TIMELINE- pre-1028

The King’s Recruit’s Timeline

(Keep in mind not all the events listed here are well known knowledge, your characters are unlikely to know about many of these events. Some of these names may be changed before they’re encountered within the campaign).

There is much debate about which event marked year zero but all scholars agree it was surely one of great importance.


150ish- Nerath is founded on the continent of Wenthardek

240’s - Great Dwarven Empire rises to power

411 - Great Dwarven Empire loses war. Very few survivors.

430’s- First recorded contact between the peoples of Peros and Wenthardak

561 - Nerath falls

927 - Portal experimentation goes wrong in an Eladrin temple of Corellon. Becomes "Travelling Temple of Corellon

984 - Travelling Temple of Corellon “crash lands” in the Midnight Marsh. No Eladrin survivors.

1026 - A band of adventures in Salemhiss are hired to investigate the Traveling Temple of Corellon.

1027 - Edran Laraneth arrives in the world from the Feywild

TIMELINE- pre-1028

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