2nd Daryos- Plague spreads in Westside Sparrowport

5th Daryos- Makeshift wall built blocking off Westside

8th Kindlek- Zerenthas A group of adventurers depart Quin’tilzen to investigate reported Outside incursions into local desert territory.

12th Kindlek- Kriv and Terios meet, extort old woman. “Sparrow”, Hemingway and Mia meet in “The Golden Sparrow”. All are going to join King’s Recruits.

13th Kindlek- Original party (excluding Gareth and Thoradin) meet recruitment office. Party meets Harbord and Vance. Party joins Recruits. Party enters Westside, deals with wererat woman/plague, reports to Harbord, Vance leaves. Zerenthas Averlon returns to Quin’tilzen, sole survivor of an expedition in to the desert of Zerenthas.

14th Kindlek- Party meets Thoradin (and later Gareth 2.0 Cyborg Wizard). Rumors of noises from Den in farmlands, sent to investigate by Harbord. Enconter animated garden gnomes, Farmer Greyburn. Discover hobgoblin wizard in The Den, it’s highly unusual to find goblins this far into Erahlor. Return to Sparrowsport. Find Sparrowsport under attack from pirates, assist Harbord in battle against pirates lead by Roric.

15th Kindlek- Party decides to investigate what the hobgoblins are up to rather than hunt down the pirates. The party begins traveling towards the Stalkwood Forest, is forces to rest halfway through the journey late at night. Party is attacked by large centipedes in the middle of the night while resting.

16th Kindlek- Party reaches Stalkwood forest, discusses matters with a Elven clan and meets Thoril. Thoril leads the party to the hobgoblins primary outpost, and upon being met with hostility begins to fight their way into the stronghold. Terios betrays the party. A large flash, latter determined to be caused by a dream shard causes most lifeforms including the party to fall into a sort of joint Dreamscape.

17th Kindlek— The party awaken in the Hobgoblin Stronghold. They succeeded in escaping the dreamscape caused by Nimaketh’s arrival in the mortal world. Edran awakens and treks through Stalkwood Forest to meet the party. The party secure an alliance with Red-Eye and the hobgoblin clans.

18th Kindlek— The party awaken in the Hobgoblin Stronghold. They depart for Sparrowsport. Thorill leaves the party, returning to the elven tribes nearby. Meet Nimaketh, the psion shardmind who had inadvertently caused the dreamscape. The mark of Asmoedeus is discovered on Kriv’s neck, Horam suspects the work of Terios. The party arrive at Sparrowsport. Harbord delegates them to escort Baron Greyack Sparrowsong to Rovnol
The wererat attacks begin simultaneously across Erahlor.

19th Kindlek— The party depart Sparrowsport at 1am. The wagon is attacked at 5am. They rest at midday while hiding in the hidden valley, departing again at 7pm. They encounter survivors fleeing the sacking of Thedanwald. The Party taken on Billy the Kids and continue to Rovnol.
At 9pm they agree to detour and defend Thedanwald.

20th Kinelek— The party arrive at Thedanwald at 5am. Wererat leader Flinston is defeated in combat. Undead offensive is halted. The party depart at midday with Greyack Sparrowsong, bound for Rovnol. They make camp at nightfall.

21st Kindlek— The party awaken on the King’s Road. They encounter Fiona the succubus, who attempts to glamour Kriv.

22nd Kindlek— The party awaken at the Cross Roads. They continue to ride north. They reach the gate of Rovnol at 4pm. They escort Sparrowsong to the Platinum Spire. The party are introduced to General Fletcher and Fargrim Stoneborn. The party spend the night in the Platinum Spire. Horam receives a vision whilst meditating. Edran spends the night researching the events at Frostfall, tailed by a suspicious Fargrim.

23rd Kindlek— The party awakens in the Platinum Spire. General Fletcher puts the party through a series of rigorous drills to officiate their promotion to the rank of Platinum Knight. Fargrim defeats Kriv in single combat, generating a rift between the pair. A man brushes up against Horam and plants a secret note in his pocket, telling him to go to the Busty Wench, a gentlemens’ club in the city district.
Horam, Fargrim, Gareth 2.0 and Hemingway go to the city. Horam reunites with Dongala, who introduces him to Laeroi and the Hand of Shadows. Laeroi proposes a mutual partnership to combat Meepo’s power.

24th Kindlek— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. The party undertake further training with General Fletcher. Battle royale with Hugh Mann Garde.

25th Kindlek— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. General Fletcher order the party to travel to the Midnight Marsh and investigate reports that the Temple of the Raven Queen has been overrun by Meepo’s undead forces. The party make plans to depart at first light.

26th Kindlek— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. They depart Rovnol with Mok the half-orc and travel north on the King’s Road. They make camp on the highway near the Yorgnole Mountains. Edran discovers an invisible creature watching the party but it escapes. Horam sees that Edran is angry with Kriv.

27th Kindlek— Fargrim and Gareth 2.0 depart Rovnol later than the party. They ride north. The rest of the party awaken on the highway. They travel east along the base of the Yorgnole Mountains. When the party make camp, Edran casts an alarm ritual. The alarm is triggered during the night and the party discover that an Imp has been pursuing them. Horam and Kriv suspect Terios is tailing their movements.

28th Kindlek— Fargrim and Gareth 2.0 reach the northern crossroads and begin to travel east. They encounter a strange couple on the road who try and glamour them. Fargrim strikes one in the leg with a javelin as it retreats. The rest of the party awaken and continue to travel east. They cross the Dwarven Bridge, passing through land that has been attacked by the undead.
By afternoon the party arrive at Til. The town has been destroyed by the undead. They combat zombie lizard folk and spiders. The party discover a human female and her rage drake alive but unconscious. The corpses of the innocent are cremated on the windmill, a makeshift ceremonial pyre. They party continue to travel towards the Temple of the Raven Queen, making camp and trying to heal the Sorceress. However, her condition worsens throughout the night.

1st Reapdon— Fargrim and Gareth 2.0 spot smoke and fire in the direction of Til as they continue to ride east. The rest of the party return to Til. They attempt to locate remnants of the Fey Spider toxin. Horam uses this and the bonfi flower to concoct a medicinal tea to heal the sorceress. Gareth 2.0 and Fargrim reunite with the party. Karena awakens and she gives Edran a tree knot. The party travel east through the Midnight Marsh.
They reach the Temple in the late afternoon. The party meet a warforged riding atop a camel and dressed in desert garb. He appears to be controlling the undead.
The Battle for the Temple of the Raven Queen begins. Horam and Kriv use a channelling circle to power a potent ritual to turn the undead forces away. The process succeeds but severely weakens the pair.
Gareth 2.0 loses power and shuts down.
At midnight, Edran and Fargrim investigate a strange light outside. A pair of Succubi uses this distraction to attack Kriv, Horam and Hemingway. The party battle the pit fiends. Kriv is taken captive and taken to Terios’ secret lair. An Angel of Valour appears to the party at the behest of the Raven Queen. It takes them to Terios’ lair. Terios is defeated in combat.
Gareth 2.0 regains power and awakens to discover that the party has gone. He remains at the Temple.

2nd Reapdon— Gareth 2.0 remains at the Temple of the Raven Queen, repairing damage to the religious structure. The party awaken in Terios’ secret lair. They use the Terios’ portal in an attempt to return to the Temple of the Raven Queen. They instead end up further south near Stalkwood Forest, discovering the location of the long lost Travelling Temple of Corellon. They walk west towards Khazdon Lake.

3rd Reapdon- Gareth 2.0 remains at the Temple of the Raven Queen, repairing damage to the religious structure. The party awaken in the countryside. They travel west and come to the banks of Khazdon Lake. They cross to Thedanwald and hire Robert Bobson to row them upriver. Fargrim and Horam go fishing, but only catch a trout. At nightfall they make camp.

4th Reapdon- Gareth 2.0 remains at the Temple of the Raven Queen, burying the zombie husks. The party awaken on the banks of the northern river and continue to row upstream towards the Dwarven Bridge. They begin to walk east, passing through the remains of Til and elect to continue marching through the night.

5th Reapdon— At 2am the party reach the Temple of the Raven Queen. Gareth 2.0 is reunited with the party. They sleep. The party awaken late morning and travel west to meet Bobson. They fight brigands near the Dwarven Bridge and find a map that leads to their secret base.
The party find the brigand’s secret base, battling a blue slime. They meet Bobson at the Dwarven Bridge.

6th Reapdon- The party awaken at the Dwarven Bridge. They row downstream. Sail into some rapid waters. They party reach Khazdon Lake and continue to row to Rovnol.

7th Reapdon— The party awaken on the banks of the Rovnol River. They march west and reach the capital city. Hand halfling brigand to authorities. They meet with General Fletcher and report their success in liberating the Temple of the Raven Queen from Meepo’s forces.

8th Reapdon— The party awaken in the the Platinum Spire. Horam and Kriv go the religious temples and gain the support of the churches of Bahamut, Erathis and the Raven Queen. Gareth opens his chest cavity and discovers a magically preserved golden dragon egg. Edran researches maps for resources and ideal building sites for settlement. Meet Arclem and Archamge Davos of the Order the Nine, who offers peripheral support. Fargrim tries to gain support of the dwarven stonemasons and starts a barfight at The Stone Flagon. Nimakath follows rumours of sharminds living in the northern mountains. Attend the hanging of the halfling brigand.

9th Reapdon— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. Meeting with General Fletcher to discuss settlement proposal. Horam and Kriv meet with Sir Stephan Fairweather and Arthur, the leaders of the Rovnol nobility and refugee groups respectively. Fairweather contributes 2,000gp to the venture. Fargrim and Edran meet with the dwarven stonemasonry guilds to secure resources and labourers for a 4,000gp fee. Foot shortages begin to take effect in Rovnol. The party meet with tiefling lawyer Vladshitk Darkfire and retain his services to operate settlment.

10th Reapdon— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. Meeting with General Fletcher who takes them to the Royal Chambers for an audience with the King. Submit proposal for the founding of military outpost titled Ravenholme. Proposal is approved and extra 3,000 gp is loaned to the venture. Kriv delivers inspiring speech to the refugee camps and 50 volunteers sign up. Averlon a shade rogue from Zerenthas arrives in Rovnol seeking sanctuary. Fargrim outfits 30 of the best volunteers, spending 1800gp. He is unable to buy the recruits alcohol. Kriv buys barrels of alcohol and holds a party in the refugee camps.

11th Reapdon— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. Averlon approaches the party and asks for help. They go to the Busty Wench and make an ambush. Horiam speaks to Laeroi of the Hand of Shadows again. Averlon agrees to travel with the party for the meantime.

13th Reapdon— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. The expedition departs Rovnol, bound for the Temple of the Raven Queen. Attacked by wolves during the night.

15th Reapdon— The expedition arrives at the Temple of the Raven Queen.

16th to 23rd Reapdon— Phase One of construction begins. Defensive walls and trenches are built. Edran, Fargrim, Kriv and Nimaketh experience vivid dreams. Averlon, Horiam and Kriv encounter the zombie of Rend and kill it. Gareth 2.0 and Fargrim discuss the details of his dream.

24th Reapdon— The party awaken in Ravenholm. With only three days rations remaining, they depart north for Tor’s Reach to establish trade and commerce with the dwarven city. March 25 miles through Midnight Marsh. Make camp at the base of Yorgnole Mountains.

25th Reapdon— The party awaken at the base of the Yorgnole Mountains. Begin ascent up mountain path. Fight yetis. March 12.5 miles up track and reach Tor’s Reach. Fargrim reunites with Selvek Ironblood while Gareth tracks down the descendents of the dwarven Reth clan. The party meet with guild leader Oscar Strekhelm and pay 1,000gp to establish regular supply deliverys to Ravenholm. A band of dragonborn track the party and attempt to arrest Kriv for crimes against the kingdom of Rothgaren. Hemingway swears a magical oath promising to bring Kriv to the Elvish clans on the winter solstice. The party march into the undermountain tunnel passages to deal with Chitines disrupting trade routes. Return victorious to Tor’s Reach. Meet Gonsky the gnome who is interested in studying the zombies at Ravenholm.

26th Reapdon— The party awaken in Tor’s Reach. Depart on horseback with Gonksky, bound for Ravenholm. Travel 25 miles and make camp. The party observes strange noises coming from the magical eddy noted on the 24th.

27th Reapdon— The party awaken at the base of the Yorgnole Mountains. Travel through Midnight Marsh. Detour to fight zombies. Discover blue aberrant creatures and a book as the source of the magical eddy. The party recover the textbook “Volo’s Guide to Using Portals.” Return to Ravenholm with food supplies and throw a fest.

28th Reapdon— The party are awoken by Jenkins, a member of the militia, having a nightmare about Averlon. Harbourd arrives with Forken, envoy of the hobgoblin clans of Stalkwood Forest. Discuss the possibilities of an all-out war against Meepo brewing.

1st Readifest — The party awaken in Ravenholm. Harbourd departs, warning the party that Forken may be trying to reach Kree Kath, a magical grove that may hold a piece of the Obsidian Box. The party patrol east in the Midnight Marsh and engage a band of undead zombies. Discover Glavira of Salemhiss, who recounts the events that led to Meepo’s fall. Fargrim solves the riddle of the Altar of Midnight. Receives visions from the spirit of the Marsh.

2nd Readifest— The party awaken in Ravenholm. At the behest of Fargrim’s visions, the party search for arcane tears that are forming in the Midnight Marsh. Discover the ghost of Mr Giggles, aka Tim Whitewater, near a vortex to the Elemental Chaos. Portal sealed, Travel on to nearby caves. The party intercept a Vizier Devil and his tar devil thralls who had passed into the mortal realm from the Elemental Chaos. Return to Ravenholm. Kriv confesses his crimes to Horiam. Fargrim disappears in the night.

3rd Readifest— The party awaken in Ravenholm. Kriv confesses to the party his part in the downfall of the kingdom of Rothgaren. The party notice that Fargrim has disappeared during the night and left a message for Kriv. A winter festival celebration is held to lift the morale of the militia at Ravenholm.

4th Readifest— The party awaken in Ravenholm. Horiam departs to locate Fargrim Stoneborn. Troops arrive in Ravenholm to prepare for the impending offensive. Kriv and Edran speak to Fenik, a militant who has blessed with a vision from Sehanne describing the destruction of Ravenholm. Scouts are sent out while further defences are built. Fargrim receives vision of Kriv’s genocide through his druidic orb.

5th Readifest— Fargrim and Horiam awaken in the Midnight Marshes. Horiam observes army of undead approaching Ravenholm, lead by Meepo. The party awaken in Ravenholm. Captain Phillips arrives with 20 more troops from Erahlor. The soldiers agree to attack train the wolves in preparation for the attack. Undead horde attacks at nightfall. Initial horde is defeated- 8 wolves are killed in the battle.

6th Readifest— Fargrim and Horiam return to Ravenholm. Preparations are made to defend the settlement with contingency evacuation plans. Edran requests the aide of Kareena. Seige of Ravenholm begins. Gareth 2.0 is killed in battle. The party retreat to Rovnol via Teleportation scroll. Edran encounters magi of the Travelling Temple of Corellon. Fargrim and Kriv reconcile. Horiam visits Abigail Whitewater. Edran gifts Kareena with his apprentice badge. The party meet Elenya. Laeroi begins to train Horiam.

7th Readifest— The party awaken in the Platinum Spire. The Platinum Knights of Eralhor assemble and convene with King Urathdae. The party are tasked with reinforcing the front lines at Til, aiding the dwarven flank and investigating the Travelling Temple of Corellon. The army assemble and ride north towards the eastern front at Til.

1st Dimlek— The party awaken at the Northern Crossroads. Ride east with Platinum Knights army.

2nd Dimlek— The party awaken at the Dwarven Bridge. Arrive at Til and travel south to reinforce the broken outposts. Fight large undead bears and zombie horde. The army recovers and charge through the Undead horde to allow the party to sneak into the Underdark. By late evening the party reach Fort Smoothstone and make camp with a band of dwarven archaeologists.

3rd Dimlek— The party are forced to leave Fort Smoothstone in the early hours when Kriv’s identity is discovered. Force to sleep in the tunnels of the Underdark. The party meet the dwarven flank, led by Legate Bronzeheart. Horde of Undead defeated.

4th Dimlek— The party awaken in the dwarven army’ camp. Spend the day battling small pockets of undead while pushing to the forces that attack Till’s army frontline.

5th Dimlek— The party awaken in the dwarven army’s camp. Legate Bronzeheart orders a forward assault in order to break undead forces. The party are given individual commands to led in battle. Fargrim assembles a dirty dozen of dwarven cut throat prisoners to join his squad. He ends up having 160 gp stolen. Large battle against the undead horde is successful and breaks Meepo’s forward momentum. War Marshall Fletcher orders the party to investigate the Travelling Temple of Corellon. The party reprovision and depart east into the Midnight Marshes.

6th – 11th Dimlek— The party travel through the Midnight Marshes. Arrive at the ruins of Salemhiss on the 11th and battle wererats loyal to Meepo.

13th Dimlek— The party awaken in the Midnight Marshes. Arrive at the Travelling Temple of Corellon. Encounter with the owlbear. The party rescue Evaras from the archgate and after battling a corrupted giant eel learn the ritual to help seal Meepo’s power. Depart the Temple and march north back to the Front Line.

14th – 17th Dimlek — The party march across the Midnight Marsh back to the front line. Meet Lo-Donk the Goliath who joins the party. The departure of Averlon. Vin the wererat, in an attempt to glean the secret to Meepo’s power, captures the party. Vin is vanquished in combat. The party march west and cross the river to reach the Erahlan base camp.

18th Dimlek — The party awaken in the Erahlan base camp. The line falls and the army is besieged by Meepo’s forces. The party battle a skeletal necromage and peryton. The Behemoth is defeated in combat. Meepo and his lieutenants Mike and Breaker arrive on his undead dragon and attack the party. Mike the goliath executes Hemingway and Edran. Meepo sacrifices Breaker and Mike during the battle to reinvigorate his lifeforce. Horiam uses the divine ritual to severe Meepo’s power, killing the kobold necromancer and ending the War.

18th – 25 Dimlek — The party assist in the cleaning up of the northern regions following the vanquishing of Meepo.

25th – 4th Ansis — The arrest of Kriv and return to Rovnol for public trial. The party meet Lucian Atserof.

4th – 18th Ansis — The party prepare for Kriv’s trial

19th – 21st Ansis — Kriv’s trial. Kriv is acquitted of all charges

22nd Ansis – 2nd Fireseek — The party take the Amulet of Power into the Shadowfell, using the mythical Blade of Ending to destroy the vestige of power. During this time Edran Laraneth is resurrected by his father, Oberyon. During this time Fargrim receives visions of Mundir’s Hold and travels by himself into the north.

3rd – 10th Fireseek — The party return the mortal realm and make preparations to travel north. Lucian departs the company. Edran reunites with the party in Rovnol. The party travel north into Zoth’garen, and reunite with Fargim Stoneborn. The party arrive at Nes’valia to meet with High King Severa.

11th – 18th Fireseek — The party travel west and infiltrate the fallen city of Roth’garen. They battle the alhoon lich, who manages to escape. The city itself is reclaimed and Kriv atones for his past.

19th – 26th Fireseek — The party travel north to find Mundhir’s Hold. The party meet Thaylus, who travels with them. The party rest at Stonecroft. The party arrive at Mundhir’s Hold and breach the first layers of security and rest in the guard’s compound.

27th – 6th day of Bounitfest Festival — The party cleanse the lost city of Mundhir’s Hold. Fargrim learns more about his family’s heritage and origins. The party depart south for Tor’s Reach to repair and resupply. On the forth day, after hearing the horns of Lo-dunk’s clan, the Archuk tribe, the party change course and head east. The party rest and resupply at East Yorgstede.

7th day of Bountifest Festival – 1st Rinfost — The party depart and climb the eastern mountain ranges. They meet the Fro’han tribe and its leader, Foon’kek. Lo-dunk is declared the chieftan – and sole survivor- of the Archuk tribe.

2nd Rinfost — The party make preparations to depart for Tor’s Reach. Old Zak, a giant roc of the mountains and ally of the Fro’han tribe, shows Lo-dunk the troubling signs of the Vitra tribe striking for the north. Old Zak flies the party to Tor’s Reach.

2nd Rinfost — 4th Readyon The party spend a month recuperating in Tor’s Reach. Edran receives a formal summons from Queen Tiandra, the Queen of the Summer Court in the Feywild. The party make preparations to teleport to the Fey Wild

5th Readyon — The party teleport to the Feywild and enjoy the hospitality of the Summer Court. Edran receives cryptic messages of Queen Tiandra.

6th Readyon – 12th Readyon — The party, on behalf of the Order of the Talon, investigate and pursue the apprentice Kelpatrick. Quenn Tiandra reveals to Edran the truth behind his mother’s death and how his life has been manipulated at the suggestions of omens and portents regarding the destruction of The Old Necromancer’s artefacts

13th Readyon – 15th Readyon — The party travel to LIthyaeous. Edran confronts his feather, Obyeron, about his youth. The party return to Astrazilon and teleport back to Rovnol in the the Mortal Plane, Receiving a sending message from ‘H’, the party depart for Sparrow’s Port

18th Readyon — The party arrive in Sparrows Port. Harbourd and Marhsall Fletcher speak to the party about concerning behaviours taking place in the royal court. Having a month to spare, the party make preparations to teleport to the bordering nation of Quari, to investigate rumours regarding ‘The Lost Mountain’ and Ironbloods ransacking a supposed Stoneborn ruin. The party teleport to the Font of the God Tear in Quari.

18th Readyon – 22nd Readyon — The party reprovision at Ael Rock, buy some trinkets from some members of the gypsie caste, and depart for Mt. Ita.

25th Readyon — The party arrive at Mt Ita and discover the hidden Stoneborn Keep. They defeat Thurgash Ironblood, his scavengers and a red dragon. The party reclaim Stoneborn Keen and discover the spirit of Torrin Stoneborn in a magic jar. The party depart.

3rd Kedirr (Moon Crossing) — The party arrive at Margos, the capital of Quari, intending to use a teleportation circle to return to Rovnol. Fargrim and Edran cause an international incident attempting to free some slave merchants. The party teleport back to Sparrow’s Port. The party observe Moon Crossing Festival.

4th Kedirr — The party awaken in Sparrows Port and discuss the incident in Margos. Marshall Fletcher arrives and places the party under arrest, pending investigation and interrogation of Edran and Fargrim.

7th Kedirr — The party arrive in Rovnol, transported under guard by Eralhan troops. It is discovered that Edran had been mindwiped by The Alhoon Lich at one point during their travels.

8th Kedirr — The party awaken in Rovnol. They are brought before King Uthaguard, who deputises them as The Platinum Defenders – their role is to publically act as morale officers and figureheads, using these positions to remain in the capital and investigate the political dealings in the city, to ascertain if other members of the Privy Council has been infiltrated by The Mindbender.


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