Welcome Recruits and Onlookers!


“We Stand to Protect Those Who Need Us”
— pledge of the Platinum Knights

This is the Obsidian Portal page for the King’s Recruits, a campaign I am currently running.The campaign follows a party of adventures as they struggle through many trails in order to earn their rightful places as leaders within The King’s Army and to fight against the notorious Huntsman and his slightly…unusual undead horde.

Obsidian Portal is in essence a series of wikis for role playing campaigns. Here descriptions of objects, places, characters are recorded, by you as players and me as the DM, so that they can be revised and reflected upon at later dates. It also gives you the opportunity to add further depth to your characters by writing back stories and even adventure logs through the eyes of your characters (which is where the Portal can really thrive in my opinion). The portal is here for your convenience and pleasure, as well as mine, so enjoy! I look forward to seeing what you guys write!

For starters, the wiki can be found here.

The King's Recruits

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