The King's Recruits

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Session 11- Dipomacy with the Hobgoblins

Session 11
Cast- The King’s Recruits: Sparrow, Hemmingway, Mia, Kriv, Edran, Thorell, Nimaketh

The diplomatic mission with the Hobgoblin clans of Stalkwood Forest continues. In order to prepare against the undead armies growing in the north, the kingdom realm of Erelhor needs to secure an alliance with the Hobgoblin clans. The King’s Recruits spoke with Rocklef, the blind Hobgoblin who has recently been disposed as chieftain of the clans by the younger and brasher Red-Eye. He believes that a temporary truce with Red-Eye is still possible. The recruits plan to parley with Red-Eye, but they also make contingency plans to help Rocklef retake his seat, should diplomacy fail.

The recruits make a convincing case to Red-Eye, pointing out that the Undead Army poses a serious threat to hobgoblins and humans alike. Red-Eye agrees that a temporary alliance would be beneficial to the united hobgoblin clans, but he wants the Recruits to prove their trustworthiness first.
The hobgoblins have taken up residence in an ancient underground dwarven stronghold. They have been attempting to gain entrance to a vault that contains a piece of a magical dwarven weapon, a powerful relic from the ancient empires of old.

The recruits discuss and debate the possible merits and dangers of aiding the hobgoblin clans to gain possession of a segment of an ancient weapon. They begrudgingly agree to help the hobgoblins, as their mission was to ensure an alliance with the clans. However, they make future plans to help the Crown secure the other segments of the ancient weapon.

Inscribed on the vault seal is the phrase “In the fathers’ name, we protect what we have done and beg forgiveness”
The seal prevents fell and dark creatures (like the hobgoblins) from gaining access to the vault. The recruits are able to break the seal. As agreed, they hand over the relic and a compact is reached with Red-Eye.

The recruits leave the clans in peace, making their way back to Sparrowsport to report their success. Thorell leaves the party and remains with the local Elven tribes, who are recovering from the deep sleep caused by the shard crystals.

En route to Sparrowsport the Recruits encounter a Shardmind Psion called Nimaketh. Her appearance was partly responsible for the shard crystals that had previously caused the inhabitants of Stalkwood Forest to suffer intense dreams. As Shardminds are extremely rare in Erelhor, the Recruits take her with them (as an unwilling new party member/prisoner) to Sparrowsport.

When the party reach the edges of civilisation, they notice that Sparrowsport is a buzz with activity—the Undead Army has made their first move against Erelhor.

Session 12- Escort to Rovnol part 1

h1. Session 12 9/12/12

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Sparrow/Horam, Kriv, Mia, Edran, Nimaketh.
Ring of NPCness: Hemmingway, Gareth 2.0
NPCs of note: Harbourd, Greyack Sparrowsong

The King’s Recruits return to Sparrowsport upon dusk. The small village along the southern coast of Erelhor serves as the recruits’ current base of operations. The township is a buzz with activity. The Platinum Knights, local militia and irregulars are all being called to arms. Whispers and gossip suggest that there is going to be a large undead offensive.

The party quickly locates their handler, Harbourd the Dwarf. He presents the recruits with alarming news—he is going to immediately promote them to the rank of Platinum Knights. Harbourd explains that this is an unprecedented event, but right now he needs all the Platinum Knights he can get. Mission reports from an expedition in the north at Frostfall gleaned that the Wererats clans—who are allied with Mepo and his undead army—are launching a massive offensive upon Erelhor. They plan to attack several key townships simultaneously while their main objective is to kidnap Greyack Sparrowsong, the baron of Sparrowsport.

Greyack not only acts as the warden of the southern coastal realms, but the Party are told that he is a Lycanthrope. Greyack and his whole family line have the ability to turn into a golden sparrow- the sigil of their family- and the plucked golden feather of this unique animal form can bestow levitating abilities upon the holder. The wererat clans plan to kidnap Greyack and offer him as tribute to Mepo. This act will also devastate the leadership and morale of southern Erelhor armies.

Greyack meets with the party. He presents Kriv with a magical long sword, as a way of thanking him for his bravery when he previously fought marauding pirates. The baron of Sparrowsport tells the party that he must be escorted safely to Rovnol, the capital of Erelhor located in the north of the realm

The party spend the night preparing a wagon to escort Greyack. Multiple decoy wagons are also organised, with loyal soldiers volunteering to escort the decoys to lead away undead forces away from the Party.

At 1am, the party depart Sparrowsport. Three decoy carriages are deployed on other routes.
As the wagon continues to travel north they begin to hear the sounds of bones and screeching of undead animals throughout the wilderness closing in on the carriage.
At 4am, the party learn that the other decoys have been overtaken by the undead. The party are on their own and continue to race north. Mia communes with the horses, Honour and Steve, and urges them to continue at a brisk pace.
At 5am Edran spots dark shadowy mists approaching the wagon from the south. Two Wererats magically fly up to the rear of the wagon and begin launching magical bolts at the wagon axles.

With two powerful strikes (one a critical hit) the wagon axles are obliterated, causing wooden shards to fly through the air and the wagon to crashes onto the road. Nimaketh is launched from the wagon and she hits an outcrop of rocks, falling unconscious and shattering into crystal shards. Hemmingway leaps out of the carriage to aid her.
As swarms of undead rats rush from the undergrowth the battle begins. Greyack stays inside the wagon, protected by Mia and Edran as the other recruits disembark and take the fight to the wererats and swarms.

After fighting waves of undead swarms, the party has taken care of their immediate persuit. As the sun rises in the east, the party discovers with dismay that they are still two days wagon travel to Rovnol, and they have just lost their only means of outrunning the unrelenting undead swarms that are searching for them…

Session 13- Escort to Rovnol part 2

Session 13
Cast- The King’s Recruits: Sparrow/Horam, Hemmingway, Kriv, Mia, Edran, Nimaketh.
Rings of NPCness: Gareth 2.0
NPCs of note: Greyack Sparrowsong, Billy the Kid

The sun rises in the east as the Party comes to terms with their current predicament. The party came under attack while escorting Baron Greyack Sparrowsong to Rovnol. During the encounter, wererat magi attacked the wagon and shattered the wooden axles. With the undead swarms closing in on them, the party set to work trying to get the wagon mobile.
The party elaborately used *Nameketh*’s psionic energy to levitate the wagon and was aided by the unique levitating feathers of Greyack to raise the carriage.

At 5:30am the party gets under way again, heading north towards the Grey City aka Rovnol.

At 9:00am the party notice smoke rising in the northeast. Horam estimates that the smoke is coming from Thedanwald, a small fishing village located along the banks of Khazdon Lake. The village itself is of no military significance, but Horam deduces that by attacking the small village, vital troops would have been diverted to defend it, leaving the King’s Road and Sparrowsport vulnerable to further attacks.

By midday Honour and Steve, the carriage horses, have tired and require an extended reset to recuperate. Mia spots a valley to the east that would offer sufficient cover from any undead forces that tail the Party’s movements.

The party rests while Horam finds a raised valley outcropping that offers an idea vantage point. The horses, Nimaketh and Mia both required an unbroken extended rest. Since Horam and Edran are both creatures of the Other Realms, the Shadowfell and Fey Wild respectively, they offer to take watch.
At 2pm Edran takes second watch. While meditating, he spots some villagers running south on the King’s Road, presumably fleeing the sacking of Thedanwald. Realising that the villagers are unknowingly heading right towards approaching undead swarms, Edran uses Whispering Wind to warn the villagers and instruct them to seek shelter north at the Grey City. The bewildered villagers change direction and flee north.
At 5pm Horam spots undead creatures approaching the valley from the south. The wererats, now riding large Frankenstein-like rat mounts approach the valley, but the Party were stealthy enough to avoid detection.

At 7pm the horses are rested enough to continue the journey north.

At 8pm the Party notice torchlights ahead on the King’s Road. Wary of Wererat scouts patrolling the highway, Mia urges the horses off the road into some undergrowth to hide. As the lights approach, the figures turn out to be a human man, two females and a young boy. They are all in a terrible state of panic and are fleeing the sacking of Thedanwald.
Horam, Kriv, Hemmingway emerge from the undergrowth and speak to them, gleaning what information they can. The Wererats have been sacking the fishing village, killing the settlers and then using necromantic rituals to reanimate their corpses to reinforce their numbers.
The father, William, urges the party to make haste towards Thedanwald to save their homes.
The party try to explain that they are on a mission of great importance and are bound to Rovnol—they simply cannot detour. They also realise that with the wagon in its current state of damage, they simply cannot support the load of four extra people.
The party give William and his family what food and equipment will aid them to reach Rovnol on foot. Hemmingway, fearing for the life of the young boy, persuades William to give them Billy the Kid, so that he may at least have a chance at living. It is a teary farewell as the wagon sets off again in the night. Billy the Kid cries as the torch beared by his father disappears into the darkness. The silence of the road is then punctured screams south of them.

At 9pm, Baron Greyack, and the party all wrestle with their conscience. Thedanwald is under the baron’s realm of protection, and he cannot abide the wererats actions. However, he also realises that the party have direct instructions from the Grey City to deliver him safely, so he won’t tell them to break their orders.
The party discuss and agree to save Thedanwald, realising that the detour will be time costly and their chances of detection will increase as they near the fishing village.

Billy the Kid speaks for the first time. He knows a secret way to Thedanwald, through the Underdark. The route is known to the locals and the merchant caravans, and with luck, hopefully the wererats have not yet discovered the secret cave entrances.

The night grows ever darker as the wagon plunges into the subterranean caves and tunnels of the Underdark.

Session 14- The Sacking of Thedanwald

Session 14: The Sacking of Thedanwald
Cast- The King’s Recruits: Sparrow/Horam, Kriv, Edran.
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Hemmingway, Nimaketh, Gareth 2.0
NPCs of note: Greyack Sparrowsong, Billy the Kid, Flintston the wererat

The night grows ever darker as the King’s Recruits plunge into the subterranean tunnels of the Underdark. Billy the Kid has promised to help navigate them through the burrows, taking shortcuts known only to the merchant caravans and locals of Thedanwald.

By midnight the party has almost reached the small fishing village but they must stop at midnight to rest the horses. While they rest, Kriv’s keen eyes spot a pair of wererats approaching in the night, riding large undead wargs. Upon their mounts each wererat appears to hold a human hostage, bound and gagged.
Horam, Kriv and Edran lead a surprise attack against the wererat scouts. Upon freeing the hostages, they discover that it is William and his sister-in-law. They had been overtaken not long after the party had encountered them the night before. Surprisingly, the settlers had not been killed outright, but rather taken hostage. William is shocked to see them on the road to Thedanwald, but is overjoyed that the King’s Recruits decided to save the village and have thus far kept Billy the Kid safe.

Horam, Kriv and Edran decide to sneak the rest of the way on foot. Mia, Nimaketh and Hemmingway stay with Baron Greyack Sparrowsong and the wagon. William, who was the local smithy of Thedanwalf offers to spend the time attempting to repair the wagon.
The party push on.

By 5am the darkness of night gives way to twilight as the three recruits near Thedanwald. The leader of the sacking, a wererat called Flintston, is positioned atop a platform, preparing a necromantic ritual. The recruits spot villagers being held nearby, as offerings for the ritual.

Just as the recruits prepare to rush the wererat necromancer, a battle begins on the edge of town. It appears that some Platnium Knights have been sent to repulse the wererats from Thedanwald. Amongst the knights are Gareth 2.0, Orik and Karli.

The diversion proves to be fortuitous, as the bulk of the undead forces are diverted to counter the Platnium Knights, leaving Flintston with only a handful of swarms and a Zombie Hulk to protect him during the ritual.

Horam, Kriv and Edran emerge from the undergrowth and begin battle against Flintston.

When Flinston is vanquished many of the undead forces fall to the ground, their necromantic energy severed. The remaining wererats are either captured or run down.
By 5:30am, Thedanwald is officially reclaimed by the King’s Recruits.

Session 15- Charm of the Skuu-bus

Session 15: Charm of the Skuu-bus#
Cast- The King’s Recruits: Sparrow/Horam, Kriv, Edran, Mia, Gareth 2.0
Rings of NPCness: Hemmingway, Nimaketh
NPCs of note: Greyack Sparrowsong, Fiona

With Flintston the wererat necromancer vanquished, the remaining wererat forces disband. Those who do not surrender or flee are quickly cut down by the Platinum Knights of Erelhor.
Thedanwald has been saved, but word and gossip suggests that many other small settlements were attacked by the wererats and weren’t so fortunate.

The party rest until midday and depart with Baron Greyack Sparrowsong. The party head west along the King’s Road and they plan to reach the Cross Roads by nightfall. The King’s Road is free of the undead that had previously plagued it. However there is more traffic on the roads, as refugees and farmers seek the safety of Rovnol or other nearby townships and fortified settlements.

Around midafternoon the wagon is waved down by a figure walking along the road. The female Dragonborn is grateful that they stopped. She notices Kriv amongst the party and propositions him. Kriv is immediately interested in the proposal and dismounts Honour the horse.

The party are in differing views on the matter. Some believe that the trials of the past few days warrant a release of tension; others are aware that they still need to get Greyack to the Grey City as soon as possible.
Gareth 2.0 observes the female Dragonborn and detects that she is using arcane magic to glamour Kriv. Gareth 2.0 signals to Horam that something is not right with the situation.
While Carli and Gareth exit the wagon to stop Kriv getting nearer to Fiona the dragonborn, Horam begins to swear an Oath of Emnity upon her.

Seeing that she is quickly getting outnumbered, Fiona spreads her dragonborn wings and flies into the air.
Horam disappears in a flash of shadow and mist and appears in the air above Fiona. He strikes Fiona with his blade as he lands on her back. This causes the two to crash into the forest floor below.
As the party rush to reinforce Horam, Fiona changes her form. Instead of a female dragonborn, they discover that she is in fact a succubus.

The battle with Fiona begins. Despite being outnumbered she is a formidable force. Fiona uses her powers to glamour and dominate Mia’s mind, and she momentarily attacks her comrades.
The combat is fierce for Horam, who is attacked by a dominated Mia and his life force is siphoned out by Fiona.

When Fiona is defeated she dies in a fiery burst. The party collect themselves, Horam makes sure to smack Kriv across the back of the head as they climb aboard the wagon and set off.

At nightfall the party stop to rest at the Cross Roads. Due to the recent attacks and the influx of refugees, the intersection has been turned into a protected and guarded and camping ground. The party are able to sleep through the night undisturbed.

Setting off early at 6am, the party begins to head north towards the Grey City. The day is uneventful, and though the roads are congested with refugees, they reach the outer walls of Rovnol by 4pm. The plains outside the fortified walls have been turned into a sea of tents, as refugees are arriving at the city in greater numbers than the city guards can process.

The party is waved through the gates immediately with their important passenger. They ride through the city towards the inner gates, passing through these until they reach the Platinum Spire—the seat of the royal family and base of operations for the Platinum Knights who serve and protect the realm.

The party bring Baron Greyack to the Spire and he is escorted to safety. As the wagon is emptied a man approaches the party. He is a tall man with an eye patch over one side of his face adorned in the armour and arms of the Platinum Knights. He instructs them to follow him into the depths of the Spire.

  1. The title is an in-joke, referring to the DMs incorrect pronunciation of succubus through this particular session.
Session 17- The Halls of Platinum
Session 17- The Halls of Platinum

Session 17
Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran
Guest starring: Fargrim Stoneborn
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Hemmingway, Nimaketh, Gareth 2.0
Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher, Rochelle

Rovnol. Capital of the kingdom of Erelhor. All roads in the Grey City lead to the large tower located in the urban centre. The Platinum Spire has been the home of the royal family for at least 600 hundreds years. The Platinum Knights central base of operations is located deep within the bowels of the Spire. Since the Spire has been built they have always served the king of Erelhor and policed the realm.

It is 4:30pm as the King’s Recruits bring their wagon to rest inside the inner grounds of the Spire. Baron Greyack Sparrowsong has been safely escorted, ending 5 days of brutal riding, constantly under attack by evil lycanthropes and unrelenting hordes of the undead.

There can be no doubt now that the war against Mepo and his undead forces has begun in earnest.

As the wagon is emptied a man approaches the party. He is a tall human with an eye patch over one side of his face and he is adorned in the armour and arms of the Platinum Knights. He instructs them to follow him into the depths of the Spire.

Deep beneath the Platinum Spire the Knights operate and train within an old cave system. The man, who introduces himself as General Fletcher, explains that he is very grateful to the party for completing their mission as well as their part played in the liberation of Thedanwald. Fletcher welcomes them to the Spire and tells the party to report to the training grotto in the morning. Spare beds and rooms have been set up for the party, as they are fellow Platinum Knights. Fargrim Stoneborn, a Dwarf Platinum Knight, is assigned as personal guide and escort to the party during their stay.

This immediately puts the party on edge, as Kriv has a personal dislike for dwarves, and is constantly and vocally spouting anti-dwarven rhetoric. Horam warns Kriv to be aware of their surroundings and to watch his draconic tongue during their stay in the Spire.

The party are escorted to their cabins. Horam helps himself to the supplied liquor in each room. He nominates a room and wishes to spend the night in solitude, meditating to the Raven Queen. During his meditation, the Shadar-Kai is blessed with a vision from his goddess- He views spectral images of a Halfling, a kobold and goliath. He perceives a temple collapsing and then a dark figure addressing a conclave of dark shadows. Horam spends the rest of the night in meditation.

Kriv notices that each cabin has been supplied with a fruit hamper. This causes Kriv’s love of pineapples to resurface and he immediately ransacks the hampers in all of the cabins assigned to the party. Kriv eats an absurd amount of fruit, except bananas, which he dislikes. Consequently, the dragonborn is struck down with a stomachache and spends the rest of the night in pain.

Edran does not wish to spend the night in his cabin. After dark he leaves his room and makes his way towards the library archives of the Platinum Knights. Fargrim Stoneborn begins to tail the eladrin, suspecting that the high elf is up to no good. Inside the archives, Edran speaks to the librarian, Rochelle. He asks if there are any recorded histories in the realm that detail any ancient magical relics—similar to the piece of the ancient dwarven artifact recovered by the hobgoblin clans of Stalkwood Forest.
Edran believes that it is important to ensure that the hobgoblins do not recover all of the weapon segments.
Rochelle does not know of any such recorded events, but she does tell Edran to speak with General Fletcher regarding an arcanic artifact that was recovered recently by Platinum Knights stationed north in Frostfall Village (see Heroes of Frostfall Adventure).
Edran leaves the archives and descends into the training grotto. At this point Fargrim is extremely suspscious of the eladrin’s activities and continues to follow him. Edran enters the training ground and speaks to General Fletcher about the recovered device. He is denied access, as Fletcher needs to “see them in action” first thing in the morning.
Deciding that he can wait until morning, Edran retires to his room. There is a brisk exchanging of words in the stairwell between Edran and Fargrim. Fargrim views the wizard with suspicion and distaste. Edran looks at Fargrim in mild disinterest (as he does with most mortal folk!)

The next morning the party enter the training grotto. General Fletcher explains that while Harbourd may have promoted them to the rank of Platinum Knights, it is he who will have the final say in officiating their position in the Knights’ guild.
To test their ability, Fletcher explains that each of them must duel with training swords in the grotto ring. The duel will last until one opponent is knocked out or yields. Kriv and Horam are allocated as opponents.
However, Horam refuses to fight. The Shadar-Kai Avenger explains that he will not take part in a “play fight.” Due to his covenant with the Raven Queen, Horam will not draw any blade unless it is to the death. He says that he will not draw his blade against Kriv.

Kriv and Fargrim duel in the ring. The two are quite evenly matched as they exchange sword and hammer strikes. Fargrim unleashes a powerful attack with his hammer that knocks Kriv out. Fortunately the duel is called, and only Kriv’s immense pride and hurt—this only helps to fuel his dislike of dwarves.

Edran duels against a fellow Platinum Knight called Skamos.

To satisfy Horam’s pact with his goddess, General Fletcher summons a ghostly illusion for him to fight. This is acceptable to Horam’s covenant and he agrees to fight—to the death.
During the duel the apparition knocks out Horam. It fades away from existence and Kriv heals Horam with an inspiring word.

General Fletcher announces that he was pleased with how the party members fought and he declares that they are now brothers of the Platinum Knights. During the celebration, Fletcher takes Edran aside and says that he is ready to see the arcane artifact recovered in the Frostfall.

Edran looks over the magical device. Although Edran cannot perceive anything about the purpose or magical properties of the artifact, Fletcher explains that it is a bomb, and could be dangerous if used by Mepo.
Edran admits that he knows nothing about the powerful magic used to fuel these devices, but perhaps the Order of the Talon- the arcane order that he serves in the Fey Wild- will know more.

Back in the training grotto, while Horam and Kriv are being welcomed into the Platinum Knights, a figure brushes against Horam and deftly places a note inside his pocket. The man disappears into the crowd.
Horam surreptitiously reads the note to himself.

Fargrims's Journal

Fargrim’s Journal

Fresh meat for the Knights arrived today. A big group, or so I hear, I only met three of them myself. A human, a dragonborn and… elf. Of the three it is the human who seems to be the only useful one, despite being a drunk. He would only fight an enemy he intended to kill; clearly there is some dwarf in him! In these dire times, I wish his sentiment was shared by more of us. DEATH TO MEEPO! The dragonborn seemed to enjoy spitting vile lies about us dwarves (most likely told to him by the elf), although after encountering the business end of my hammer he’ll probably be spitting teeth for a while. Heh heh heh. I do love our initiation rites. He also has a fondness for pineapples and spherical fruits, this information could come in handy. The elf did not say much at all, probably intimidated by my presence. He did skulk away to the library for an undisclosed reason. Like a shadow I followed him and observed his every move. I allowed him to realise that I was following him, so he would be aware that I was aware of whatever nefarious elf scheme he was plotting. The times to come will indeed be interesting and I will have to be ever vigilant should my suspicions around this elf be well founded. I know Grand-pappy Fargos always said that some elves, especially the women, could be ok; but there is just something about them that unsettles me. For the mean time I will keep my suspicions to myself and, while unable to offer a hand of friendship just yet, I will endeavour to offer this elf the hand of indifference.



Session 18- The Hand of Shadows

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Gareth 2.0, Hemmingway
Guest starring: Fargrim Stoneborn, Vered
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Nimaketh,
Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher, Dongala, Laeroi

The morning sun continues to blaze above Rovnol, the capital of Erelhor. Deep within the bowels of the Platinum Spire, our intrepid party continue the latest round of their training that will formalise their induction into the ranks of the Platinum Knights.

The next to duel in the Platinum ring involves Hemmingway, Gareth 2.0 and a fellow knight called Vered.

Meanwhile, whilst Horam and Kriv are being welcomed into the Platinum Knights, a figure brushes against Horam and deftly places a note inside his pocket. The man disappears into the crowd, disappearing as quickly as he appeared.
Horam surreptitiously reads the note to himself.

NOTE: At this point of play only Horam knows the contents of the letter.

Following the conclusion of the morning’s training sessions, Horam approaches Fargrim Stoneborn and specifically asks for directions to a tavern called ‘The Busty Wench.’
Being posted in Rovnol, Fargrim is aware of the renowned gentlemens’ club and agrees to provide directions and escort.

On the premise of going out to have some social drinks, Horam convinces Gareth 2.0 and Hemmingway to join him on the trip into the city districts. Kriv, still suffering the ill effects of eating too much fruit, remains in his cabin.

Taking his friends to a tavern down the street from ‘The Busty Wench,” Horam informs Gareth that he received a secret message that summoned him to the gentlemens’ club, promising information regarding their fight against Mepo.
The note warned Horam to come alone, but the Avenger wanted his friends nearby in case the situation became dire. Gareth summons his magical familiar to tail Horam to “The Busty Wench”- this would allow Gareth and Horam to maintain a psychic connection for a distance of 100 meters.

With the familiar in tow, Horam leaves the tavern and enters “The Busty Wench” alone (inadvertently going beyond the 100 meter distance that the familiar can be separated from Gareth).
Horam enters the establishment and is greeted by a halfling doorman who promptly leads him to a secret chamber. Inside the darkened room a deep voice speaks from the shadows “It’s good to see you, brother.”
The voice belongs to a fellow creature of the Shadow Fell, a Shadar-Kai male called Dongala. The two, although not related, obviously have a shared history and it is a cold reunion.
Dongala appears slightly concerned that Horam has joined the ranks of the Platinum Knights. He states that he is willing to offer information to the Knights regarding Mepo—or more specifically, his colleagues are willing to offer.

Out the darkness and shadows a creature takes form. It is another creature of the Shadow fell and it introduces himself as Laeroi.
The creature of shadow reiterates that he is prepared to offer vital information regarding the secret to Mepo’s power, but despite Dongala’s vouching, he does not yet trust Horam, given his new alliance to the Platinum Knights of the mortal realm. Laeroi begins to question Horam’s motives for remaining in this plane of existence.

Laeroi informs Horam that he will be keeping an eye of him in the days to come, and makes a deal that if Horam promises to aid him and his shadow constituents—at an undisclosed time—then he will gladly offer the information as payment. Uncomfortable with the blind promise, and recognising the importance of the information, Horam agrees.

While Leroy had been monologuing, Horam perceives that Laeroi’s robes have an insignia, a distinct symbol of a hand wreathed in shadow and smoke.

Leaving “The Busty Wench” and returning to the others unharmed, Horam discloses the events to Gareth 2.0. Describing the unique insignia, the warforges remarks that it is strikingly similar to the symbol of the Hand of Vecna, the God of Secrets.
The warforged then expresses his desire to leave the tavern, just as Fargrim looses an arm wrestling challenge to a Halfling.

Returning to the Platinum Spire at the end of the night, Horam seeks out Edran in the Platinum Archives. The eladrin had had no desire to mingle amongst the crowded inns and taverns and instead had continued to read up on the mission reports relating the Frost Fall incident.
Horam recollects to Edran the description of the insignia Laeroi wore. Edram recalls that the symbol was attributed to a sect called the Hand of Shadows. According to legand- or superstition- the secret enclave called the Hand of Shadows operated in the fey hundreds of years ago and were involved with a long lost magical fey artifact of repute, that has since fallen out of common and academic knowledge. This concerns Edran, since any artifact of fey origin would be extremely powerful. While he is convinced that the mortal realm archives will have not further information, the eladrin agrees to spend the rest of the night scouring for any other related information.

When Horam retires to his cabin to meditate, Laeroi appears of the shadows. The shadow creature is impressed with Horam’s resourcefulness and initiative to identify the Hand of Shadows. As a sign of mutual trust, he fills in the gaps that the eladrin had missed. He explains that the Hand of Shadows were a secret enclave who had operated for hundreds of years to protect and hide potent and dangerous artifacts from the powers of evil. One such item included the fragmented soul and essence of a powerful necromancer, defeated long ago. In recent years, Mepo had stolen this fragment and it was the duty of the Hand of Shadows to retrieve the secret to his power.

As part of their final training session, the party form up into teams and are provided with fellow human guards to work with. This leads to a reunion between Edran and Hugh Mann Garde, a human guard who had accompanied him a year ago on an unrelated mission.
The team royale duel inevitably goes to Horam, Gareth 2.0 and Kriv and their human guards, who soundly beat Hemmingway, Edra, Fargrim and Vered.

GAME NOTES: All characters awarded 300gp each- salary from Platinum Knights

Session 19- The Remnants of Til

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Horam, Kriv, Edran, Hemmingway
Guest starring: Mok
Rings of NPCness: Mia, Nimaketh, and Gareth 2.0
Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher

General Fletcher meets with the party and discusses their next course of action. With the wererats effectively beaten out of the fight, the Platinum Knights need to use their momentum to find ways to rout Mepo’s forces in Erelhor. According to Intel the leader of the undead, when not personally overseeing his various forces typically resides and operates within the Midnight Marshes, located in the east of the realm.

Recent reports have suggested that a Temple of the Raven Queen, located on the edges of the marsh realms, has been overrun and sequestered by the undead forces.
This report disturbs Horam and Kriv, both worshippers of the goddess of death and natural order. Horam in particular cannot abide the fact that the temple is being defiled, and the dead are being raised to bolster Mepo’s forces. The party accept orders to investigate and reclaim the divine temple. Fletcher provides the party with horses owned by the Platinum Knights. Even on the horseback, the journey will take 5 days to reach the temple.

Planning to leave at first light the next day, the party make their own plans for the rest of the day. Horam takes the time to tend to the dying refugees, victims of the wererat attacks. He administers last rites and help to ease the transition for those who are bound to meet the Raven Queen. Hemmingway makes his way to the city council and assists with the relief efforts to provide food to the new refugee sectors that are being established in the city. The war general also makes suggestions to the city council to erect quarantine zones within the refugee sectors, to separate the sick and injured. The council agree wholeheartedly to implement these ideas
Kriv takes the time to visit the capital and listen in on the local politics. During a session with the King and Privy Council, Kriv overhears that the local police forces are concerned with growing reports of kidnappings and murders. This underbelly of Rovnol have been murdering random civilians and refugees, often removing ears and leaving unique mutilations as calling cards.

Edran remains at the Platinum Spire to speak to General Fletcher about their destination. The Midnight Marshes, located to the east, are a dangerous and untamed wilderness. It represents the eastern frontier of the kingdom of Erelhor. Humans and kingdom races sparsely populate the marsh, as the geography is more suited to lizard folk. The Lizard folk inhabit the marshes, and they regularly trade with the nearby kingdom settlements.
Being close to the Temple of the Raven Queen, large sections of the Marsh borderlands are devoted to cemeteries and tombs. Latest reports suggest that the area is now thick with necrotic energies, a result of Mepo’s actions.

The party buy extra rations for the journey. General Fletcher presents the party with their new capes, symbols of their status as a Platinum Knight.
The party are to be accompanied by a fellow Knight, a half-orc barbarian called Mok. The half-orc is impressed with the party’s actions at Thedanwald and wishes to help them in their quest.

Departing at first light, the party travel north through sparse farmlands. Many of the fields had been abandoned during the wererat attacks, and are now being reclaimed by the farmers, the area now safe again.
The day is uneventful and the group set camp at the northern crossroads at evening.

Kriv takes first watch. While on second watch, Edran, feeling uneasy, uses his arcane to detect a small life force very close to the camp. He rouses the others awake immediately. No one spots anything, but the figure is still close, apparently invisible. Kriv breathes fires into the air, creating a smoke screen. Edran again spots a shape flying through the smog, but it quickly departs out of range.
As the party settle down, Horam observes with insight that Edran appears unhappy with Kriv. The avenger takes the dragonborn aside and inquires whether he has done anything to anger Edran. Kriv responds that he is unsure, and remarks that he can only differentiate two emotions on the quiet eladrin—happy and neutral.
Horam decides to keep this quiet and continues to observe Edran.
As the camp settles down, Edran performs the alarm ritual over the campsite, to alert them if the creature returns.

The rest of the watch is uneventful and the party break camp at first light. Heading east now the group travel beside the towering Yorgnole Mountains, home to the dwarves of Erelhor. Kriv begins to try and educate Mok on his worldviews pertaining to the hillfolk.
The weather becomes very cold this far north and some of the party members cannot endure the cold temperatures.
The day is uneventful and the company set up camp again. Edran casts the alarm ritual again.

The alarm is triggered during Mok’s watch. The camp rouses and begins to search for the creature. Edran’s elven eyes spot the creature in flight. Kriv identifies the creatures as an Imp. The older members of the party like Horam, Kriv and Hemmingway, suggest that the Imp may be a servant of Terios, a rogue cleric who has betrayed the party some weeks ago in Sparrowsport. It appears that Terios is tailing the movements of the party, this being his second infiltration .

The company continues east. At midday they begin to cross the famous dwarven bridge. On the far side they spot an overturned wagon. Horam sneaks ahead and smells corpses. It appears that these farmers had been trying to flee the wererat hordes days ago, and had not been successful. Horam wishes to bury the dead, assisted by Edran and Hemmingway. They administer the last rites to the dead, scavenge the wagon and continue to head east.

As the party journey on, they begin to spot road signs covered in thick spider webs. Mok thinks that this is unusual, spiders being this far west of the marshes.
They spot smoke rising in the direction of Til.

By evening the party are riding over the mountain pass adjacent to Til. They observe that the small trading town has been overrun. The deathly quiet village was covered in spider webs and ash. Presumably the town had been attacked during the wererat attack. Believing the town to be lost, its population having fled or been slaughtered, the party consider launching artillery magic to kill the spiders and undead that roam the streets.
Mok is against the idea, and they decide to approach the town to make sure that there are no survivors.
Horam sneaks ahead of the party. The entire town has become a feeding ground for the undead and spiders. Corpses live on the ground, either eaten by the undead or cocooned by the spiders. The ground is covered in thick spiderweb, making the terrain difficult to cross.
Peering from underneath a windmill, Horam spots two undead lizard ghouls mutilating a corpse in the street.

The ghouls spot Horam (with a critical roll!) and the battle begins.

The two ghouls rush Horam, overpowering his defences, managing to stun and immobilise him with their necrotic poisons. Mok, Hemmingway and Kriv join the battle. As they do, several spider swarms descend from the adjacent roof and surround the party. The spiders begin attacking from all sides. One large albino spider shoots a web and immobilises Mok to the side of a nearby barn. Edran recognises the albino spider as a Fey Spider, a deadly arachnid from the fey wild, unique for it’s teleporting abilities. While Hemmingway and Kriv attack the ghouls, Horam continues to be stunned and immobilised by their poisons. Kriv makes a daring move to shift the avenger out of danger, breathing fire down the alleyway. Edran, from behind the fighters blazes the spider swarms with scorching bursts. As he does so, the windmill begins to catch on fire, the old wood acting as fire to arcane flames.
While one spider retreats, the Fey Spider teleports behind Mok, and covers him in thick webs. The large albino begins to draw the half-orc closer to its gnashing mandibles.

Mok, still covered in thick web, spins around and unleashes his full bloodseeker’s rage upon the Fey Spider, smashing its head in with his stone hammer. He kills it outright in one massive hit.
Edran tries to immolate a ghoul and the spider swarms simultaneously in fire, but he also manages to scorch Kriv with fire damage.
Meanwhile, as Hemmingway kills one ghoul, Horam, finally free of the necrotic venom that had stunned and immobilised him, obliterates the last ghoul by abjuring the undead creature.
Edran concludes the combat by using his beguiling strands to launch the last spider off the burning windmill, causing it to fall 60ft to the ground.

The creatures have been destroyed, but it is obvious that Til has been destroyed. The party search the remaining houses in town. They recover a suit of armour, and accumulate 50gp. In one house, the party cut open some cocoons to find a rage drake and a female human. Both are unconscious, poisoned by the spiders, but still alive.
Edran spots a dragon mark or tattoo on the woman’s cheek. He recognises this as a common mark amongst sorcerers, wildling folk who have been self trained in the ways of magic.

After the unconscious wildling and drake are loaded onto the wagon, Horam leads the others in the task of recovering the dead. The last rites are given to the bodies. The bodies are then placed on the smouldering windmill of Til, turning it into a ceremonial pyre. The innocent people who died defending their homes were honoured and prayed for, and the pyre was set on fire.

As the pyre began to burn, sending smoke and ash into the night sky, the party mounted up and continued to head east. They did not dare look back at the remnants of Til….

1. 50 gp to be divided amongst party
2. -3 day rations from personal kits
3. -10 gp residium from Edran’s personal stores.


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