Order of the Talon


Base of Operations: Astrazalian, the City of Starlight, The Feywild.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Since the very founding of the Eladrin capital Astrazalian, the City of Starlight, the fiery image of the Order of the Talon has existed. Since time immemorial, the clandestine and enigmatic Order has trained a small but elite echelon of magi to be the quiet observers of peace and balance in the feywild.

The Order of the Talon serve to protect and maintain the City of Starlight but above all, maintain the balance between the darkness and the light.
It is a secretive community with a lawful neutral leadership of three Eladrin who live by a codified set of laws that are followed to the letter.

Training and Pilgrimage

Initiates to the Order are chosen at a very young age, paired with a master wizard and trained for 60 years in the arcane arts ( this unfortunately excludes many of the younger, short-lived races).

On the 60th year of their training, initiates must leave the Order. To prove themselves worthy as a full-member of the Order, they must leave and search the worlds for something of arcane value. This is offered to the prospective leadership as a gift, proving that they have mastered the arcane arts and are independently resourceful.

This process is called the Pilgrimage.

Order of the Talon

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