, Lucian has befriended the party to such an extent that he officially relieves himself of his duty in order to help Kriv prepare his defence.

Finally, the trial is brought to session…

Over the course of three days, witnesses are presented, cross-examined and Kriv is eventually able to prove with reasonable doubt that his actions were the machinations of a necrotic alhoon lich, who seized the opportunity to control Kriv and use it to manipulate the dragonborn prince after Kriv’s father had tried to kill his son to appease the dwarven thanes in the Roth’garen region.

During closing arguments, General Fletcher makes an entrance, dragging the body of an assassin who had just made an attempt on his life. A non-guilty verdict is pronounced by the triumvirate. This enrages Ewan Fireheart, who engages Kriv in single combat. Kriv wins the duel, but refuses to kill his cousin, and turns him to the guards, demonstrating further that he is not the murderer and warlord that the trial has tried to make him out to be.



Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Hemmingway, Horiam, Kriv and Lo-Donk

Date: 18th Dimlek , 1028

The Battle of the Sundered Bridge

Meepo and his lieutenants Mike and Breaker arrive on his undead dragon. They crack and break the dwarven bridge.

Meepo and his forces attack the party. Mike the goliath executes Hemingway and Edran during the . Meepo sacrifices Breaker and Mike during the battle to reinvigorate his lifeforce. Horiam uses the divine ritual to severe Meepo’s power, killing the kobold necromancer and ending the War.

Session 50: THE LAST DAY OF THE WAR: The Behemoth

Session 50: THE LAST DAY OF THE WAR: The Behemoth


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Kriv and Lo-Donk

NPCs of note: Hugh Mann Garde, Teddy Huggz

Date: 18th Dimlek , 1028

Erahlor burns with battle. The final thrust of Meepo’s army has almost overrun the King’s force.

Standing atop the defeated corpse of an undead Peryton, Kriv, Elenya, Lo-Donk and Edran barely have time to recover their breath as the eastern riverside gate shatters and collapses. Striding over the buckled remains of the gate comes Meepo’s siege monster, the giant three-headed undead Mammoth. It screams unnaturally at the party and charges forward.

The Behemoth charges across the large stone dwarven bridge which spans the breadth of the wild surging river below. The Erahlan army had been using the bridge as a chock point until the radiant barrier had collapsed. Lo-Donk races forward with his executioner’s axe to halt the Behemoth’s advance. Although he fails to break its knees, he was successful in keeping the massive creature confined to the bridge. This allowed Edran to cast his fountain of flame, using the fiery phoenix to lash at the Behemoth with fiery flames.
This momentary delay allowed other Erahlan soldiers, led by Hugh Mann Garde and his corporal Teddy Huggz, to harass and pierce the Behemoth’s thick hide with spears and crossbows. However this was only a temporary delay, and the Behemoth was able to charge Kriv and Lo-Donk, crushing them into the bridge supports and fracturing the crossway’s very foundations.

In the charge, the Behemoth instantly kills Teddy Huggz, while simultaneously piercing Kriv’s armour and knocking him unconscious, flinging his lifeless body over its back and into the raging rapids of the river. While Elenya races down the steep riverbank after Kriv’s body, Edran, Lo-Donk and Hugh Mann Garde do their best to draw the Behemoth back onto the bridge, attempting to limit its ability to charge. Using its three corrupted heads to attack multiple times, the Behemoth’s unrelenting attacks cause Edran to seek refuge behind a stone pillar, while another head smashes Lo-Donk, sending the goliath fighter tumbling into the churning waters of the river.

The Behemoth lowers its tusked heads and takes a stride towards Lo-Donk, struggling to free himself from the mud of the river. Suddenly, the Behemoth halts as someone yells behind it ”You call that a fucking punch?”

Climbing up the riverbank, Kriv wipes the blood from his snout and charges the Behemoth, using his greatsword to cleave one of its three heads straight off. The Behemoth recoils and wails in shock, its attention entirely gathered on the dragonborn. Elenya scrambles across the broken bridge and uses her divine powers to heal Lo-Donk, pulling him from the rapid waters. Edran teleports from behind his stone pillar and uses a scorching burst to burn the second head off of the Behemoth. On the far edge of the battlefield, Hugh Mann Garde continues to load his crossbow and provide support to the Platinum Knights.

Eventually the bloodied and weary heroes are able to force the Behemoth back onto the bridge. Elenya steps forward, brandishing her weapon of the Raven Queen and uses Turn Undead, banishing the Behemoth and causing it to swell and explode in radiant energy. The Erahlan forces cheer and are reinvigorated by the success.
An aura of shock and foreboding crawls across the battlefield, as both Erahlan and Meepo’s forces witnessed the vanquishing of Meepo’s siege engine.

Across the battlefield, an unnatural shriek pierces the ears of the Erahlan forces, making some drop their weapons in fear. Flying high above the battlefield, a large undead dragon wheels about in flight before landing on the broken bridge before the Platinum Knights. Riding upon the undead beast, and glaring absolute contempt at the party, sits a goliath male, a warforged, and a small black kobold.


Session 48 & 49: The Shambling Hordes

Session 48 and 49: SEASON 4 PREMIERE: The Shambling Hordes


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Kriv and Lo-Donk

NPCs of note: Evaras, Harbourd, Hugh Mann Garde, Vin the wererat

Date: 15th – 18th Dimlek , 1028

Vin the Would-be King

➢ Within the Midnight Marshes, the party find themselves trapped by a wererate named Vin, who offers them their lives for the secret to Meepo’s power. Elenya approaches the edge of the barrier and says coldly to Vin ”Your time with the Raven Queen is coming” and she smashes her mace against the barrier.

➢ With a smile and a click of his fingers, Vin lowers the barrier and unleashes his direwolves at the party. The party roll for Initiative!

➢ The battle is vicious. Vin uses his eight zombie thralls as ammunition, sacrificing their life force to power his powerful necrotic spells. Eventually, his cockiness falters when Edran uses his scortching burst to blast away the remaining zombies.

Kriv and Lo-Dunk work together to crush the direwolves, and eventually team up to flank Vin. At this point Vin sacrifices his wererat minions to unleash a powerful spell upon Kriv while entangling Edran in his necrotic chain. After getting dazed from Elenya’s radiant spells, Vin loses all of his arrogant pretense and starts to retreat from the party. Eventually Kriv is able to get out of his chain bonds and Lo-Donk charges Vin, killing him with his executioner’s axe. Vin dies and turns into dust.

➢ Inside Vin’s remains, the party discover some pages torn from a ledger. The pages are from the King’s Recruits Personnel logs, and the pages are the files cataloguing each of the party members… These pages could have only come from within the Platinum Spire in Rovnol. This revelation shocks the party, that Meep may have spies within The Spire and the King’s court.

➢ Edran uses his Read Object ritual to scry into the past experiences of the pages. He observes a humanoid Platinum Knight stealing the ledger from the Platinum Spire archives and giving them to Vin; The ledger travelling across the countryside in a satchel; the ledger being taken out in the swamplands and being handed to a male Goliath, who says ”Meepo thanks you for your service”; the scaly hand of Meepo sifting through the pages of the ledger; and finally Vin hastily tearing the pages from the ledger and using his magical compass to track the party down.

Crossing the River

➢ The party make camp for the night to heal their wounds, departing west on the morning of the 16th Dimlek.
➢ During their march, the party receive another magical message from the Erahlan force: The Line has fallen.

➢ The part muster and race across the swamplands. As they cross back into the eastern frontier of Erahlor, the party begin to hear and see signs of battle in the distance, and the roar of the giant undead mammoth assaulting the King’s forces.

➢ In an effort to navigate around the undead hordes, the party elect to travel south for some miles and cross the dwarven river, west of Til. This takes some time due to the strength of the rapids and also needing to convince Lo-Donk, the goliath from the mountain tribes who had ever before experienced such a large body of moving water. Eventually, through ingenious use of ropes and skill the party, although waterlogged and half-drowned, cross the river and continue on their way.

➢ By late afternoon on the 17th Dimlek, the party finally reach the marshalling point for the King’s forces. Beaten back and demoralised, the army only now holds out due to a large protective radiant barrier that is holding back the zombies. Harbourd meets the party and bitterly informs them that the barrier will be breached within hours. He offers the party a tent to rest and recover, but points out the futility of their situation.

➢ Realising that this may be their last night alive, and recognising the seriousness of the war, the party have one last night shared in the bonds of brotherhood. Edran, in a unique display of reckless regard, even sneaks a wineskin from the kitchen to share with his ‘brothers’ and they all toast to the battle that is to come. One way or another, the war will end tomorrow.

The Last Day of the War

➢ The morning of the 18th of Dimlek breaks with the deafening boom and unnatural roar of Meepo’s undead abominations. The barrier collapses and the King’s army is besieged.
➢ The party find themselves fighting a skeletal necromancer, with obsidian bones and a blue gem necklace, riding atop an undead Peryton.
➢ The battle is intense, as the Peryton flies in and out of combat range, using its brute strength to carry soldiers high into the air, dropping them to their deaths.
➢ At one point, the Peryton grabs Kriv in his clutches and attempts to carry him aloft, but the dragonborn paladin grapples out of its talons and breathes fire on its undefended bellow, stabbing it viciously. Meanwhile, Edran, Elenya and Lo-Donk do battle with waves of undead skeletons.
➢ Eventually the party succeed in whittling away the zombies, and Elenya destroys the skeletal necromancer, recovering its necklace which holds a piece of the Obsidian Box. While the party struggle to defeat the Peryton, a nearby soldier runs out and guts the large undead creature with his halberd. The soldier takes off his dented metal helmet, revealing his identity as Hugh Mann Garde

➢ The party barely have time to recover their breath as the eastern gate, on the far end of the compound shatters and collapses. Striding over the buckled remains of the gate comes Meepo’s siege monster, the giant three-headed undead Mammoth. It screams unnaturally at the party and charges forward…


• Party recover 1,200 gp. (150 each, 650gp to the group kitty)
• Party recover a shard of the Obsidian Box from the skeletal necromage.
• The party discover that there is a spy in the Platinum Spire.

Sessions 47: The Shamblers March

Session 47: SEASON FINALE: The Shamblers March

9/12/14 ;

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Elenya, Kriv and INTRODUCING Lo-dunk

NPCs of note: Evaras, Vin the wererat

Date: 13th – 15th Dimlek , 1028

The Goliath Scout

➢ Deep within the Midnight Marshes, the Platinum Knights trudge through the mudflats, putting the Travelling Temple of Corellon far behind them. Now armed with the knowledge and power to defeat the necrotic energies of Meepo, they race back to aid the Erahlan army in the West.
➢ After several hours march they make camp for the night and set watches.

➢ The party awaken the next day (14th Dimlek) and continue their way north through the marshes.

➢ At midday the whole marsh seems to shudder, and a green necrotic energy wave cascades across the sky above. Elenya and Fargrim (due to his druidic connection to the swamp) both feel a necrotic taint growing throughout the landscape. Their instantly notice large, unnatural corrupted growth sprouting across the marshes. Large, vicious vines strangling anything it touches.

➢ Nearby, not too far away, the party hear a pained roar, a person yelling in the distance.

➢ Making their way forward, the party notice a goliath fighter struggling to free himself from the vines. Kriv charges first into the corrupted vine growth while Edran uses his beguiling strands to force the weeds back. After some struggling and scratches, Kriv pulls the Goliath out to safety.
Lo-Dunk, a goliath from the northern mountains, reveals that he was part of a scouting party sent to investigate the movements of the undead hordes. His men were set upon by the corrupted growth and were killed. The Platinum Knights offer him the opportunity to join the fight against Meepo. The party continue their march through the swamps, towards the Front Line.

The Trap is Sprung

➢ The party awaken the next day (15th Dimlek) and continue their way towards the Front Line, passing through terrain that grows exceedingly corrupted and fuelled by necrotic energies.
➢ During their march, all of the party receive a arcane message, declaring: The Line is falling. All Platinum Knights marshal back to the Base Camp. This prompts the party to double their speed and trudge through the swamp as best they could.
➢ By evening, the dirtied and tired party do their best to trudge forward, finding their way continually blocked or harassed by the necrotic corruption of the swamp.
➢ They party begin to feel like they are being watched. Edran discusses this with Elenya, but they cannot see anything.
➢ Edran pulls from his magical robes a hooded lantern, which he shines into the darkness behind them. Suddenly he spies some form tunnelling through the mud behind them. Slithering towards them at high speed! Trying in vain to unleash beguiling strands at the form, the party are caught off guard as a long, giant magically infused chain encircles the party and suddenly erects magical barrier around them—trapping the Platinum Knights.

➢ Out of the swamp behind them, a pair of direwolves approach, growling and snapping at the party, while eight shambling zombies trudge along behind.

➢ Leading the two direwoves on a set of chains struts a very cocky and confident wererat. He appears to have magically bound the zombies to him, and he holds a magical compass in his hand, which seems to be twirling and pointing directly at the party.

Vin the wererat seems very self-assured and certain in his victory, gloating that he was able to intercept the party before they reached the Front Line. He also seems to know everyting about the party, their names, their recent activities and their mission to investigate the depths of the swamp. He makes an offer to the party: Give to him the knowledge that they uncovered in the Midnight Marshes and he would let them live and depart unaccosted.

➢ Elenya sees right through his blatant lie—it appears that Vin, a lowly lieutenant of Meepo’s army, intends to steal the knowledge of Meepo’s power and take it for his own nefarious purposes. Elenya approaches the edge of the barrier and says coldly to Vin ”Your time with the Raven Queen is coming” and she smashes her mace against the barrier.

➢ With a smile and a click of his fingers, Vin lowers the barrier and unleashes his direwolves at the party. The party roll for Initiative!

Session 46: The Beast Below

Session 46: The Beast Below


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya and Kriv

NPCs of note: Evaras

Date: 13th Dimlek , 1028

The Beast Below

➢ The party follow Evara down the steps into the bowels of the Temple, searching for the ritual room which once held The Amulet, the source of Meepo’s necrotic power.

➢ The Platinum Knights are shocked and disheartened when they discover that the lower levels of the Temple, over the centuries, had crumbled and were now deeply submerged in the murky waters of the swamp. Evaras uses her arcane magic to create magical air bubbles around the party members to allow them to explore the watery depths.

➢ As soon as the party disturb the murky waters, a large black snake explodes out of the water, while a giant electric eel rises from the cracks below. The creatures both appear to have been mutated by the untempered necrotic energies that inhabit the Temple- another sign of Meepo’s corruption.

➢ The party engage in watery combat with the creatures, Kriv eventually impaling the giant eel upon his blade. This allows the party to continue their underwater expedition into the depths of the Temple.

➢ At the down of the murky waters, the party notice a faint, twinkling blue light been within the bowels of the Temple. They swim towards it and find another ritual room, sealed with the Temple’s security vines and also with another necrotic barrier—left by Meepo during his visit to the Temple.

➢ After breaking the security and entering the ritual room, the party gaze upon large painted murals, which capture Eladrin mages practising some sort of ritual. Evaras reveals that the Head Mage was her father.

Edran’s Wand of Wonder reacts to the sigils, indicating that the ritual holds the key to disrupting the power of Meepo’s amulet—it is the same ritual that was used millennia ago to originally seal the Amulet from its creator—The Necromancer of Old. Although the ritual is far beyond Edran’s meagre skills, he records it in his notes.

➢ Meanwhile, Elenya discovers a small kobold scale floating around in the muck. The party return to the surface with the scale and Edran uses his Read Object ritual to gaze into the past of the scale. Through the experiences of the scale Edran is able to observe Meepo’s early life; his journey into the Temple years before with a metallic warforged and a goliath; the sound of snarling and wails of pain; the feeling of being wet, underwater perhaps; the last image observed captures the intense feeling of being subjected to lots of primal and necrotic energy moments before the scale was dislodged from its host—Meepo.

➢ Edran recounts the experiences through the scale, which is evidence that Meepo came to the Temple and stole the Amulet of Power. Now, together with the ritual and the powers taught to Horiam by Laeroi, they now have the keys to disrupting his power, and putting an end to the undead threat.


• Party recover giant electric eel glands, which could be fenced for 400gp.
• Cost of residiuum to Read Object to be taken from Edran’s personal stores.

Session 44 & 45: The Travelling Temple of Corellon Part II & III

Session 44 & 45: The Travelling Temple of Corellon, Part II and III

8/8/14 ; 29/8/14

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya and Kriv

Date: 13th Dimlek – , 1028

The Girl in the Mirror

➢ Deep within the Midnight Marshes the Platinum Knights climb to the top of the Travelling Temple of Corellon. They open the large stone doors and find themselves staring at a large stone archgate, swirling in chaotic elemental energy

➢ The room appears to be a shrine entirely dedicated to the archgate, which has inlaid elven runes, which Edran translates as ’The Door to all doors’.

Elenya and Kriv explore the magical runes and braziers surrounding the archgate, which they surmise must be the power source for the archgate. The braziers magical flames flicker pathetically, symbolising how little arcane power the zigguraut has remaining.

➢ Edran approaches the archgate, and feeling compelled, takes out his wand of Wonder and pushes it through the empty threshold of the archgate. Suddenly he opens a portal into a small room, filled with a desk, books, and a young Eladrin girl dressed in filthy rags, crying. Edran recognises her has the Eladrin his magically communed with during the Battle for Ravenholm, the girl who saved them from death. Shocked and elated, the girl runs through the archgate threshold and nearly passes out in Kriv’s arms.

➢ Kriv comforts the eldarin and passes her his waterskin. The young girl, Evara, reveals that she had been placed in the pocket dimension within the archgate by her father to protect her during the Temple’s crash over 127 years ago. She is shocked and nearly catatonic when the party reveal that the Temple had been pillaged by Meepo, and the amulet of necrotic power stolen. Kriv picks the tiny Eladrin and shakes her, ”Woman, you don’t get to be catatonic when necromancy has been unleashed upon the world!” In retaliation, Evara uses her magic to knock Kriv unconscious.

➢ Edran and Elenya manage to calm Evara down and convice her that they are all working on the same side—to defeat the source of Meepo’s power. Evara reveals that the amulet was housed in the bowels of the Temple. She walks off, leading the way and relinquished her magical stasis on Kriv.

➢ The party follow Evara down the steps into the bowels of the Temple. They are shocked and disheartened when they discover that the lower levels of the Temple, over the centuries, had crumbled and were now deeply submerged in the murky waters of the swamp. Evaras uses her arcane magic to create magical air bubbles around the party members to allow them to explore the watery depths.

➢ The party prepare to dive down into the dark murky depths of the Temple, in search of the stronghold, which had once long harboured the secret to Meepo’s power, and hopefully the solution to his ultimate defeat.

Session 43: The Travelling Temple of Corellon, Part I

Session 43: The Travelling Temple of Corellon, Part I

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Elenya and Kriv

Date: 11th – 13th Dimlek – , 1028

Following the vicious battle in the ruins of Salemhiss, the Platinum Knights elect to continue marching south through the*Midnight Marshes* to avoid undead reinforcements.
➢ An hour down the road the party detour in to the swamp to stop and recover from the battle. As they do they hear a draconic roar echo across the swamp. Fearing that the roar belongs to the undead dragon of Meepo the party snuff out their fire and

➢ The next day the party continue to march south through the foggy marshlands. As they near the recorded location of the Travelling Temple they hear the distant sounds of battle in the south-west, accompanied by the screaming and wailing of civilians. They party surmise that it could be refuges from the Elven Thornbark tribes or the Hobgoblin clans of the Stalkwood who have been captured by the undead. After a fierce debate the party vote to continue on their primary mission to the Temple

➢ That night the party make camp again. While some members still regret abandoning the civilians, the rest of the party notice that they are becoming desensitised to the war, and to the overwhelming presence of death. Fargrim bitterly remarks that “war is hell” and makes and the demoralised party bunker down for the night.

➢ The morning of the 13th Dimlek the party trudge westwards through the marshes, a journey which tests their endurance and athletic ability. At one point, while knee deep in a muddy bog, a rolling wave of necrotic energy begins to cascade upon the party. Edran tries to create an arcane bubble to envelope and protect the party, while Elenya and Horiam seek the Raven Queen’s divine protection. While not fatal, the energy passes the group, leaving them mentally drained.

➢ As the Platinum Knights approach the Temple, the party notice a trail of light bob and wave through the marsh. Emanating from the crack of light Edran can hear fey creatures talking in elven. Edran realises that the Temple is the source of the cracks and sundering of the planescape that has been ravaging the Midnight Marsh. He warns the party to be careful not to stray into any other “cracks in reality.”

Arrival at the Temple

➢ The party finally come to the lake, wherein lies the Travelling Temple of Corellon. The giant ziggurat crashed and is half-submerged into the middle of lake, which the party begin to swim across. Edran and Elenya arrive at the steps first.
Kriv begins to swim across the swamp but he begins to sink and drown in his heavy armour. As he talons behind to sink into the muddy bottom the paladin begins to panic, running out of breath. Edran feysteps into the deep swamp and tries to help Kriv to swim to the surface. Kriv begins to flail and panic in the water, gripping Edran. Suddenly Kriv recalls that he is wearing wavestrider boots, which he activates and he quickly bobs to the surface like a cork, leaving Edran to swim after him.

Solving the puzzle

➢ The party all get out of the water and begin to search around the Temple for the entrance. They find the front door, covered in thick vines. Edran tries to burn the vines off, but the party are surprised when the vines immediately grow back and clamp around the door.
Averlon swings up the columns onto a higher level to find alternative entrances while Kriv charges the front door. As he tries to ram the doors open he is eclipsed in arcane magic as a magical security system launches him back off the Temple and into the lake. Edran senses the whole Temple shiver with intense arcane magic.
➢ Averlon drops a rope, allowing the rest of the party to join him on a higher level. The Temple walls are covered with arcane sigils and glyphs, which make up the security and defences, allowing the Temple to travel across the planes. A majority of the glyphs bear homage to Corellon. Edran touches the nearest symbol and prays to his god Corellon and Ioun.
➢ Edran feels the grace Corellon and memory shard begins to burn with heat and light, as though an immense amount of data and memories have been magically dumped into the artifact. When Edran accesses the memory shard, his mind is filled with details of the Temple and its security, and how to open the door. He also receives a vision of a large stone archgate imbued with arcane magic.

➢ The party climb back down to the Front doors of the Temple. Edran’s wand begins acting like a dowsing rod, pointing in the direction of a room inside the Temple. He uses his newly gained knowledge to open the sealed doors. Curiously, the vines remain tangled across the threshold and appear to radiate with primal energy, as if they were an added defence mechanism AFTER the Temple crashed into the swamp.

➢ While Averlon and Elenya try to cut the vines and figure how to disarm the magic ritual, Kriv begins to heave slowly against the vines with his shield. As the dragonborn strains against the barrier the vines suddenly open and envelope him. Kriv falls to his knees inside the Temple’s foyer, but the vines seal shut behind him.

Inside the Temple

➢ Averlon and Elenya realise that the vines operate like a sequenced locking ritual. They need to cut the appropriate vines in a sequence, which will allow them to crack the ritual. They hurriedly begin testing and cutting the thick vines.

➢ Kriv hears a menacing growl inside the darkened Temple. He looks towards a large crack in the floor, through which climbs an Owlbear. The large creature regards him with shining glowing eyes and growls.

➢ A nearby statue flares to life, and a magical façade (re: hologram) appears in the shape of an elf. It begins muttering in ancient slyvian. The Owlbear reacts in fury and begins swiping at the illusion. Kriv takes the opportunity to back away from the owlbear. As he rounds a corner of the main stairs Kriv’s escape is blocked when two fire elementals and two water elementals appear from thin air. Kriv tries to back up towards the door again

➢ Elenya and Averlon finally cut the last two vines. The vine trap whithers and falls apart, allowing Kric to back up out of the Temple. One of the water elementals fires a gout of water, which blasts Edran back out into the lake.

➢ The party are offered a respite while the owlbear turns its aggression on the elementals. Kriv wades into the water and plucks Edran out, hauling the Eladrin over his shoulders.

➢ The owlbear forces the fire elementals to vanish into a fire brazier. As the owlbear turns its attention to the party, cuttings Kriv’s armour with its fiery talons. Elenya notices that it is simply trying to protect the crack in the floor, which must be its lair. The dryad cleric throws some of her rations at the owlbear. The creature halts its attack, regards the party. Its eyes blaze in purple arcane light and Elenya hears in her head _”This offering is not enough. You will feed my young.” The owlbear’s claws begin to glow a fiery red.

➢ Edran and Elenya surmise that the owlbear has developed elemental powers from living on the Temple grounds for so long. Unable to kill such a rare, powerful and magnificent creature, Edran and Elenya upend the handy haversack, as an offering of tribute, telling the owlbear that they merely wish to investigate the Temple grounds.
➢ The owlbear regards the party and their offering of salted meats. It picks up the handy haversack with its beak and its eyes glow purple once more. ”You may roam my realm, but do not disturb my lair.”
➢ As the owlbear pads back to the crack and disappears, the party are momentarily confused when an Imp flies out of the Temple doors. The demonic creature looks at the vine trap, the owlbear and then looks at the arty with amusement. He gives the party a mischievous grin and a thumbs up as he flies in the air and disappears before they react.

➢ The party enter the Temple and follow Edran’s wand, which continues to act as a dowsing rod. It appears to be homing in on a massive elemental power source. Climbing the main staircase they come to a large room. They open the doors and find themselves staring at a large stone archgate, swirling in chaotic elemental energy.


-the party have lost their handy haversack and are reduced to rations kept on their personal inventory.


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