The King's Recruits

Session 28 PART TWO: Phase One at Ravenholm

Session 28 PART TWO: Phase One at Ravenholm


Cast- The King’s Recruits: Averlon Blackwood, Edran Laraneth, Fargrim Stoneborn, Gareth 2.0, Horiam and Kriv

Rings of NPCness: Hemingway, Mia and Nimaketh

After four days of marching the expedition arrive at the Temple of the Raven Queen. Hemingway greets them enthusiastically and the company spend a warm and dry night inside the Temple’s walls. Horiam occupies a corner of the temple and begins a quiet prayer group, taking the opportunity to enlighten and dispel the myths and fear regarding the Raven Queen to the interested militia.

As the night draws to a close, Kriv gathers the militia—newly christened as the Wolves— and the stonemasons close and gives an inspiring speech, praising them for making it and pointing out that tomorrow marks the new beginning in the war against Meepo.

Phase One—Extensions to the existing Temple grounds

The next week progresses smoothly, albeit with some interesting events occurring. The masons begin by extended and reinforcing the stone barriers surrounding the Temple while the militia-under the careful eye of Fargrim- formalise patrols and establish a safe perimeter beyond the Temple ground by digging defensive trenches.
Each of the Platinum Knights contributes to the settlement while the dwarf masons and militia undertake the bulk of construction work.
Horiam organises the Temple and uses the time to begin regular study groups of the Codex Corvous, the bible of the Raven Queen faith. He also stores Terios’ preserved head in the Temple’s existing reliquary and assists with general construction work.
Kriv undertakes similar activities to assist with the construction while also being responsible for the training of and execution of hunting expeditions in to the swamps. Eventually the trail ration supplies will run out and the settlement will need to be self-sufficient by then.
Gareth spends the first day looking for hidden tunnels or crypts beneath the Temple, but finds none within the swamps. He spends the rest of the time scribing the history books he borrowed from the Platinum Archives, studying the sparse information about dragon eggs. He also spends significant time studying the egg within his cavity, trying to understand the shrinking and preservation magic involved. While gleaning a rudimentary understanding of both, he decides that a lot more study is required to fully master the rituals.
Averlon wastes no time in beginning to associate with some of the ‘shadier’ members of the militia. He begins to run nightly dice/card games, managing to earn himself 50gp in takings.
Fargrim keeps himself incredibly busy running the militia through drills and basic training. The Wolves have quickly learnt to respect and fear the dwarven fighter and very few dare mention the time he could not afford to buy any of them alcohol.
Edran devotes himself to organising the settlement documents and library, believing that order and systematic cataloguing is vital in order to run Ravenholm effectively. He also takes the time to scry for nearby magical relics and read Terios’ ritual book. He even speaks to Gareth about borrowing his Ritual Book to take notes from.

Dreams Best Left Unseen

On the third night of construction events occur that change everything for some members of the party.
Late in the evening, Edran sits inside the Temple meditating. While in his trance state the Eladrin begins to feel like an outside force is pulling his subconscious. The sensation feels very similar to the effect Nimaketh’s dreamshard, but it does not feel malevolent. Out of curiosity, Edran stops resisting and allows the feeling to overcome him.
Outside on the Temple grounds, Horiam and Gareth are surprised to see Edran sleepwalking out of the Temple, his eyes blazing with arcane light. They are even more shocked to see Nimaketh under the same spell. Both walk over to the nearby fountain and stand looking up at the full moon. Gareth uses his magic to detect that there is a magical link between Nimaketh’s dreamshard and Edran’s red memory gem that he keeps in his pouch. Gareth also detects similar arcane bonds connecting Nimaket and Edran to Fargrim and Kriv, both still in their rooms inside the Temple.

With an eruption of light both Edran and Nimaketh fall to the ground—asleep and unharmed, but unresponsive.
After 10 tense minutes, the two awaken, both visibly disturbed by their dreams, but physically unharmed. While Horiam checks Edran, Gareth runs inside and checks on Kriv and Fargrim.

Edran explains to Horiam that he experienced vivid and potent dreams while he was under the spell.
Gareth speaks to Kriv who acknowledges that he had vivid dreams, saying: “I dreamt about my family. And I don’t want to talk about it”
The warforged moves to the Abbot’s door where Fargrim was sleeping. Through the locked door the dwarf fighter tersely replies ”I’m fine” when queried. Gareth remains at the door and diplomatically speaks to Fargrim, offering to listen. Fargrim thanks Gareth for his concern and says that he needs time to process what he saw.

Back outside Edran tells the group what he saw:
”I saw a vision of myself as I was walking outside, as though I were removed from my body. I stood at the fountain and saw three birds sitting on the fence: A sparrow, a raven and a falcon. I realised that I saw watching myself through the eyes of the falcon. I was the falcon.
Suddenly I took to wing and was soaring north, over the marshes, across the mountains of Yorgnol and suddenly I beheld a valley of rock and sand. I can only assume it was the Valley of Many Names. I saw hundreds of birds flocking to the Valley and I felt compelled to go there.”

The Eladrin pauses, frowns and closes his mouth. He pulls out the red memory shard from his pouch. He realises that the magic within the stone has been recharged, and it is carrying a message. He activates the gem and a simple memory flashes in his mind’s eye: ”Find Me”

The party conclude that something is going on in the Valley of Many Names, and plan that they might detour north to investigate once the settlement is self-sufficient and can protect itself.

h4 Significant Events
Other significant events occur throughout the week that impact and affect the party members.

One day during construction a zombie is spotted by a patrol of militia, just outside the outpost perimeter. It is a lone zombie husk, pacing along the tree line. The zombie is unique in that it has one golden shining eye and the other the colour of ice. Averlon curses in surprise and recognises the zombie as being Rend, the fighter who had accompanied him into the desert of Zaranthas. The zombie appears to be arguing with itself out loud, saying: ”We must go up and talk to them. NO! Shut up, shut up, they’ll kill us!”
Horiam and Kriv approach, the avenger is ready to vanquish the undead thrall. Kriv points out that this zombie appears to retain some cognitive and sentient ability, and opts to talk to it. This action makes Horiam absolutely mortified and suspicious of Kriv, wondering how and why he would know so much about undead. The Dragonborn tries to approach and parley with the zombie of Rend but it curses and runs away. Horiam abjures the undead creature, killing it outright. He stalks back to the Temple to pray to the Raven Queen for guidance, suspicious of Kriv and his background.

Another significant event occurs between Gareth and Fargrim. Days after the dreamscape incident, Fargrim decides to confide in the warforged. He recounts the details of his dream.
Fargrim dreamt that all of the party were stranded on an island, bound by golden chains while he himself was chained in the centre. Next to him was a golden dwarven throne. Chained up on the chair sat Emperor Gotrek, the last great ruler of the Dwarven Empire. He was laughing maniacally. In the dream, Gareth was struggling against his chains and Emperor Gotrek said to Fargrim pointedly ”That is not the machine you should be worried about!”
Fargrim takes the opportunity to tell Gareth about his childhood—how his parents were murdered by a warforged. He explains that this event is why he was so suspicious of warforged, and that the dream has disturbed him. Gareth in turn recounts his past friendship with Reth, a dwarf. The two reconcile their differences and agree to confidence regarding Fargrim’s dream.


Temple grounds are reinforced (walls are now 1 square thick, Temple organised, trench dug on defensive perimeter)
Averlon gains 50gp gambling
Edran is able to control red memory shard



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