The King's Recruits

Session 26: Negotiations Part 2

Session 26: Negotiations part 2

Cast- The King’s Recruits: Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Horam, and Kriv

Rings of NPCness: Gareth 2.0, Hemingway, and Mia

Noteworthy NPCs: General Fletcher, Sir Stephan Fairweather, Vladshitk Darkfire, and Arthur

The party spend a night in the barracks of the Platinum Knights, located deep within the Platinum Spire of Rovnol.

The party awaken, break their fast and are summoned to meet with General Fletcher at midmorning.
They descend from the barracks and make their way towards the Training Grounds. While passing through the Courtroom the party are momentarily held up by a large crowd. The King is in the middle of a session of court and the royal halls are chocked with nobility, merchants, guildsmen and refugees.
Pausing to listen in, the special session of court appears to have been convened to discuss the food shortage in the capital. The King has requisitioned food stores from the local merchants and guilds in order to feed the influx of refugees. Passionate spokespeople representing the nobility, mercantile groups and civilian refugees argue and parley vigorously.

While listening to the debate, Kriv is shocked when he sees a Dragonborn kinsman from his old clan. Fortunately none of the party saw his reaction and Kriv avoids being noticed.
Horam wade into the debate to try and curry financial support for their proposed settlement at the Temple of the Raven Queen. They search the crowd and try to recognise the most influential member of the nobility. One man stands out, an older noble man dressed in luxurious silk robes. Fargrim recognises him as Sir Stephan Fairweather, a member of the old aristocracy in Rovnol. Edran takes out his writing kit and pens a calling card for Sir Fairweather, requesting an audience after court today. The King calls a halt to the debate, weary from the embattled parties. As the crowds mingle, Horam suggests that perhaps the refugees could be convinced to help populate the proposed settlement. The party look for a key spokesperson representing the refugees. Spotting the de facto leader of the refugees, Edran pens another calling card and leaves it with the refugee leader.

The party continue and meet with General Fletcher in his office. The Platinum Knight discusses their successful negotiations from yesterday, having secured support from the religious sects and the Circle of Nine. The party make some inquires as to the war updates, specifically regarding the dwarves, the feywild and the sparse and inconsistent reports from the Shadowfell.

At the conclusion of the meeting, a servant from Sir Fairweather awaits to escort the party to tea with the noble. The party agree to split up and undertake separate objectives.

Horam and Kriv go with the servant and travel by carriage to the tended ground of the Fairweather’s estate. They are announced by Jeaves, the intern major-domo of the household. The pair has tea with Sir Fairweather and put forward their proposal. Fairweather agrees to financially back the project and contributes 2,000gp.
Next, Horam and Kriv travel to the business district in search of a lawyer/bureaucrat to run the day-to-day operations of the settlement and to draft the legal documentation. They are directed to the discrete office of one Vladshitk Darkfire. They make an appointment to meet with the tiefling lawyer at 5pm that day.
In the meantime, Horam and Kriv return to the Platinum Spire to receive a message from Arthur, the de facto leader of the refugees in Rovnol. They meet with the Thedanwald-immigrant about recruiting able and willing refugees to form the core of the population of the settlement. The first phase would serve as a militia to secure the land, and the second phase would allow for settlers to move out. Arthur agrees to lend his voice in support at the impending audience with the King.

Meanwhile, Fargrim and Edran head to the guild sector of Rovnol. They plan to meet with the masonry guilds to secure the resources and labour necessary to build the settlement. Fargrim suggests that they first visit the dwarven guilds. He reunites with an old friend Ardek. They outline the proposed layout, the settlement sites and offer first rite of refusal to any mining sites in the area. Ardek takes the proposal and agrees to mention their proposal to the guildmaester.
Next, they meet with Arclem at his workshop. The gnome artificer shows off an arcane pump that he started development. He plans to development the device so that it will be able to magically siphon the swamp water from the Midnight Marsh, allowing for proper settlement of the Temple site. He also gives Edran a book with the ritual “purify water.” Fargrim asks for some explosives. Arclem gives the dwarf a small blue vial—warning him to be careful with the untested magical explosive.
Afterwards, Fargrim and Edran return to speak with the guildmaester of the masonry guild. The guildmaester agrees to provide the materials and 10 workmen for 2 months work for a fee of 4,000gp. Fargrim tries to barter but is rebuked. The three share some mugs of dwarven ale—Edran chokes a little but manages to hold it down.
After a second mug of ale, the dwarf and eladrin wander to the food merchants to try and secure rations for the settlement, but are turned away due to the large crowds of refugees already straining the city’s stores. Fargrim stops by a Hunter’s Guild and discusses the game and harvest located in the vicinity of the Midnight Marshes.

In the afternoon the party meet up and make their way to the office of Vladshitk Darkfire. The tiefling lawyer discusses the proposal and the range of services he could provide to the party. Horam and Kriv split the fee required to retain his loyalty.
At sunset the party return to the Platinum Spire. They compile their notes, agreements and prepare for their audience with the King in the morning, where they will finally put forward the proposition for their settlement.


Horam and Kriv split 200gp from personal wallets to pay retaining fee for Vladshitk Darkfire.
2,000gp contributed by Sir Fairweather



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