The Stoneborn Clan

*The sigil of the Stoneborn Clan of Dwarves

Ancestral Home: Tor’s Reach
Motto: The stone does not forget.

It is said that for as long as there have been Dwarves, there have been Stoneborn. One of the many ancient clans of Dwarves, the Stoneborn have a proud tradition of warriors. From their ancestral home in the city of Tor’s Reach, Stoneborn men and women have served with distinction on the front lines.

Over the last few generations the Clan’s name and power have waned thanks to the machinations of the vile and treacherous Iron Blood clan. Yet the Stoneborn refused to lay down and die and transformed themselves into Blacksmiths of considerable skill and talent. This was the way of Fargrim’s father, Feldor, and his Grandfather, Forgar.

It was the youngest member of the Stoneborn clan, Fargrim, who rekindled the ancient and proud martial tradition. A cruel irony that he should be the very last of the Stoneborn.

The Stoneborn Clan

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